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10 Reasons Why India is in Love with Hyundai Cars!

Indian automotive industry was dominated by Maruti Suzuki starting the early 1990s. And then Hyundai made its entry into India with the Santro, which brought modern motoring to Indian shores. And that kids, is how India met Hyundai! Since then, Hyundai has been a prominent player in almost every car segment. Here is a list of 10 reasons why Indians love Hyundai.

  1. Hyundai cars are feature loaded

    Hyundai Verna Features: 1st In Class
    Hyundai Verna Features: 1st In Class

    Ask any Hyundai owner to tell about the features his car has and he won’t be able to list them all in one breath. That is the grandeur of Hyundai when it comes to giving out features. Hyundai has been known in give some first-in-class features in its cars. For eg. the all-new 2020 Hyundai Verna features a wireless charger, the smart boot, emergency stop signal, ventilated front seats, twin-tip mufflers, and so on. Take a list at all the features here. So, if you want a fully-loaded car with all the leading features, Hyundai is a moniker you should go for.

  2. Hyundai is future proof

    Hyundai Santa Fe: Why Indians Love Hyundai
    Hyundai Santa Fe: Why Indians Love Hyundai

    From its entry to our country up till now, Hyundai has introduced a great lineup of cars that have a futuristic design element making them unique in their respective segments. Even after 10 years of you buying a Hyundai car, no one can say that these cars are outdated. When Santro was launched, the straight lines and boxy designs were put to shame. This is what Hyundai does, it does not go with the trend, it sets a trend and forces the others to follow.

  3. Hyundai has a range of powerful engines

    Hyundai's Latest Engines
    Hyundai’s Latest Engines

    With all these features and design, a car needs to be powered by a workhorse too. And Hyundai is known to have equipped its cars with pretty powerful engines. In fact, Hyundai was the first one to introduce BS6-compliant turbo-petrol engine with the Venue’s launch. Although the turbo-petrol was introduced by Volkswagen with the 1.0-litre TSI engine, the trend started to pick up when Hyundai started to introduce turbos in the petrol engines.

  4. Hyundai cars have good resale value

    With all these features, design and powerful engines in its favour, Hyundai cars are not only good to drive, but they are also good to sell too. Hyundai cars have a pretty good resale value, actually pretty high! A car that was bought 2 years back can return you at least 60% of the original value. And that is the least it can get. If the car is kept in pretty good shape, you might even more.

  5. Hyundai cars are safe

    The Bodyshell of Creta
    The Bodyshell of Creta

    A parameter that was not a prominent one earlier, but now Indians have started focusing on, the Safety. Hyundai cars are known to be pretty safe with rigid body structure, well-placed crumple zones and a plethora of safety features like ABS with EBS, emergency stop signal, airbags etc. If any of you remembers Hyundai Eon, it was known to be unsafe, the reason the company decided to discontinue the car. This shows that Hyundai really cares about its customers and would not sell crap just for the sake of profits.
    Recall any? 10 Forgotten Hyundai Cars In India | From Getz To Sonata

  6. There is a Hyundai for everyone

    The Presence across all segments
    The Presence across all segments

    Name the segment, I’ll name a car from the South Korean carmaker in it. Be it the sedan, subcompact SUV, subcompact sedan, hatchback or the SUV, Hyundai has an offering in each of the segment. And the cars are pioneers in their respective segments. It is safe to say that Hyundai has got you covered!

  7. Hyundai cars are efficient

    Powerful engine? Check! Design? Check! Features? Double Check! Variety? Check! Safety? Check! But what is the answer to the question: ‘Kitna Deti Hai?’. Well, not to worry, Hyundai cars are known to be pretty fuel-efficient too. Thus if you are looking for everything without compromising on anything, Hyundai is the best choice.

  8. Hyundai cars have great built quality

    Verna's Premium Interiors
    Verna’s Premium Interiors

    Cars from Hyundai feel premium! The quality of upholstery, the feather touch interiors, the luxurious body panels and the list just goes on. Hyundai leaves no stone unturned when it comes to making the dreams come true. The build quality is meant to last long. Take the example of a 2005 Hyundai Santro. You will still be able to see the original badging intact on that car. Most of the parts would be original too.

  9. Hyundai has been consistent over time

    Santro, a car that was introduced when Hyundai came to India, is still in production. That is the consistency we are talking about. Upgrading with time is all that is needed. And all the rides from Hyundai have been upgraded every time required. And consistency can also be seen in the quality and performance too.

  10. Hyundai and Shahrukh Khan ❤️

    Hyundai and Sharukh Khan
    Hyundai and Shahrukh Khan

    Bollywood’s King Khan himself is the brand ambassador of Hyundai since 1998. And in 2017, the contract was extended too. The fact that the heartthrob of many Indians also trusts Hyundai is also a reason that India loves Hyundai this much.

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So these are the reasons that why do Indians love Hyundai so much. Do you own a Hyundai car and want to add some points to the list? Let us know in the comments section below.

Ritvik Gupta
Ex-Technical Content Developer at GoMechanic | Automobile enthusiast with a knack to decode it for everyone | Automobile Engineer by passion


    • Hi Mukesh,
      If you had a bad experience at some Hyundai dealership, you must escalate the matter with the company as Hyundai is always upfront in customer’s delight!
      Stay tuned!

  1. Hyundai should replace the plastic clutch cylinder of Verna with one made of steel. The plastic one often breaks and cause a lot of problems.

  2. I am also a huge fan of Hyundai cars. But recently when my car went through a minor accident and i called the RSA of Hyundai, they sent a unprofessional guy who started the car knowing that the engine oil is drained, resulting into total damage of the engine. My car is become useless and Hyundai is not at all responding to the emails i send. Is this how they treat its customers when one is going through a tough time.

  3. I am also a huge fan of Hyundai cars. But recently when my car went through a minor accident and i called the RSA of Hyundai, they sent a unprofessional guy who started the car knowing that the engine oil is drained, resulting into total damage of the engine. My car is become useless and Hyundai is not at all responding to the emails i send. Is this how they treat its customers when one is going through a tough time. Very sad


  5. Very poor service by deep hyundai mangolpuri.we have also complain to customer care but till not received any response

  6. I am a great fan of Hyundai caca and using four Hyundai casr.a santro,verna 2013,1
    I20 2016and just bought new 2021 berna fully loaded.No doubt great casr and value for money.

  7. Owned xcent for 7 years now… not an unnecesary spare replaced…upgrading now…still with the same stable….booked the all new CRETA

  8. Very well put together.
    The quality and ownership experience delivered by hyundai is very good.
    That’s the reason why indians trust hyundai and maruti over other brands

  9. Hyundai cars are not safe as now you can creta scored 3 stars in crash test that means they do not has safe cars at any money range

    • Hi Saksham,
      We’d first like to correct you that it was the Kia Seltos that score 3 stars in the Global NCAP crash test rating. Moving on, these tests are conducted under a controlled environment hence they do tell the gist of the safety of the vehicle but do not recite the complete story. Moving on, safety is one aspect but an important aspect when buying a vehicle. But for some this comes a little down on their wishlist. Stay Pinned!


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