Fact: Riding a motorcycle fast is not a hobby, it is an addiction. And to do so what you require is a sports motorcycle. But the segment ‘sports bike’ is not every time anticipated correctly.

Sports bikes comprise of all the motorcycles be it naked or fully faired. Also, these are to be ridden fast on a race-track. With emphasizing on the ‘RACE-TRACK’. On streets? Drive safely and responsibly and wear your helmets. So, here are 10 such motorcycles that can give the thrill on race tracks if you have tight pockets. (Under 2-lakhs)

NOTE: All the motorcycles in the list are under 2 lakhs, but one should inspect the motorcycle thoroughly before committing.

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  1. KTM RC390

    KTM RC390
    KTM RC390

    Possibly the most powerful used supersports (Fully Faired) motorcycle one can buy under 2 Lakhs is the KTM RC 390. The bike offers the right ingredients one would want from a track machine. But all good things have their flaws. Where the riding posture is right at home on tracks, on city roads, it’ll be effecting your palms and back. Also, you cannot tour on this motorcycle for obvious reasons.

  2. KTM Duke 390

    KTM Duke 390
    KTM Duke 390

    In the biker’s community, the KTM Duke 390 is considered to be a pocket rocket. For the price, like the RC 390, Duke 390 is the most powerful street naked motorcycle in here. How powerful, you may ask? Well, this motorcycle takes less than 6 seconds to clock 100kmph from a standstill.

  3. Yamaha YZF R3

    Yamaha YZF-R3
    Yamaha YZF R3

    It’s been a surprise to get a twin-cylinder motorcycle under 2 lakhs. You just have to look and little hard and inspect tad a bit more. After that, you can own one of the most refined motorcycles with a parallel-twin engine. For you to know, although this bike came with an extra cylinder, KTM RC 390 still smokes it.

  4. TVS Apache RR310

    TVS Apache RR310
    TVS Apache RR310

    There exists a motorcycle that comes with a potent engine from the German automotive giant BMW. TVS Apache RR310 is the result of the collaboration between TVS and BMW. Also, the motorcycle gets a 312.2cc engine producing 34ps of max power and 28Nm of peak torque. This fully fared motorcycle shares the same engine as the BMW G 310 R. Besides when looking carefully one can find a really great deal in under 2 lakhs.

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  5. Kawasaki Ninja 300

    Kawasaki Ninja 300
    Kawasaki Ninja 300

    Another motorcycle to sport a twin-cylinder engine is the Kawasaki Ninja 300. Kawasaki with the Ninja 300 was one of the most affordable powerful supersport motorcycle to rule the Indian market. This is before the launch of the KTM RC 390 but more on that some other day. Kawasaki Ninja in the green colour acts as a style statement and definitely will turn heads when running on the road. In the end, this is one of the best sounding twin-cylinder motorcycles.

  6. Bajaj Dominar 400

    Bajaj Dominar 400
    Bajaj Dominar 400 | Second Sand Bikes

    The Indian motorcycle maker, Bajaj, has been using the KTM engine in some it’s the motorcycle for long now. The last motorcycle to use the bigger 373.3cc engine from the KTM 390s is the Bajaj Dominar 400. This is the motorcycle that offers the features of a cruiser with compromise on the cornering capabilities, the weight being one of them. Keeping that aside, if you are looking for a motorcycle to cruise on the highways and is reliable, Bajaj Dominar could be just right for you.

  7. Suzuki Inazuma

    Suzuki Inazuma
    Suzuki Inazuma| Second Sand Bikes

    Possibly the oldest motorcycle in the list is the Suzuki Inazuma 250. Also, we totally are okay if this is the first time you hearing about this bike. This street fighter was launched back in the 2010s and is still available in the in a good condition in the used motorcycle market. For you to know, this bike too gets a 2 cylinder motor that produces decent power and torque figures. It is the weight that lets it down.

  8. Benelli TNT 300

    Benelli TNT 300
    Benelli TNT 300 | Second Sand Bikes

    If you are not aware of Benelli, it is an Italian brand owned by a Chinese company. One of the cheapest street naked motorcycles in the Indian market was the Benelli TNT 300. This bike is the direct rival of the KTM Duke 390 but is a bit low on power and high on weight. Neve the less it is one of the best handling motorcycles your money can buy.

  9. Benelli 302R

    Benelli 302R
    Benelli 302R | Second Sand Bikes

    There sits a motorcycle above the TNT250, that is the Benelli 302R. This is another twin-cylinder super-sport motorcycle that offers a really good value for money. Talking about the engine, this shares the same motor from its naked sibling the TNT300. The motorcycle does not boast of good built quality but is decent for its price.

  10. Mahindra Mojo

    Mahindra Mojo
    Mahindra Mojo | Second Sand Bikes

    We Indians have a special place for the make in India motorcycles. Mahindra Mojo is on the top tier motorcycle when it comes to the overall package. This includes a versatile and potent engine with decent built quality. Also, the twin-barrel exhaust stands out in the crowd. Like the Bajaj Dominar, Mojo to is a really good companion to munch miles on the highway, its USP being a massive 21litre fuel tank.

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