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How GoMechanic Car Service Can Transform Your Vehicle Servicing Experience!

Owning a new car can be an exhilarating experience for many. However, as time passes by, the spark of excitement tends to wane off as you start experiencing problems with your car. It becomes more of a burden than a comfort.

The main culprit – Not servicing your car regularly. Many people do not maintain their car primarily owing to past bad experiences associated with servicing. Some of the popular reasons that contribute to the bad experiences are lack of transparency in cost, delay in returning the vehicle after a service, absence of quality, etc.

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This is where brands like GoMechanic can alter your perceptions about servicing owing to the top-notch quality of service they offer. Here are some ways in which GoMechanic’s scheduled services can transform your vehicle servicing experience altogether:

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  1. An incredible post-service warranty

    Though there are slim chances that your serviced car from GoMechanic will encounter any problem, nevertheless the brand has gone one step ahead in customer satisfaction by offering a staggering warranty of 1000 kilometres/ 1 month after completion of a service.

    The GoMechanic's Guide to Car Detailing
    Rubbing Polishing on the Ford Endeavour

    So in the highly unlikely event of any issue after a service, GoMechanic takes the complete responsibility of fixing it free of cost. This offers you the much-needed peace of mind at the time of receiving a serviced car.

  2. Unimaginable cost

    Even though authorized service centres are reliable, many car owners avoid servicing there owing to the high cost associated with the servicing. GoMechanic has put an affordable price tag on their services, which is nearly 40% lower than what an authorized service centre will charge you.

    Apart from this, GoMechanic car service assures you of complete transparency in their bills and ensures that you pay what you were asked to pay before the service started. There will not be any last-minute surprises for you.

  3. Service at your doorstep

    As a car owner, one of the biggest challenges is to drive your malfunctioning car to the service centre. GoMechanic helps you by offering not only free pickup of your car but also free delivery, right at your doorstep.

    The GoMechanic's Guide to Car Detailing
    Skoda Rapid Interior Detailing

    In short, GoMechanic takes care of all the problematic aspects associated with servicing and lets you focus on other things in your life and not worry about your car.

  4. Original Spare parts

    GoMechanic ensures that only original spare parts from OES (Original Equipment Supplier) and OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) are used in case of any replacement for your car.

    This alleviates the fear of duplicate parts creeping into your car which can cause harm to it.

  5. A wide array of services

    GoMechanic offers a wide variety of services that are tailor-made for every need of the customer. The company provides aesthetic services ranging from a basic car wash to extensive detailing that helps in keeping your car spick and span and also attractive at the same time. Apart from this, other services such as wheel and rim care, denting and painting services are also available for the customers to avail.

  6. Multi-channel presence

    To book a service, a customer has multiple options such as website, Android application or even call the sales team directly. All three modes have high response rates and get your service booked within minutes. Both the website and the app lets you select a convenient slot for the service to take place without any human help.

    Get your car's AC services regularly
    GoMechanic Car AC Service
  7. Track your service

    In the website and mobile app, you can log in to the portal which lets you get the complete history of services performed and keep track of your last service date. Besides, you will also be continuously reminded about the physical condition of your car and when the car is due for the next service.

With all the above, your experience with GoMechanic will be unforgettable. Not only will the company bowl you over with the high quality of services it offered, but it will also make you one of its regular customers owing to the prices of their services.

The GoMechanic's Guide to Car Detailing
The GoMechanic’s Guide to Car Detailing

Also thanks to the possibility of reaching them through various means, it makes it extremely easy to begin your journey with GoMechanic. So opt for a service from GoMechanic today and enjoy the plethora of facilities offered by it.
Happy Servicing!

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