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Why Do Carmakers Change Their Logos? | An Insight

Over the course of the last 10 years, several OEMs have chosen to revamp or change their brand logo for good. But have you ever wondered what drives carmakers to change something as crucial as a logo? Let’s find out:

  1. Sending A New Message With Their Logo

    Volvo Logo Change
    Volvo New Logo on the Right

    A prime reason why OEMs prefer to change their logo is to send across a new message. Since the logo is the brand’s identity in the global market, it is an amalgamation of what the brand stands for. And anytime the brand chose to bring about a change in ideology, a logo revamp/change is the best way to put it across.

    Consider a small example. Several brands over the years have chosen to revamp closed spheres, bards, and sharp geometric objects, with fluidic lines, embossed printing, and a change of colour to signify advancement, openness, approachability and a lot more. And the same ideas are hoped to be transformed into the way the brand makes its vehicles. A prime example of this line of thought is Kia’s new logo which signifies its newest approach towards the future of mobility.

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  2. Doing More With Their Logo

    Mahindra Logo Change
    Mahindra New Logo

    Another major reason why brands change or revamp their logos is to convey that the OEM is ready to do more. For example, brands like BMW, and Peugeot have over the years delivered more than just vehicles. Even brands like Kia, Hyundai, Volkswagen etc. have moved beyond conventional mobility and are working to bring in electric vehicles, something that shows the brand’s vision for the future that is reflected through a logo revamp. Thus, in many cases, a new logo is often paired with a shift from a car manufacturer to a mobility company.

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  3. The Move To Digital

    GM Logo Change
    GM New Logo on the Right

    Quite a practical reason, brands and OEMs often indulge in a logo revamp/update to shift to digital. Since online presence in the shape of apps, websites, ads etc. is a must for modern-day marketing, many times a change/revamp in the logo is to better suit the digital aesthetics. In this digital era, a clear, concise, recognisable logo is something that can make all the difference.

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