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10 Reasons why India loves Honda Cars!

‘A love between a man and his car can only be understood by those who have felt it’. And when it comes to Honda, Indians can easily understand it, because they have felt it. Honda came to India back in 1998 with the launch of City, one of the best selling sedans in the country, even now. But what has made this brand one of the most sought after ones in India? Let’s find out!

  1. Honda Cars are Reliable

    Honda City: One of the most reliable sedans in India
    Honda City: One of the most reliable sedans in India

    According to Honda, they build their cars with an aim of 120% of quality. For them, it is unacceptable that even one customer in thousands or even ten thousand receive a faulty or defective product. Honda simply strives on reliability. Honda cars have been known to have great build quality and reliable driving experience. Some cars have a running period after which they are rendered useless. But for Honda cars, this time seems to have no boundaries.

  2. Honda has the most refined Petrol Engine (i-VTEC)

    Honda's i-VTEC engine
    Honda’s i-VTEC engine

    The Japanese automaker excels in its petrol engines. The i-VTEC engines are known to be one of the most efficient engines in the country. Powered by this engine, cars like Honda City and Jazz have been ruling their respective segments from a long time. VTEC or the Intelligent Variable Timing and Electronically Controlled is an engineering marvel which uses two camshaft profiles, one for low RPM for good torque and better drivability and other for higher RPM. This increases the power output of the engine. The VTEC Indian Hondas get is the i-VTEC which is more inclined towards fuel efficiency. We will get back to this later.

  3. Honda cars have the best driving dynamics

    Drive a Honda and you might like cars from the other companies. This is the pleasure that the driving dynamics of Honda cars can provide, which is unmatched by the competitors. If you own a Honda, you must have experienced the thrill and the drivability of it. Honda cars are aerodynamically engineered to reduce any drag that can affect the comfort of driving. And Honda cars have a really silent cabin. people just love Hondas for being one of the most drivable cars.

  4. Honda City is the King of Sedans

    Honda City
    Honda City

    The luxury sedan, City was Honda’s first car in India. And even after 22 years of being the most successful sedan in the country, the charisma of this car has no fading off in the near or the far future. The Honda City has been upgraded with time, which is one of the reasons for it being the king of sedans. And the utmost reason is that there is no such competitor in the market which has got everything. Let’s make a checklist. Powerful engine? Check! Safety? Check! Ultimate comfort? Check! Fuel-efficient? Check! Aggressive Pricing? Check! Driving Dynamics? Check! Best-in-class features? Check! Well, these are enough to tell why Indians just love the Honda City.

  5. Honda Cars are safe

    Amaze at the Global NCAP
    Amaze at the Global NCAP

    It’s just not the Honda City. The safety of the customers is what Honda keeps in mind while manufacturing cars. Honda has always prioritised its customer’s safety over profits. Recently, the 2020 Honda City scored a 5-star rating at the ASEAN NCAP crash testing and is going to launch in India soon. Most of the cars from manufacturer score over 4-star ratings at such crash tests. Honda Jazz scored a 5-star rating at the Euro NCAP. The made-in-India Honda Amaze scored a 4-star rating at the Global NCAP. In short, Honda cars are safe!

  6. Honda Cars have great resale value

    Cars with such a build quality and demand have a great market in the second-hand arena. Honda cars have a high resale value. Even on a bad day, a Honda can return a minimum of 50% of its original value. Imagine the value go up on a good day! If properly maintained and you want to part ways with your Honda, you can easily get over 60-70% of the original value even after two years.

  7. Honda has given us the V6 Accord

    Honda Accord V6
    Honda Accord V6

    The V6 engine powered Honda Accord is the most powerful Honda to touch our shores. The 2.5-litre V6 engine packs a power of over 270hp and 320Nm of torque which goes to the front wheels. And to make sure that the vehicle is safe to drive, it was equipped with safety features like ABS, EBD and traction control. This was accompanied by strong chassis and a great suspension making the Honda Accord one of the best powerful sedans in India.

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  8. Honda Cars are Fuel Efficient

    As already told earlier, Honda’s i-VTEC engines are known to be highly fuel-efficient. Cars from the manufacturer are usually in the top spots in their respective segments when it comes to fuel efficiency. It is the reason that Honda Amaze is one of the most sought after sedans in India when it comes to the taxi segment.

  9. Honda Civic is the poster car of India

    Honda Civic | The Poster Car of India
    Honda Civic | The Poster Car of India

    The Civic is indeed a masterpiece and it seems the Picassos of the automotive industry designed it. Looking good is one thing and performing good quite another, Honda Civic manages to impress in both the terms. It is one of the most successful premium sedans in the country. This shows that Indians just love the luxury sedan.

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  10. Honda Cars are Feature-Loaded

    2020 Honda CIty Interior
    2020 Honda City Interior

    Japanese cars just have best-in-class features. Let’s take an example. The upcoming Honda City 2020 is going to have features like an 8.0-inch touchscreen infotainment system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility, Voice-command assist and Voice satellite Navigation, all-New updated Honda Connect, Geo-fencing, Vehicle security alerts, remote ignitions, Driving behaviour patterns, 7-inch multi-info display with G-force meter, segment-first Amazon Echo compatibility and much more.

  11. [BONUS] VTEC Kicked in Yo!

    VTEC Kicked In Yo!
    VTEC Kicked In Yo!

    This is a phrase that you must have heard about the Honda engines. Well, sadly, the Indian Hondas get an i-VTEC which is more fuel-efficiency-focused. But when it comes to the original VTEC, the ones who have experienced it know the sudden induction of power from the engine when the VTEC kicks in. The sudden outburst of power forces you towards your seat and leaves every car behind!

Ritvik Gupta
Ritvik Gupta
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  1. I got a defective product .I purchased a Honda amaze in moth of June 2020 .And till now it’s September I am facing a problem frequently till the authorised service station has replaced a parts called as DPF three times till now . Recently it has been changed this month .Right now I am facing a new problem a noise start inside my car . When I took the vehicle to the authorised service they didn’t recognise from where the sound is coming .And they ordered a parts again and said me to bring the vehicle when the parts will come . I just want to know the age of the vehicle is 3 months almost.And it has been parked at the authorised service for almost 40 to 50 days.Is this the perfection of Honda.

    • Hi Vivek
      Sad to hear that you are not happy with Honda’s product. It makes me feel worse reading your experience with the service centre. I would advise you to get your car checked at one of the GoMechanic workshops once. Maybe, we are able to diagnose what the authorised service centre has not been able to. We request you to give us a chance and leave your contact details for our executive to call you back!

    I had purchased HONDA Civic 2020 MODEL in the month of March 2020. *GARVE MOTORS* Staff was really good while making sale and offering discounts post that complete harassment for the customer. Believe me Honda Civic 2020 is a complete *FAULTY VEHICLE* and they sell Models which are defective from Factory hence the discount is higher …Post 3 months of My purchase Fuel Pump found defective and *DECCAN HONDA* replaced the same post 1 month of follow up with them …After 5th Month both Tyres got Bubbles & Burst and again *DECCAN HONDA* got this replaced voluntarily & Finally in the 7th Month The whole 18R – Honda 1.8 Zx Cvt *ENGINE Blown up* while driving on the Pune Mumbai Expressway Highway….My humble submission to all the Buyers do not buy any vehicle from Honda & its dealers especially Honda Civic this is not at all made for INDIAN CONDITIONS and Honda will claim that it is their premium luxury brand but they have made this for western countries… Take my suggestion as I have gone through a lot since last 7 months… No support from DEALERS as well as HONDA TEAM.


  3. I own a 2018 model honda jazz (petrol MT). Everything was going fine and I was very much impressed with the car until recently.My car started showing starting trobles.When checked with showroom they told it’s the problem with ECM. Within 3 years the car got a major problem (I took additional warranty else the it’s gonna cost a lot). Never expected this from honda


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