For the past weeks, Delhi NCR has been suffering from a higher than usual Air Quality Index (AQI). Where the AQI used to hover around the 50-80 mark during the lockdown, now reluctant to come to under 300. Now, if you are aware, AQI above 300 is considered to be in the hazardous range. But, what is the cause of this severe air pollution? There is not a single reason for this cause. Starting from the burning PARALI to the easing of the restrictions of COVID-19 are a couple of them. Now to curb the pollution Delhi government has come up with a different solution. Delhi has banned the entry of vehicles running on petrol and diesel.

Wait, what? Worry not; we had the same reaction.

Is India the Most Polluted Country in the World!?!
Delhi Pollution

So what is the deal with banning petrol and diesel vehicles? Let’s have a look; it’s a lot more than it appears.

The Ban on the Vehicle’s entry and its effects

To reduce the overall pollution in the Delhi NCR region, the Delhi government has banned the entry of commercial vehicles running on only diesel and petrol.

Trucks entry banned in Delhi
Trucks entry banned in Delhi / Image for representation only
  • As of now, this ban on vehicle’s entry will commence from 27th November and will last till 3rd December. However, commercial vehicles like trucks were not allowed to enter Delhi from 18th to 21st November.
  • This means the heavy vehicles that are allowed to enter Delhi are the ones that run on CNG or are electric. That’s a little sceptical move because not many heavy vehicles are on these power sources.Here is Why Has Delhi Government Withdrawn Subsidy On Electric Cars?
  • On the contrary, the trucks carrying essential supplies are exempted from the ban.
  • Meaning, as of now, the passenger vehicles will run as is and are not affected by this ban.
  • However, stopping the entry of these vehicles has led to heavy traffic jams when coming from neighbouring states into Delhi.
  • These jams might have an effect on the movement of passenger vehicles coming to Delhi. So, we request everyone to plan your move.
Fossil Fuels : The Inevitable Demise
The Inevitable Demise / Representational Image

Along with the ban, the government has also encouraged everyone to use more of public transport to join this movement to curb pollution.

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So, let us know what do you think of this ban? Will it help in bringing the AQI level? What alternatives can we use?

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