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BS6 going live on 1st April 2020. Whats next?

BS6 is claiming even fewer pollution levels on Indian roads. The emission numbers are way less from BS4 to new norms. These new numbers gonna have a huge positive impact on the environment.

Currently, the consumers have a choice of either buying a BS4 or a BS6 vehicle, well of course till 31st march. The environment is gonna thank you when purchasing a BS6 vehicle. Apart from that people have many questions regarding the new emission norms.

One such question is what will happen after BS6 emission norms?

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BS6 emission norms

  • By now it is clear that the new exhaust emission norms are kicking in. The new engines developed in compliance with new exhaust emission norms have a lot to offer.
  • The new engines are as high as 70% more environment friendly. The exhaust emission such as NOx (Nitrogen Oxides), SOx (Sulphur Oxides), COx(Carbon Oxides) has been reduced to an utter low level.
  • All the pollution check certificates will be issued as before.
  • Though the registration of old BS4 vehicles will terminate as soon as April starts.

Indian Government has decided to break the process of introducing BS6 vehicles into two stages.

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BS6 Stage 1

  • BS6 stage 1 emission norms will comply with the 1st of next month.
  • In this stage, the basic emission levels will be controlled by the introduction of OBD-1.
  • Even though OBD 1 will include the read time emission tracking, an addition of the catalytic layer in the exhaust system are some major changes.

BS6 Stage 2

  • On 1st April 2023, the second stage of BS6 will be implemented.
  • In addition to the existing changes, the new changes will include additional features in the electronics of the vehicle.
  • OBD 2 in every car will be standard. The new OBD will include.
    • Catalytic converter monitoring
    • Miss-fire detection
    • Oxygen sensor deterioration

The new emission norms are a late decision but it is rightly said, better late than never. The environment will surely have a positive effect after a new emission norms implementation. Not immediately but surely.

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