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10 Not-To-Buy (Worst-Rated) Second-Hand Used cars in India

The used car market in India is experiencing a skyrocketing growth at present. Considering the fact that you can get multiple options in the used car market in the budget you have, the market is a perfect fit for those looking to buy big brand names in a limited budget. Sometimes, the buyers end up making a bad deal just because they like the car or the brand-name. In today’s featured, we tell you about 10-worst rated used cars in India. This article will help you be an aware customer and you won’t be carried away just by that glossy finished vehicle or the luxurious brand-name.

  1. Honda CR-V (2007-2013)

    Honda CRV
    Honda CRV

    High Maintenance

    For all those SUV lovers out there, Honda CRV might seem to be the easiest option in terms of availability in the used car market but here’s why you shouldn’t buy one. This SUV from the Japanese automaker is available in the used car market at a starting price of 3Lakhs INR depending upon the condition of the vehicle. The fact worth noticing is that you are getting a 23Lakh worth car at dirt cheap prices. This is just because the car is now relatively old. Just imagine the expense if there is any major part failure. Yes, spare parts for such an SUV aren’t cheap at all!

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  2. Hyundai Sonata (2001-2005)

    The Hyundai Sonata
    The Hyundai Sonata

    Spare Parts Availability

    Talking about luxuries? Well, we can’t forget the Hyundai Sonata! Hyundai Sonata is another easily accessible car in the used car market but just don’t fall for it! Hyundai might seem like a name with low maintenance cost considering the maintenance costs of Santro, i10, i20 etc. Just to let you know, Sonata was the flagship model, therefore, comes with a higher maintenance cost as compared to the other Hyundai cars. Therefore, Sonata made it into our list of worst used cars in India just because of the cheap buying price and high maintenance cost.

  3. Suzuki Kizashi (2009-2013)

    Suzuki Kizashi | credits -
    Suzuki Kizashi | credits –

    High Maintenance & Spare Parts Availability

    Maruti Suzuki – our very own brand known for manufacturing fuel-efficient and low-maintenance cost bearing vehicles, once brought in the Kizashi. You will now find this car in the used car market. No doubt it won’t fail to impress you with its sporty looks, Suzuki Kizashi will get along some really high maintenance costs and of course high fuel costs due to its low mileage. This is in our list of worst used cars in India just because it has got totally opposite characteristics than what you expect from an MS!

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  4. Skoda Fabia (2007-2014)

    Skoda Fabia
    Skoda Fabia

    High Maintenance

    Now you would say that Skoda Fabia wasn’t an expensive car at all so buying it from the used car market won’t be a bad decision at all. Yes, you might get it right in the terms of pricing but what about the availability of spare parts? Just keep in kind that Skoda discontinued the Fabia in India in 2013 and considering its 2020 now, the availability of a rare spare part might be a challenge for you. This hatch is on our list of worst used cars in India because of the spare part availability and also a comparatively higher maintenance cost than other cars available at a similar price.

  5. Volkswagen Polo (DSG)

    Volkswagen Polo
    Volkswagen Polo

    DSG Mechatronic Issues and High Maintenance

    Now, this might sound painful to some readers. No doubt VW Polo is a very good car if you are an enthusiast or even if you are not. Considering a used Volkswagen Polo for yourself comes with the responsibility of checking every small detail about the car. Many owners abuse the car in the name of enthusiasm so don’t end up buying an abused tin can in the name of a cheap deal! Particularly talking about the DSG, if the gearbox of your used VW Polo turns out to be damaged, be prepared for a huge expense. All the VW Polo owners reading this, is your check engine light still on?

  6. Volkswagen Jetta (2007-2011)

    VW Jetta
    VW Jetta

    Spare Parts Availability & Maintenance Issues

    Another high maintenance car from VW. If you are going for a Jetta, make sure you have enough money to maintain this car afterwards. Jetta is known to have a lot of problems and by a lot, we mean that every single part of this car can turn out to be problematic even if the car is well maintained. Jetta is here on our list of worst used cars in India because of the fact that it has so many faults, be it the DPF light, electrical problems, heating problems or any other fault you can think of, Jetta has got them all.
    Just don’t buy a Jetta that’s all we can say!

  7. Fiat Linea (2008-2011)

    Fiat Linea - Fiat Cars that should make a comeback
    Fiat Linea

    Poor After Sales Service and Spare Parts Availability 

    The problem doesn’t lie in the car. Although Linea was a fairly good car when it used to exist in the market, Fiat failed to impress its customers with its aftersales support and parts availability. Linea is here in our list of worst used cars because of the same fact that Fiat owners complained about parts unavailability of parts when these cars were on sale so you can very well imagine the scenario in 2020.

  8. Fiat Punto (2009-2013)

    Fiat Punto and linea Range Discontinued- The BS6 Effect
    Fiat Punto

    Poor After Sales and Spare Parts Availability

    Although Fiat is known to develop reliable cars, Punto didn’t quite fit in the definition at all! Belonging to a wide network of car servicing workshops, we can confidently say that if you are buying a Punto, be ready for common problems like wiper linkage defects, knocking from the suspension, cornering problems and the most common- check engine light!

  9. Mitsubishi Lancer (2000-2007)

    Mitsubishi Lancer
    Mitsubishi Lancer

    Poor Spare Parts Availability and Non-Existent Service Centres

    This might seem like an absolute delight to all the auto lovers. Just think about it Lancer was discontinued in India in 2012. Its 2020 and you can’t see even a single Mitsubishi on the roads. No doubt you will crack a nice deal on a Lancer but what about the spare parts? Just remember even a good car comes with a maintenance schedule which needs you to replace parts some or the other day. Think about this and you will realise why Lancer is on our list of worst used cars in India.

  10. Nissan Teana (2007-2014)

    Nissan Teana | Credits: AutoCar
    Nissan Teana | Credits: AutoCar

    Poor Spare Parts Availability and High Maintenance Cost

    The luxurious offerings of this car might attract you but just don’t fall for it! If you think owning a Nissan Teana is easy, just ask someone who has already owned one. No, we are not defaming the car. Teana delivered luxury and that’s what it was meant to do. If you look for luxury at. a cheap price, sorry to say but you can’t get it! If you buy an old Nissan Teana just be ready for huge expenses afterwards. That’s all we can say.

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This was all for our list of worst used cars in India. Don’t mistake the list as a mean to defame any car. Many cars mentioned above were actually quite good but considering the present situation, they might not form a perfect pick for you as a used car considering various factors and the other options available in the same range.

Vishal Khanna
GoMechanic's OG Content Creator | Automobile Enthusiast | Automobile Engineer | Blogger | YouTuber | The DIY Automotive Guy


  1. Looks like who ever wrote all this has , no or very very poor knowledge of this cars , or just copy paste material which available on Google low moderated automobile fourms

  2. is vw jetta 2012-2015 improved and more reliable than old 2008-2011 ? i mean lesser or no problems if maintained and driven or used properly ?? Plz reply

  3. It is quite evident from this blog that Mr Vishal Khanna the so called auto enthusiast has very little knowledge about some of the cars he has mentioned here. A school going kid could have a better understanding and knowledge of the industry than this ‘Auto Enthusiast’.

    • Hi Sushrut
      Thanks for your constructive criticism on my credentials. My write-up is based on extensive data from used car dealers, sellers and our workshops. Moreover, I welcome your comment on my credentials and would like you to continue reading my articles.
      Thanks and stay pinned!

  4. We have a Punto Evo 2014 Diesel in our family and it is running very well, not a single issue experienced till date except basic service. Only the aftersales service is an issue.

  5. I am driving a fiat punto 90ps 2013 model, done around 85 thousand kms. Absolutely no issues, on maintenance..

    • Hi Amardeep
      It’s great to know that your Linea has crossed the 2Lac mark. This shows that you have looked after your car really well. However, from the data sourced from dealerships & our workshops, we have seen that Fiat causes problems to their owners in terms of service and spare part availability.
      Thanks & stay pinned!

  6. How about Grand i10. I just bought a 2016 Diesel Sportz done with 69900. Seems fine for now. Any valuable thoughts to share with similar readers.

    • Hi Arun
      Grand i10 is a good car but a considerable fact here is that diesel prices are rising so you may land up in higher fuel costs and higher maintenance costs of a diesel vehicle. The need of the hour is a petrol or CNG car. If these costs are not an issue, you can go for Grand i10 diesel without any doubt!

  7. I have a Fiat Linea Petrol 2009, it gives me perfect riding comfort. All the spare parts are available online from Boodmo and 99rpm. Both OEM and Aftermarket parts are available. One of the main drawback which I found is that its mileage. Remain everything are maintained very well. Overall look, strong body, nice driving comfort, lot of boot space, spacious leg room, fill with latest features, safety and security for family.

  8. It seems the author doesn’t know cars well. Both Linea and Punto continued to be sold till April 2020 (at least the Evo versions shown in this article) till BS 6 norms were enforced. Also both vehicles are segment best in terms of ride and handling but quite strangely the author lists cornering problems as a complaint with Punto. Surely, he hasn’t done his homework properly before putting pen to paper.

    • Hi Ravudai,
      I totally agree with you that both Fiat Punto and Fiat Linea are a real gem when it comes to driving dynamics and ride quality. But what is lacking was the aftersales service. Hence, with varying quality levels in servicing, it is there on the list. Stay Pinned! 🙂

  9. Please let me know which used car to buy. Presently owner of Chevrolet spark (LPG) version, 2009 model, average daily running 50 kms. Monthly another 600 kms another long trip. Suggest best car preferably diesel as I want to keep the vehicle for a longer period.


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