Throughout history, black has been the most wanted color when it comes to vehicles. Probably this is the reason why almost all leading luxury car manufacturers offer their iconic models in the color black. In fact, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that black is indeed the sexiest looking color on a vehicle. And despite the fact that black-colored vehicles absorb more heat than usual; the pros of buying a black beauty are beyond this little extra heat, which can be easily tackled. So here are the top reasons for you to bring home a black car.

A Commanding Appeal

Tata Nexon Dark Edition
Tata Nexon Dark Edition

Believe it or not, black is the most commanding vehicle color amongst the entire color pallet. A shiny, well-detailed, all-new black car looks not just stunning but also commanding. Wearing the color black, each and every vehicle, no matter what the segment is, looks immaculate and totally flawless. The color black not just pops out the curves but also gives a whole new definition to even the most subtle highlights, creases, and contours. Driving a black beauty will surely turn some heads, and we mean it!

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A Different League

Toyota Yaris Limited Edition Black Launched
Toyota Yaris Limited Edition Black

When it comes to vehicle colors, black has its own league; a league that is seen to be more premium and exclusive than any other conventional color. And this is the reason why carmakers often capitalize on the color black, by offering their black beauties as special editions, dark editions, night editions, etc. because black is truly a different league. In a world full of whites, be black, and bring home a swanky new black beast!

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Better Resale

A Resale Value Worth It
Better Resale: Representative Image

Another added advantage of buying a black beast is the fact that it is indeed the most wanted color when it comes to cars. This means, even when you decide to part ways with your black beauty, you will enjoy a better resale value, since black color has great demand, but not an ample supply in the pre-owned market.

The Bottom Line

Tata Altroz Dark Edition
Tata Altroz Dark Edition

The color black is one of the most preferred choices when it comes to cars. But before you plan to bring home a black beast, make sure you are well aware of the fact, that black cars require more maintenance than any other color. This is because scratches, dust, and dirt; everything is a little more evident on a black car. Moreover, the color black looks its prime only when it is kept well, with regular washes and detailing. And since black traps, a lot of heat as well, make sure to purchase a good quality car cover, along with some sun shades as well.

So this was why you should bring home a black beauty. Stay pinned to the GoMechanic blog for everything automotive.

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