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Will BS4 cars be BANNED after the official BS6 rollout?

The new BS6 exhaust emission regulations are changing the Indian automotive industry by a dime. An engine upgrade here and an exhaust system change there. Discontinuing of diesel engines by many vehicle manufacturers compliments more to the industry’s revolution.

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All the differences from BS4 to BS6 have worried the Indian buyers. Almost every consumer is having either a BS3 vehicle or a BS4 vehicle. It insists all the vehicle owners to ask the question of whether BS4 cars be banned after BS6 emission rollout?

BS6 | New norms

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BS4 | Somewhat environment-friendly?

After BS3 in 2010, it took the Indian government 7 years to shift to BS4. Due to the huge gap, the government decided to skip a step in between (BS5). BS4 was a success and a step towards an environment-friendly environment, especially in metro cities. Indian Automotive did a great job and shifted from BS3 to BS4 without any hassle. Shifting to BS6 emission was unstoppable.

BS6 | Definitely environment-friendly!

The new and more advanced BS6 emission norms are a month away. Only the new norms compliant vehicles will be registered. Skipping a large BS5 step in-between to BS6 emission norms results in a tremendous workload on the automobile manufacturers to make their vehicle BS6 compliant. Even so, some manufacturers have decided to stop the production of their diesel offerings.

BS6 fuel now available in Delhi NCR
BS6 fuel now available in Delhi NCR

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BS4 Banned after BS6?

After the BS6 norms rollout definitely the BS4 diesel vehicles will get affected. In order to reduce the SOx (Sulphur Oxides) the new more refined diesel fuel only has 10% sulphur which is 5 times less than BS4 fuel. Although there are changes in BS6 petrol fuel from BS4 it’ll have no effect on vehicles running on BS4 fuel.

Even though the registration of new BS4 vehicles will stop after the 1st of April but they’ll still run on the Indian roads without any problem. Though BS4 cars will keep on emitting the same amount of exhaust gasses.

Utkarsh Bhardwaj
Utkarsh Bhardwaj
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