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3 Reasons Why India Will Miss The Volkswagen Vento!

Volkswagen recently announced that the stellar, all-time favourite, high-performer sedan, the Vento would be discontinued in India. The Vento has been a truly amazing car, and it was a perfect fit for the Indian market. Here are a few points that will always make us remember the Volkswagen Vento!

  • Sheer Driving Pleasure

The Vento was the highway king of its segment. It would cruise at speeds most cars wouldn’t even think of reaching. The stability and handling that the chassis offered was commendable, and many cars even today cannot match the standards that the Vento has set. The steering was full of feel and feedback, it was as precise as a Japanese Chef’s knife!

Volksfest Edition Volkswagen Vento
Volkswagen Vento
  • Supreme Comfort

For a car that handles as well as the Vento, one might believe that the comfort for the passengers would be compromised. This wasn’t the case with the Vento, it had an amazing ride and handling balance, and there was more than enough room inside the cabin. Features like one-touch up and down for all the windows, boot access from the armrest made the car super practical as well!

Volkswagen Vento Rebadged as Skoda Rapid
Volkswagen Vento
  • Myriad Of Engines

The Vento, in its lifetime, got plenty of engine options. The 1.2L TSI, 1L Petrol, 1.5L Diesel, and 1.6MPI Petrol, each and every engine was a top performer. These were coupled with both manual and automatic (AT and DSG) gearboxes. We’re all aware of the kind of output VW cars generate with their engines and gearboxes! These engines will surely be missed by every enthusiast!

Things you should not do in a DSG Transmission

  • Final goodbye to the Volkswagen Vento 

While the Virtus makes its way into the Indian market, we still don’t want to say goodbye to our beloved Vento. It is much more than a car for us. The Vento introduced the middle-class to a true performance sedan. And this happened even when VW wasn’t trying to market it as a performance car. Imagine what would be if VW had put in a little extra effort in making the Vento sportier, crazy.

Do you think that the Volkswagen Virtus can replace the Vento? Let us know in the comments!

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