The VW Group is moving towards a total overhaul by the year 2030 to double its market value. And Volkswagen has some serious plans for the Italian sports car brand. As per external reports, Volkswagen is considering selling Lamborghini or putting it up as stock listing.

Volkswagen Is Considering Selling Lamborghini
2019 Lamborghini Urus

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  • Volkswagen owns Lamborghini through its subsidiary Audi.
  • As the German manufacturer has moved ahead with an overhaul, mainly aimed to double its market value and getting ahead of the prolonged industry shakeout. In recent times many companies are looking to expand, and Volkswagen is no different.
  • In a recent interview CEO Herbert Diess said that the company is planning to achieve a market value of €200 billion ($220 billion), Currently, the company is valued at €81 billion ($89 billion).
  • However, in this time of such a slump in the economic and auto sector, this surely seems like an overly ambitious plan.
  • Many Investors have urged Volkswagen to free up old assets whose values are subsumed within an ungainly structure which initially comprises of Italian supercars to motorcycles and heavy vehicle’s as well.
  •  As per leading media reports, Volkswagen has started preparing to fold Lamborghini into a separate legal identity which indicates that they might conclude their long-term relations by the end of next year.
  • Volkswagen has now shifted its focus on other major subsidiaries such as Audi and Porsche.
  • George Kacher at Automobile Magazine, earlier suggested in August, that “Lamborghini trots out limited-edition models pretty frequently, but the Aventador is quite old and the Huracan just went through a facelift, despite being around since 2014 and might not be enough for to save Lamborghini from the wrath of its parent company”.
  • Volkswagen seems a bit unclear about what to do with Lamborghini and it is quite possible that Volkswagen might not turn the taps for Lamborghini yet. Guess we’ll only get to know about Lamborghini’s future in 2020.


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