10 Things To Know About The Upcoming Mahindra XUV700

XUV700 10 Things to know ft (1)

While Mahindra continues to test its upcoming SUVs, the XUV700 is definitely making it into the news. Well, yesterday we spotted the upcoming desi SUV with dual-tone alloy wheels. If you are following the spy shots regularly, you might know what we have already seen or discovered till now. For those who haven’t been able to track down all the details, we are here putting down all the details in one place! In today’s featured, we are going to tell you about 10 major highlights that you can expect on the upcoming Mahindra XUV700.

  1. New Platform

    XUV700 to get Dual Tone ft

    Leaving the wheels aside, let’s start the details with the fresh new platform this car will be based upon Mahindra’s W601 monocoque platform and is bigger than the existing Mahindra XUV500. Although, we don’t know if the existing XUV will be discontinued or will continue to sell along with this upcoming flagship model. About the wheels, click the link below.

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  2. Powerful New Engines

    2020 XUV500 Spy Shots

    Although this one is a really old spy shot, we would like to throw some light on the engines that we expect will be powering the new upcoming XUV700. Well, Mahindra will most probably offer the new 2.2-litre diesel and 2.0-litre turbo petrol engines with the upcoming XUV700. You would find the same engine under the hood of the new Thar. In there, these engines generate 130PS/300Nm and 150PS/320Nm for diesel and petrol respectively, however, we expect Mahindra to tune these engines slightly different in the case of the XUV700 in order to do justice to the SUV.

  3. Plush Interiors

    XUV700 Interior

    Another major update you can expect in the upcoming Mahindra XUV700 is the premium interior. This seems to be a high-end variant of the SUV and as you can see, it has got a huge screen that will definitely remind you of sitting inside a Mercedes Benz! Isn’t it? Well, talking about other interior highlights, you can expect the material to be premium of course and we expect it to set a benchmark for Mahindra’s definition of a premium interior!

  4. Panoramic Sunroof

    XUV700 Sunroof | Credits: RushLane

    Considering the competition in the market, Mahindra has also decided to level their game up. The upcoming XUV700 was spotted with a huge panoramic sunroof. While we still don’t know which variants of the car will have the same but it would be great to see even if the top-end variant has got this party piece!

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  5. Luxurious Features

    Next-Gen Mahindra XUV500 Testing Continues After Lockdown Relaxations | Credits: RushLane

    While you and I have seen the infotainment and the cockpit design above, the XUV700 will also get other features like an 8-way electronically adjustable driver’s seat which will most probably come with memory functions this time. Are we really talking bout a Mahindra here? Yes, we are! Other luxurious features will include an electronic tailgate which will most probably have gesture access as well.

  6. ADAC

    Mahindra XUV700

    The upcoming Mahindra XUV700 is also expected to have an autonomous driving system just like the MG Gloster. Well, this is another one that makes us feel we aren’t talking about a Mahindra here. But as we have said earlier, Mahindra is planning to create some benchmarks with this upcoming vehicle, we can expect it to enter the market with a huge bang!

  7. Safety

    Mahindra XUV700 Interior 2 | Credits: TeamBHP

    Talking of safety, the upcoming Mahindra XUV700 is expected to have all the bells and whistles. You name it, it will have it! The top-end variant of the car will get as many as 9 airbags. Other safety features include ABS, EBD, hill-start, hill descent, ESP, Traction Control, Anti Roll Program and so on. And ofcourse, we already mentioned, that it will also be a level-1 autonomous vehicle just like the MG Gloster.

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  8. NOT a hardcore offroader

    XUV 700 rear profile

    Don’t be disappointed! It will get a 4WD but it will most probably miss out on the low ratio transfer case. For those who are wondering what we are talking about, let me put this in simple words for you. Unlike the Toyota Fortuner and the Endy, this one would be able to run on terrains like ice and slush but won’t be able to overcome hard obstacles. In case you are an offroader, Mahindra has got the Thar for you!

  9. Will be manufactured in Chakan

    Mahindra XUV700 Alloy wheels

    It will be manufactured at Mahindra’s Chakan facility. While other Mahindras are also manufactured there, we think they must have put in a little extra effort to make this SUV what it has turned out to be! While we are waiting eagerly for it to arrive here in India, Mahindra continues to test it on the Indian roads. However, this time, we would like to request Mahindra to be stock-ready this time because Thar lovers are still waiting for their machines.

  10. Will rival the musclemen!

    2021 Toyota Fortuner Legender

    Last but not least, the upcoming Mahindra XUV700 will rival the already existing musclemen. We are talking about the Toyota Fortuner, Ford Endeavour and yes, the MG Gloster! With all the bells and whistles, it would be great to see how the new XUV700 takes over the existing SUVs in the market!

These were the major things that you need to know about the upcoming XUV700. Please share this article with all those who are eyeing to buy this upcoming SUV and let them know about the upcoming car that will soon hit the Indian market!