Volkswagen revealed a new entry-level model which will be below ID.3 and will be a cheaper option of its MEB platform by sending a Christmas card to journalists with the sketch of the car.


  • This tactic is not new for Volkswagen as they did it last year on Christmas revealing their ID buggy concept.
  • The new Volkswagen ID.3 which will be a compact Electric hatchback has the name which is not yet decided and the name provided is a work in progress.
  • The concept is expected to be shown in the second half of 2020 and probably launched in 2022 and will be cheaper than ID.3.
  • Being a bit on the cheaper side it is not expected to have a lot of features and most of them will be on the weaker side.
  • Volkswagen will be launching its entry-level MEB and ID.3 will be the first one to receive it.


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Volkswagen’s chief operating officer Ralf Brandstätter was spotted saying “ It’s a small car that people will use for shorter distances,” .“The average commute is under 25 kilometres, so you don’t need a big range. We expect it will be bought as the second or third car.”

  • The Battery pack provided in Volkswagen ID.3 will have a range of 210 kms to 240 kms most of the features are speculations as nothing about the car is revealed yet except the look and name.
  • The size is around the size of polo around 3.8 meters making it a sub 4m compact however it is expected to have interior space equal to mk8 Golf.
  • Volkswagen has not given any hints as to if ID.3 will be released in India or not however other cars from its subsidiaries will be releasing in its localised MQB A0 IN platform.


If released in India, Volkswagen ID.3 will be a competition of Hyundai Venue and Vitara Brezza.

Should Volkswagen bring the ID.3 EV in India?

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