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Should You Wait 10 Months For Your Car, Worth The Wait?

Hyundai Creta, Kia Sonet, Mahindra XUV700, Mahindra Thar and Kia Seltos all have one thing in common. Yup! If you want your hands on one of these SUVs, it’ll be a long wait, my friend. Most of the top-selling cars in the Indian market have at least 2-3 months of waiting. And for vehicles like Hyundai Creta and Mahindra Thar, you might have to wait for more than 10 months or even more than a year. Now the question comes, should you really wait for 10 months or above for your new ride? Let’s answer the question

Before diving right into it, let’s look at the reason for such a long waiting period.

Why long waiting periods for your new car?

The automotive industry is among the leading sectors that drive and circulate a large amount of capital and resources.

Kia Motors Plant In Anantpur, Andhra Pradesh
Kia Motors Plant In Anantpur, Andhra Pradesh
  • And not always everything that a carmaker sells is produced in-house. In other words, the carmaker manufactures cars and sells them to the consumer. And what else does the particular automaker sells are spare parts?
  • Now, be it spare parts or the components assembled in a car, all aspects are designed and manufactured at the automaker’s facility.
  • Items like headlights, tail lights, infotainment systems and more are some of the parts that the manufacturers outsource.
  • Okay, what we mean by that is not always the production is in the hands of the carmaker.
  • So, at times these are the external factors that hamper the production of the cars at the assembly plants.
  • Now amidst the high demand, the waiting period gradually increases.
Coronavirus- Maruti Suzuki STOPS production at Gurugram & Manesar Plant
Coronavirus- Maruti Suzuki STOPS production at Gurugram & Manesar Plant

What is/are the external reason(s)?

Now all factors of high waiting period are external, there do exist internal factors too. So, let’s see what the major contributors to this inconvenience are.

  • Chip shortage

    Chip stock issue
    Chip stock issue

    One of the major components used in modern vehicles (not just cars) are semiconductors. And everyone knows the entire world is facing problems with the chip shortage. All the 21st-century cars require these semiconductors to ensure all the electronics like ABS, EBS, and the infotainment system. So how can the company get a new vehicle off the production line without these essentials?

  • Slow Production

    Maruti Suzuki Cuts Production For The 9th Month
    Maruti Suzuki Cuts Production For The 9th Month

    Another prime contributor is the production slowdown. After all the global pandemic has not just affected humans but also the industries. Where the carmaker was producing cars in full swing before the Covid-19 outbreak, the production has seen a drastic decline. All thanks to a couple of lockdowns, and now to bring back the pace requires some time.

  • Supply chain disruption

    Imports from China | Corona Virus
    Imports from China | Corona Virus

    Coming next is the disruption of the supply chain. Producing a vehicle out of the assembly line is one thing but transporting it at the dealership is quite a challenge. Most of the vehicles travel by road and switching state borders has not been consistent lately. This also has hampered the transportation of the raw material.

  • Ever-increasing demand

    Cars in the yard waiting for semiconductors to be installed
    Cars in the yard waiting for semiconductors to be installed

    There are multiple reasons for the increasing demand. For one, in India, the vehicle scrappage policy is becoming even stricter. This means the old polluting cars have to be scrapped. Now, to fill this void in some way or the other a new vehicle may come into play. Also, to avoid human interaction many people avoid public transports which also opens an opportunity for new vehicles. In the end, many young people are up in the queue to buy their first new car/vehicle.

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Okay, now with the reasons for the higher waiting period, let’s answer the question you want answers to.

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Should you wait for 10+ months for your new vehicle?

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Surely a simple answer to this question doesn’t exist. It all boils to the reason behind you buying the car.

  • For us, Indian cars are the following significant investment of our lives after a house. Hence excitement is evident. But this waiting period may kill all the excitement, resulting in a change of decisions too.
  • Also, waiting for 10+months may also alter the price of the vehicle due to inflation. And do remember the cost of the car is bound to rise. So, you may also consider other options to save yourself from these price hikes.
  • Moreover, 10 months are more than enough to introduce a new vehicle or a new technology. So, do remember to thoroughly check the market and the new offering in those waiting periods.
  • In the end, waiting for more than 10 months is only feasible if the vehicle you are after is one of a kind and there exists no other capable competitor (just saying, like Mahindra Thar).

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So, which is the next vehicle you are buying? Also, did you check upon its waiting period? Let us know in the comment section below.

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