Hyundai Venue SX(O) VS Venue N-Line N8 | Compared!

Hyundai Venue SX(O) VS Venue N-Line N8 | Compared!

The Hyundai Venue N-Line was recently launched in India and it is one of the sportiest cars in the segment! While the Venue is already a very desirable car, the sportier variant has created a stir in the buyers’ minds. Today let’s see the comparison of the Venue SX(O) vs Venue N-Line N8!

  • Design

Venue N-Line

The regular Venue and the N-Line variant have the same silhouette, but there are subtle differences. The color scheme on the N-Line variant is accentuated and looks bright and sporty. It gets special N-Line badges at the front, rear, and sides. It gets a different grille and a new design for the alloys. The N-Line variant gets body cladding with red inserts to enhance the overall aesthetic of the car. In the aesthetic comparison of the Venue SX(O) vs Venue N-Line N8, the N-Line stands one step ahead.

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  • Venue SX(O) vs Venue N-Line N8 – Driving

The driving dynamics of both these cars are very different. The Venue gets a softer suspension which is tuned to make the car feel comfortable, and the steering is lighter. Whereas on the N-Line, the suspension is s bit stiffer and the steering carries more heft. The N-Line variant is more fun to drive and stays quite stable around the corners. Overall, the N-Line variant is more confidence inspiring be it the mountains or open highways. In the driving comparison of the Venue SX(O) vs Venue N-Line N8, the N-Line surely wins.

  • Venue SX(O) vs Venue N-Line N8 – Engine

The Venue is available with 3 different engines – NA petrol, turbo petrol, and a diesel. It gets a wide range of transmission choices including manual, DCT, and iMT. The N-Line variant gets only a turbo petrol engine that makes 118HP and 172nm and the transmission available is a 7-speed DCT only. The turbo engines on both these cars are the same, however, the handling is very different. This makes for a very different driving experience in both cars.

  • Features

Well, both cars get the exactly same set of features. You wouldn’t miss anything in either of these, so there’s not much comparison here. However, the N-Line variant does get one extra feature, which is a dashcam. This dashcam has dual cameras, one for the regular recording of what’s up front, and the other one for recording things/people inside the cabin. This is a nifty feature for those who would want small snippets of their road trips!

  • Pricing

From a VFM perspective in the Venue SX(O) vs Venue N-Line N8 comparison, the regular Venue looks like a winner. It comes in at Rs. 12.57 lakhs. The N-Line on the other hand costs Rs. 13.15 Lakhs. Yes, the price difference isn’t that much, however, one’s always cheaper! We must say, the pricing is done very well here when compared to the competition!

Here was a quick comparison of the top variants of the Hyundai Venue and the Venue N-Line! Which one would you prefer? Let us know in the comments below!