The used car market in India is booming with each new day. The biggest advantage of buying a used car is that you can get any car for any budget! No matter which car you want to buy, you can buy it at any price. For obvious reasons, generations of the car will vary according to the budget you have but yes, you can own any brand in any budget. In today’s featured, we will take you through used luxury cars under 3 Lakhs.

  1. Hyundai Sonata

    Hyundai Sonata

    Starting our list of used luxury cars under 3 Lakhs with the Hyundai Sonata. This Korean luxury sedan was a really good one of its time and had all the features that you could imagine at that time. Now that we have already said that it is a luxury car, you cannot expect it to give you great mileage. Also, the maintenance cost would be high.

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  2. Skoda Superb

    Skoda Superb
    Skoda Superb

    German luxury! The second one on our list of best-used luxury cars under 3 Lakhs is the Skoda Superb. This one is also a great car and delivers more than what it is meant to deliver. If you are driving, you will feel the German tech and if you are in the backseat, you will feel the chauffeur-driven luxury! As we said before, don’t expect a great fuel mileage and high maintenance cost will surely accompany if you buy this car for yourself.

  3. Honda Accord

    10 reliable used luxury cars in India
    Honda Accord

    This one can be a steal deal for sure. The Honda Accord is known to deliver sheer driving pleasure and riding pleasure! This car is so spacious, huge and comfortable that you feel each and every luxury that you pay for! The best part is that you can get CNG installed in Accord and still continue to enjoy the luxury without having to pay much for your fuel.

  4. Suzuki Kizashi

    Discontinued cars in India
    Maruti Suzuki Kizashi

    A perfect enthusiast car that delivers luxury as well. If you get. well-maintained Suzuki Kizashi for yourself, consider yourself a lucky one as this car is a real gem. Although procuring spare parts for this sedan can be a real challenge because this was a CBU and houses all the Suzuki parts rather than Maruti. This is the only reason why Kizashi couldn’t gather a good sale number.

  5. Toyota Camry

    used luxury sedans under 5 lakhs
    Toyota Camry

    Luxury along with reliability! The Toyota Camry is another one among used luxury cars under 3 Lakhs that can be a good pick for sure. This was a true luxury car of its time and now that you are getting it for under 3 Lakhs, doesn’t mean that you will get its repairs cheap. Its spares are still expensive and mileage is low. As the name suggests, it is a ‘luxury car’.

  6. Audi A4

    used luxury cars under 3 lakhs
    Audi A4

    Talking about luxury and not including luxury brands? Well, that’s not fair! You can also get an early age Audi A4 under 3 Lakhs but you should be sure of the fact that this car is valid to be run on the roads of your city. Steer clear from such cars if you are from Delhi/NCR. Also, you need to be sure of each and every spare part of the car and make sure that it is working. In case you need expert advice, you can book GoMechanic’s used car inspection service.

  7. Nissan Teana

    Nissan Teana | Credits: AutoCar
    Nissan Teana | Credits: AutoCar

    Moving on, we have the Nissan Teana on our list of used luxury sedans under 3 Lakhs. Nissan is known to deliver luxury especially in the upper models of the lineup. The Nissan Teana is one of the used luxury cars that you can get for under 3 Lakhs. If you are a Nissan owner, you can be sure of the fact that you will get luxury but you won’t get really good mileage and you will have to go a little further to get spares.

  8. Mercedes Kompressor

    Used luxury cars under 3 lakhs
    Mercedes Kompressor

    Last but not let, we have the real taste of luxury. Mercedes is a brand that is known to deliver luxury over anything else. If you have dreamt of owning a Mercedes but have a limited budget, you can have a Kompressor. This was available till 2006-2008 in India and if you get a well-maintained model, you can be happy about your thing. Pure luxury along with features like a sunroof! What else do you need?

These were the 8 used luxury cars that you can have under 3 Lakhs. If you have any other car in your mind that you think you can have under 3 Lakhs, do let us know in the comments section below!

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