Buying a used car is what most people look for in the market. Buying a used car can save you a lot of money that you would have put in otherwise in buying a new car for yourself. In today’s featured, we will take you through things you need to know if you are eyeing a used Hyundai i10. Let’s get started.

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  1. Exhaust / Silencer Fault


    This is the most common problem that you would find on a Hyundai i10. Their exhausts are not at all good in quality and tend to rust very easily. If you are buying a used Hyundai i10, the first thing you need to pay attention to is the silencer (as we call it commonly). Having an underbody check is great but if you can’t have it, just rev the engine and listen to the noise carefully. You will easily be able to make out a bad silencer from its noise.

  2. Fuel Source


    Before having your hands on a used Hyundai i10, you need to confirm the fuel source that powers the car you are looking at. If you are looking at a car from 2008-2013 time, you should prefer buying the petrol model because CNG did not work that great on i10 at that time. However, if you are looking at a Grand i10, you can go for CNG for sure. Grand i10 had some technical changes which made both dealership fitment and aftermarket fitment a huge success!

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  3. Suspension


    One of the most beautiful suspensions you would find on a hatchback. A used Hyundai i10 can guarantee you a very smooth and comfortable ride if the suspension is in good condition. The bad part of having such a great suspension is that it wears out very quickly and you will have to keep an active check on the same. The best way out is to book a car inspection with GoMechanic and we will take care of everything else.

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  4. Electricals


    If you are buying the Era variant, then you may not worry about this but if you are going for higher variants, you might need to have a thorough inspection because there were a lot of electricals in this car. Be it ORVMs, power windows and more, i10 had a lot of electronic dependence. Did you know, 2011 used Hyundai i10 can also get you heated ORVMs and even a sunroof!

  5. The Automatic Gearbox


    Another thing that needs your attention is the automatic gearbox if you are opting for one. A used Hyundai i10 can get you an automatic gearbox right from the first generation of its existence itself! Moving to the newer Grand i10, it had an AMT gearbox from the Magna variant which makes it easier for you to get an automatic at a better price. The only thing you need to pay attention to is the quality and health of the gear system because it can land you in huge expenses if not inspected well!

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  6. Steering Motor


    Another common issue that Hyundai i10 owners face is the faulty steering motor. If you are looking to buy a used Hyundai i10 for yourself, make sure you check the steering system thoroughly. We highly recommend walking into a GoMechanic workshop for this because you can’t be sure of the quality by yourself. Make sure you go for expert advice for this.

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  7. Faulty Clutch


    Now we are moving to some common problems. If you are looking to buy a used Hyundai i10, the general checkups should include clutch inspection because this is the most prone-to-damage car part that used cars are usually found to be guilty of. The best way out is to book GoMechanic’s used car inspection service where we will check your car inside out for any fault, especially with the mechanicals.

  8. Service Record

    Service Engine Soon Dashboard Warning Light
    Service Engine Soon Dashboard Warning Light

    Also but not least, this is the most important thing you need to check if you are buying a used i10 or any other used car of your choice. If the owner or the dealer doesn’t agree to give you the service record, you can still be sure to take expert advice because the car speaks for itself. Make sure you do a thorough check before investing.

These were the 8 things you need to check before going to buy a used Hyundai i10. Have any other factor in mind? Do share with us and the audience in the comments section below.

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