Now that you have already gone through the first part of our most useful car accessories that you must have. If you haven’t here is the link for you. Checkout 10 more useful car accessories here!

  1. Blaupunkt Air Purifier

    This is a much more premium offering available in our store. This product from Blaupunkt can be used not only in cars but in any confined spaces like your bedroom or kitchen. It offers the best air quality irrespective of its location, thanks to the 3-layer filtration system. By it here. 

  2. GoMechanic Vacuum Cleaner

    Car vacuum cleaner

    If cleaning your car interiors is a hassle, then you definitely need to check out this product from GoMechanic. It has a powerful 80W motor that provides 6000PA of strong cyclonic suction. You can clean dust, pet hair, debris, bread crumbs, ash, paper scraps and other small things. One key simple operation button to drive out the dust and debris. Also, it produces less than 40dB of sound which gives a quiet cleaning environment. This is a very budget-friendly option considering the specifications it offers. But it here.

  3.  Blaupunkt Vacuum Cleaner

    Car vacuum cleaner
    Blaupunkt vacuum cleaner

    This is a lightweight and portable offering from Blaupunkt which is available at our GoMechanic Accessories store. It is a premium product which a not-so premium price especially considering the discount on it. It’s equipped with a high-efficiency conical filter design that has unique rapid cleaning capability and is designed for easy replacement if it needs one. Buy it here.

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  4.  GoMechanic Mobile Holder
    Phone holder for car
    Phone holder

    This has become a must-have accessory considering the time we spend on our phones even while driving. The advantages of this product are that it is durable as it is made up of flexible and sturdy silicone material. It can withstand high-intensity vibrations, sudden moves, shocks and even falls. It gives you a safe and comfortable hands-free experience for a relatively low asking price. Buy this here.


  5.  Wireless Charger With Phone Holder

    Phone holder with wireless charging
    Phone holder with wireless charging

    This is a wireless fast charging mobile holder which provides higher charging speeds safely. Now you can glance at your GPS, receive hands-free calls and keep your eyes on the road, all this while the phone is charging (if your phone supports wireless charging that is). It has a strong suction cup that lets it hook onto the surface that it is attached to. This is one of the best value for money propositions in the market for a phone holder with a fast and safe wireless charger. Grab yours here.

  6. Godrej Aer Car Freshener

    Car Freshener
    Godrej Car Freshener

    This is a product that gives you that feel-good factor no matter in which mood you enter your car. It is designed with clever gel technology, which is spill-proof and lasts up to 60 days. Simply turn ON the fragrance with just a click and turn it off when not in use. It comes in a wide range of refreshing fragrances as well. Buy it here.

  7.  GoMechanic Headrest

    Car Headrest
    Car Headrest

    A Memory Foam Headrest is such a boon and a perfect companion either for long journeys or city rides. One of the most advantageous things about such a headrest is that it reduces the whiplash effect injury caused during an accident, and this is very much underrated. It also helps from having a sore neck during long journeys. The memory foam used is a lot durable and regains the original shape even after long hours of applying pressure. Buy it here.

  8. Lumbar Support Backrest


    Lumbar support is a rising need for people experiencing back pain while driving cars. It has an ergonomic shape that provides maximum support to the back and reduces fatigue drastically. It is also made up of memory foam helping it to regain shape after each use and can also be used on office chairs and not just car seats. Buy it here.

  9. GoMechanic Coccyx Support

    Car Seat Pillow

    The Seat Pillow is also another underrated product considering the amount of comfort it offers not only on car seats but office chairs as well. It is made up of anti-sweat material which is comfortable to use for long hours. Since it is made up of memory foam as well, it regains shape as soon as the pressure is relieved. It improves posture and blood circulation. It is washable as well. Buy it here.

  10.  LED Headlight :

LED Headlight
LED Headlight

With a colour temperature of 6000K and a very compact design, it provides an easy solution to upgrade your car headlights to Cool White LED light with far superior brightness levels. The installation is also quite easy and available for a wide range of car makers and models. It is also IP68 water-resistant. Buy it here.

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