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Worst Looking Taillights In The Indian Car Market!

We’ve read multiple pieces on good looking cars, good looking lights and good looking interiors. But there are some cars in the market that have some not-so-good looking parts. Here’s a list of cars with one of the worst looking taillights!

  1. Maruti Suzuki Celerio

Maruti Suzuki launched the new Celerio in November 2021. They made some good additions to the car, but the design was a bitter disappointment. The taillights specifically look rather unappealing. It looks like a weird combination of the Alto, Swift and the Spresso.

2021 Celerio | Credits-RUSHLANE
2021 Celerio | Credits-RUSHLANE
  1. Mahindra XUV300

One of the best cars on this list of worst looking taillights! The XUV300 looks stellar upfront. The dominating grill gives it a bold and aggressive stance on the road. Things die down real quickly when we look at the rear though. The rear of the XUV300 just doesn’t match up with what the front says. A set of better taillights will sure help the XUV300 ramp up its rear look.

Mahindra XUV300 BS6
Mahindra XUV300
  1. Hyundai Creta

The Creta is one of the best selling cars in the Indian market. It offers amazing features, good engines with a decent price tag. Where the Creta falls behind is the rear look. The taillights just don’t make any sense. It looks like they’re a couple of LED strips put together by a child! What’s surprising is that even with the 2021 Creta, Hyundai has only reworked the headlights, and not the taillights.

Creta Rear
Creta Rear
  1. Hyundai Alcazar

With the Alcazar, Hyundai had the chance of improving what they did with the Creta’s taillights. They did do it to some extent, the taillights do look better on the Alcazar, but they still don’t look great. First things first, they look like a rip-off from the Ford Endavour (RIP). These sort of lights just don’t suit the Alcazar because it is not really as big as the Endavour was. They could’ve gone with a simpler, sleeker-looking set of taillights.

Hyundai Alcazar
Hyundai Alcazar
  1. Skoda Superb

Now, the Superb’s aren’t the worst looking taillights ever. But they’re not something great either. For a car that costs almost Rs.45 Lakhs, the Superb’s taillights are TOO simple. We know that Skoda prefers a simple, elegant and classy look, but this could be done a lot better. The Octavia, which sits just under the Superb has some amazing looking taillights. Then why not the Superb, Skoda?

Škoda Superb To Get A Facelift Introduction In India
Škoda Superb
  1. Toyota Innova

Again, a continuation of the case we made for the Superb. The Innova is a very expensive car, and it still misses out on a lot of premium touches. We understand that comfort and practicality are the priorities on the Innova, but a little effort on design will do no harm! The taillights on this one look particularly boring. Someone spending Rs.30 lakhs for the top-end variants, deserves a better-looking set of taillamps!

Toyota Innova Crysta Exterior
Toyota Innova Crysta
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  1. Mr Sourav Chandra: The Article is irrelevant and does not hold any significance . The analysis done is baseless . There are cars in the list which are Best Sellers and most recognizable one on road. Not sure how such Articles are even getting published and source of Information.

  2. Do not agree.. Find something good to write about.. Who approved this article to be posted. Realise that you been given an responsibility to publish which will read by many.. Take this opportunity and do something productive..

  3. Ignis is worse. The author of this article has no taste. Taillights of XUV300, Innova, Skoda, Alcazar are good looking. Creta taillights are not bad, they are distinctive. Celerio has simple design, not bad.

  4. Scoda Superb !!! Are you kidding? and Creta … Go and look at the sales figures, ppl are not stupid to buy these are. I would say ppl research 10 times more than you do when arriving at buying decision !!!


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