While compact SUVs are the latest trend in the market, there are some people who are missing out on their dreams just because their budget is short. In today’s featured, we are going to take you through used SUVs in India under 5 Lakhs which can help you have that rod presence you are looking for without spending much from your pocket. As I said,

The used car market can let you have your hand on anything without spending much!

Let’s now get started with the list.

  1. Tata Safari

    5 cars that started a new segment in India
    Tata Safari

    The OG SUV! Starting our list of used SUVs under 5 Lakhs straightaway with the cult. If you are an SUV lover, there can be nothing better than owning a Safari once in your lifetime! The older generation of the Safari is easily available under the 500k mark. There is nothing better than owning a Safari. Trust us on this. Considering the fact that GoMechanic is here for all your car servicing needs, you can be sure of buying such a used car and enjoy the experience.

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  2. Mahindra Scorpio

    2002 Mahindra Scorpio

    Another cult that is available in the used car market in abundance. Among used SUVs under 5 Lakhs, Mahindra Scorpio can be a great choice too. Considering the fact that Scorpio still sells like hotcakes in the market, you can get yourself one too without spending much. Performance, reliability and seamless modification possibility, Scorpio can be a great pick for sure.

  3. Mahindra Quanto

    Mahindra Quanto | credits- zigwheels.com
    Mahindra Quanto | credits- zigwheels.com

    There are failed attempts. Mahindra failed an attempt to make a good SUV with the one you see above. Mahindra Quanto was not able to sell in good numbers in the Indian market which is why it is available at a very good price point in the used car market as of now. If you go out to buy one for yourself, you can be heavy on the negotiation part too.

  4. Ford EcoSport

    Ford Ecosport | 10 Best Budget SUVs In India
    Ford Ecosport | 10 Best Budget SUVs In India

    The one that kickstarted the trend of subcompact SUVs in India. The Ford EcoSport is available in the used car market easily under a budget of 5 Lakh rupees. If you go for this one, you can get a relatively new model which will obviously be valid for a longer period of time and you will get comparatively newer features and basically a younger SUV to drive.

  5. Tata Aria

    Tata Aria

    Another full-size SUV that you can have for under 5 Lakhs is Tata Aria. This one is a real gem. If you are a true SUV lover, Tata Aria can be your pick as this delivers everything that you need and expect from an SUV. Moreover, Aria is a really successful franchise and now that it’s 2021, sourcing spare parts can be a burden but that is what we are here for! With GoMechanic, you can be sure of spare part availability anyhow!

  6. Maruti Brezza

    Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza 2016
    Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza 2016

    Another subcompact SUV that you can have under the budget of 5 Lakhs. Maruti’s trust factor and brand name is known to all of us and Brezza is definitely a household name now. It’s 2021 and this car is available only in petrol. If you go to the used car market, you will find the diesel variants in abundance in the select budget.

  7. Ford Endeavour

    Dino Morea's Endeavour
    Dino Morea’s Endeavour

    Remember this generation of the Endeavour? Well, if you go out looking for an SUV, Endeavour can be your pick under 5 Lakhs. Fortuner and Endeavour are competitors at present now. Talking about the past, they have been each other’s rivals for a long and have divided their audience for sure. If you are an Endeavour lover, you can have one for yourself under 5 Lakhs easily.

  8. Mahindra Xylo

    Used SUVs under 5 Lakhs
    Mahindra Xylo

    Last but not least, we have Mahindra Xylo. You might have seen this one as a commercial vehicle but let us tell you that having this car as a personal car is not bad at all. Secondly, it is a Mahindra so we don’t need to worry about spares and maintenance.

These were the 8 SUVs that you can have under 5 Lakhs in the used car market. If you have any other SUV that we might have missed off, do let us know in the comments sections below!

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