Things To Know Before Buying A Used Toyota Innova!

Things To Know Before Buying A Used Toyota Innova!

The Toyota Innova is one of the most expensive cars in its segment. With the top-spec variants going well above Rs. 30 Lakhs on-road, it is not as affordable as it used to be. Therefore, many people choose to go for a used Toyota Innova over a new model. Today, let’s talk about some things you must know before buying a used Toyota Innova!

  • How much does a used Toyota Innova cost?

A used Innova costs around Rs. 16 Lakhs in India right now. The pricing is specific to models less than 7 years old and in good condition. This can go up and down depending on the variant and the model year. In general, an Innova manufactured after 2014 will cost you more than Rs. 12 Lakhs. An Innova from 2009-2010 can come in at around Rs. 7 Lakhs.

Toyota Innova Crysta Limited Edition
  • Finding a low mileage used Innova is very difficult

As a thumb rule, we generally prefer used cars that and not done a lot of kilometers. A number between 20,000-30,000KMs is considered to be buyable. Anything more than that makes a potential buyer reconsider. However, finding an Innova with that kind of mileage is next to impossible. Most used Innovas on sale right now have completed at least 80,000 km on average. 

  • The Innova is built to last

So you couldn’t find an Innova that was driven less than 30,000 km? That’s not a huge problem because the Innova can complete lakhs of kilometers before throwing a major problem at you. So an Innova that has completed 1,00,000KMs can also be in pretty good condition. This car is extremely reliable and is also quite cheap to maintain. The plastic in the cabin holds up well, there are hardly any rattles, and the engine performance also doesn’t take a hit.

2013 Toyota Innova
  • A used Toyota Innova is expensive

Considering the demand and the kind of reliability this MPV offers, it holds its value for a very long time. If you look for an Innova that is less than 5 years old, you can easily spend around Rs. 20 Lakhs, and that would be considered a good deal. For this price, you can easily buy the top-spec models of a new Hyundai Creta and Kia Seltos. You can even get a decently loaded, brand-new Kia Carens or a Hyundai Alcazar for the same price. 

  • Some common problems with the Innova

This article will help you with the common problems of an Innova in detail. There are not a lot of problems with this car, to be honest. It mainly has issues with NVH, braking performance(in some models), tyre/wheel maintenance, and the speakers on this car are average at best. 

Here were a few things to keep in mind before buying a used Toyota Innova. What would you like to read next? Let us know in the comments below!