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Best Used Second-Hand Premium Sedans Under 5 Lakhs!

The used car market in India has achieved a great spike in recent times. It seems like used cars are the new trend. In the world of used cars, there are some customers who are confused between buying a used car or a new car in a selected budget. In toady’s featured, we will take you through a list of premium sedans which can let you have the experience without putting in that much money. Luxury car in a single-digit lakh budget! Be sure of the fact that we are only here to let you know about the cars you can have in the select budget. However, you should always consider the pros and cons and buy the best fit!

Buying a premium requires a premium inspection:

  1. Maruti Suzuki SX4

    Maruti SX4 Celebration
    Maruti SX4 Celebration

    Starting the list with Maruti’s sedan which can still give you that feel of a luxury sedan if maintained well. If you find yourself a good SX4, there is nothing better you can expect in your budget. We are saying this because SX4 is from India’s favourite automaker. That said, we don’t think we need to mention about the fuel efficiency. Fuel efficiency with comfort! Win-win! Continuing our list of premium used sedans under 5 lakhs we have another Maruti in house. Read on!

  2. Maruti Suzuki Kizashi

    Discontinued cars in India
    Maruti Suzuki Kizashi

    The rarest Maruti Suzuki in India! Or should we say the only one that did not sell well? Maruti Suzuki Kizashi is now available in the used car market and you can experience the true luxury that too under the price range of just 5 Lakhs! The only trouble you would find owning a Kizashi is the availability of spare parts. But with GoMechanic, you don’t need to worry about anything. We’ve got you covered!

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  3. Hyundai Sonata

    Hyundai Sonata Embera
    Hyundai Sonata Embera

    Experience Korean luxury! If you are the one who doesn’t like to be called a can owner, you can surely go for Hyundai Sonata. Although Elantra is nowhere less on the luxury part if you can crack a deal for the Sonata, there’s nothing better! It’s a proper chauffeur sedan that can help you live the luxury (in your budget). Don’t just stay in the back seat. It’s really fun to drive too!

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  4. Skoda Superb

    Skoda Superb
    Skoda Superb

    The German tech! Skoda is known for the quality vehicles they still deliver in India. You can be sure a Skoda even it shows 1 Lakh kilometres on the do. The luxury sedan from Skoda i.e. the Skoda Superb is easily available in the used car market under 5 Lakhs. You can indulge in extreme luxury if you choose this car and at the same time, have experience of a good drive. Don’t expect much in terms of mileage from this car as this one will deliver pure luxury and expecting mileage with luxury is quite unfair.

  5. Toyota Camry

    used luxury sedans under 5 lakhs
    Toyota Camry

    Okay, we mentioned about reliability in the previous one. If we are talking reliability and we don’t mention Toyota, we are definitely doing something wrong. Owned by many celebrities in the past, Toyota Camry can be yours now under 5 Lakhs easily. Again, as we said in the earlier part, you shouldn’t expect much from these cars in terms of mileage. If you want a blend of mileage and luxury, you should go for Corolla. Both of them are Toyotas so you need not worry about the doing reading. They easily last 4-5 Lakh kilometres.

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  6. Volkswagen Passat

    Premium used sedans under 5 lakhs
    VW Passat

    Continuing our list of premium used sedans under 5 Lakhs, we have the VW Passat. Volkswagen is really popular among enthusiasts for its performance but talking about Passat, you can be sure of the luxury. Passat from the past is easily available in the used car market under 5 Lakhs and you can have the VW luxury if you buy this one. The good news is that the spare parts are also easily available. Wondering where to go? GoMechanic has got you covered!

  7. Honda Accord

    Honda Accord V6
    Honda Accord V6

    The Japanese brand is known in India for their sedans. Be it the City Civic or the Accord, none of them fails to deliver the luxury for the price range they come at. The Accord from the past is a gem in itself. If you find a well-maintained Accord, you should buy it without any second thoughts because this car will deliver luxury, performance and will also give you decent fuel efficiency. What’s more? You can get it serviced for quite cheap too.

  8. Renault Fluence

    Renault Fluence
    Renault Fluence

    Again, a car with a problem of limited spares availability. Fluence can give you better luxury than any other Renault in India till date. Just have a look and experience this car for real and you will realise why we are saying this! You can get a Fluence for very cheap prices in the used car market as its low sale number led to high and fast depreciation. It will not be as luxurious as others mentioned in the list above but this car has got an experience of its own.

  9. BMW 3-Series

    Premium used sedans under 5 lakhs
    BMW 3 Series | Credits

    If you are living in Delhi, you need to take care of the fuel type. Considering its 2020, you should search for a petrol vehicle rather than a diesel one because it will give you a 15-year validity making it road legal in the current time. A 2009-2010 model 3-Series will easily be available in the mentioned budget and it’s a BMW so do we need to mention about the luxury? High maintenance cost definitely comes along.

  10. Audi A4

    premium used sedans under 5 lakhs
    Audi A4

    Last but not least. You can also be a 4-ring owner if you have a budget of 5 Lakhs. You can easily get a 2010 model Audi A4 under 5 lakhs. As said, be sure of the fact that it has a petrol engine or gets a No Objection Certificate in case the fitness is expired. You cannot run a diesel car in Delhi post 10 years so make sure that you don’t invest in a thing that proves to be useless.

These were the 10 best premium used sedans under 5 Lakhs. Be an aware customer in the market and make sure you inspect the car well before making any deals. Share this list with all those who are looking to buy a used car and want to experience the luxury in affordable prices!

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