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10 Insanely Well-Engineered Cars We Have In India [PART 2]

Keeping the number of cars sold aside, right now the cars available in the Indian market are some of the finest cars we’ve seen. Considering the price, current-gen cars boast a ton of modern features with adequate performance. But most importantly, they deliver exceptional running mileage which is a favourite in India.

That said, the cars sold in India are different from each other. Okay, this is obvious but here we mean they have their own USPs and qualities. This is to do with how they were engineered. So, today we look at 10 more cars in which the engineers have spent a lot of time refining a particular aspect. So, let’s dive straight in.

  1. Renault Triber (Cheapest MPV with 4 star GNCAP rating)

    Renault Triber Crash Test Rating
    Renault Triber Crash Test Rating

    One of the cheapest MPVs one can buy in the Indian market is the Renault Triber. In addition to that, in the latest news, Triber was crash tested at the Global NCAPs facility. And we are happy to report that the MPV scored a jaw-dropping 4 stars rating in the adult occupancy.

    Latest News: Renault Triber Scores 4 Stars In Global NCAP Crash Test

    Also, it should be appreciated that Triber measures less than 4 meters and the engineers at Renault manages to squeeze 3 rows of seats. Although, the last row is best suited for children.

  2. Volkswagen Polo (versatile and well-built platform)

    Volkswagen Polo GT
    Volkswagen Polo GT

    One of the cars o the list to exist in the Indian market without any changes is Volkswagen Polo. Well, if it isn’t broke why change it! From the day Polo was launched in India till today, Polo has seen only useful changes. But keeping them aside, the best part about Polo is its platform.

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    The chassis of this hatchback is soo versatile that can handle an engine with a lot more power. This means the car can be tuned for a very powerful engine. The best example of this is the Volkswagen GTI in India. A while back the GTI came with a 1.8-litre TSI motor that produced little less than 200bhp.

  3. Ford Ecosport (still one of the finest)

    Why do Indians have a love affair with sub compact SUVs
    Ford Ecosport

    Another vehicle to still exist in India without many facelifts or updates is Ford Ecosport. The American carmaker Ford, make some of the finest driver-oriented cars, Ecosport is no exception.

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    Ask an Ecosport owner about the driving dynamics and ride quality, we bet you’ll not b disappointed. All these USPs along with many new-gen features make Ford Ecospoer one of the finest buys. Also, we should mention that Ecosport does get a sunroof.

  4. Maruti Suzuki Ignis (can be easily tuned)

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    Maruti Suzuki Ignis

    A person following the automotive knows that almost all Japanese cars are tunable, Maruti Suzuki Ignis is one of our favourites. Being a small car with a wide track makes it sure convenient out on road.

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    With that, the Ignis comes powered by a 12-litre naturally aspirated engine that generates 82ps of max power. So, this engine can be heavily tuned and when tastefully done, it can push more than 92ps of max power. Well, that a huge jump from a naturally aspirated engine.

  5. Tata Nexon (feature-rich and safe)

    tata nexon
    tata nexon

    It’s a delight to know that there are cars on the list that are researched and manufactured by an Indian car maker. One of the first cars from Tata to be an instant hit is the Nexon. This subcompact SUV has very few compromises. But when talking about the main aspects like the powertrain and features, trust me you’ll not be disappointed. Along with that, Tata has a history of making good SUV, well, that DNA still continues. Tata Nexon just glides over rough patches of road and pot-holes. And the cherry on top has to be the 5-star Global NCAP crash test rating.

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  6. Skoda Rapid (Has the best power to price ratio)

    Skoda Rapid Automatic Bookings Open
    Skoda Rapid Automatic Bookings Open

    There are cars in the automotive industry that didn’t get what they deserve, Skoda Rapid has to be one of them. To let you know, Skoda Rapid is also based on the MQB platform that also underpins Volkswagen Polo. While the BS4 Skoda Rapid was a clean vehicle but the BS6 variant is even more mouthwatering.

    Interesting News: All-New Skoda Sedan Spied Testing; Could Be The New 2022 Skoda Rapid

    And this is to do with the price to power ratio. Skoda shook the country when they launched the BS6 Rapid. So, let me tell you, Skoda Rapid undercuts its’ closest rival, Maruti Suzuki Ciaz.

  7. Jeep Compass (The all-rounder)

    New Jeep Compass
    New Jeep Compass

    Another American carmaker to be on this list is Jeep. And one of the well-engineered car under ₹30-lakhs is its compact SUV Compass. If a car buyer wants a vehicle that looks rugged, drives like a rugged vehicle but the interior are luxurious, Jeep Compass is the one to choose.

    Perfect off-roader? 2021 Jeep Compass Finally Launched, Starts At ₹16.99 Lakhs

    Compass’s ride quality is among the best in the segment, along with super powerful petrol and a diesel engine with a 4X4 drivetrain. In addition to that, this SUV doesn’t compromise on creature comforts.

  8. Tata Harrier (The Land Rover’s closest cousin)

    Punjab Kings and their cars
    Tata Harrier

    After Tata acquired one of the legendary car makers in the world (Jaguar and Land Rover), the company has been doing wonders. Taking help for the RND in England, Tata has made some finest vehicle, Harrier is one of them. To start with, Tata Harrier is based on a tough Land Rover Discovery 4’s platform. This means the vehicle can handle really tough terrains. With that, Harrier also offers a ton of goodies on the inside to keep the occupants entertained.

  9. Isuzu D-Max V-cross (Built to conquer diffecult terrain)

    2021 Isuzu D-Max V-Cross
    2021 Isuzu D-Max V-Cross

    The latest vehicle to be updated on this is the Isuzu D-Max V-cross. This is a truck with overpowering off-road capabilities and provision to take the family along with no compromise on comfort. Possibly, one of the most comfortable pick-up truck in India has to be the D-Max V-Cross. In the latest update, the new truck adds a lot many features and gets the same engine but is BS6 compliant.

  10. MG Gloster (The sophisticated SUV)

    MG Gloster
    MG Gloster

    If witnessing and using the next-gen technology is your dream, MG Gloster can be a perfect weapon of choice. From ADAS to gesture control for the infotainment system, Gloster covers it all. Adding to the ownership experience, Gloster gets a powerful 215hp twin-turbo diesel engine making this gigantic vehicle brisk out on the road. For more details, here is everything about the MG Gloster.

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So, there are 10 more cars in India that we think are well-engineered and deserve a mention. Let us know, which car do you think should be on this list?

Utkarsh Bhardwaj
Technical Content Strategist at GoMechanic | Big Time Petrolhead with the passion for building cars and driving those beauties.



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