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Mahindra XUV700 Vs XUV500 | See What Is Difference

The XUV700 was showcased recently and everyone had one common question, what about the XUV500? Mahindra has confirmed that the XUV500 brand will not be taken down. While we do not have a clear timeline, Mahindra had mentioned that the XUV500 will make its way back to the market sometime in the future. Till then, even today there are a lot of buyers who are more than eager to buy the current gen XUV500. According to dealers, the launch of the XUV700 has not had an effect on the demand for the XUV500, at all. Let’s take a look at what is different between the XUV500 and the XUV700.

  1. Looks

The XUV500 is known for its macho looks and the massive road presence it offers. The XUV700 is no different. The design of the XUV700 is somewhat similar to the one we see on the XUV500. The newer model looks bolder, sharper and a little more aggressive with all the extra details and cuts and creases all around. The XUV700 also gets a completely new set-up for the lights, both at the front and at the rear. It gets all LED lights which are considerably brighter than the ones on the XUV700. The XUV700 also gets a fresh design on the 18 inch alloys.

  1. Interior

The inside is where you will notice the major differences. The XUV700 looks more up to date and premium with all the new additions. The dual 10.25 inch screens lift up the entire aesthetic appeal of the cabin. This coupled with the all new ‘Skyroof’, as Mahindra calls it, the XUV700 takes multiple steps ahead from its sibling. The XUV500 is by no means a bad place to be in, it’s ramped up with leather seats and inserts all over the cabin. It also gets a conventional infotainment system, a sunroof and ample space for 5 people to be seated comfortably.

Mahindra XUV500 Sunroof
Mahindra XUV500 Interior
  1. Features

On the features front, the XUV700 is just on another segment above the XUV500. With the introduction of ADAS and all the autonomous driving features that come along with it, the XUV700 takes 2 steps forward. It also gets added features like driver drowsiness detection, auto-emergency braking, an automatic parking brake, etc. So if you’re someone looking for a feature loaded car, waiting for the XUV700 makes much more sense for you.

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  1. Engines

Under the hood, the XUV700 offers 3 options, while the XUV500 offers only 1.



  • A 2.0L mStallion Petrol- 200HP, 380nm
  • 2.2 mHawk diesel- 185HP, 450nm(automatic), 420nm(manual).
  • Another 2.2 mHawk diesel(tuned down for the MX trim)- 155HP, 360nm.
  • A 2.2L mHawk diesel- 155HP, 360nm.

Both these cars get an option of either a 6-speed manual or a 6-speed automatic gearbox.

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  1. Pricing

The XUV500 is currently priced between Rs.13-19 lakhs(ex-showroom). Since the car is going out of production for now, dealers are offering heavy discounts on it. The XUV700 on the other hand comes in a wide range of pricing, starting at Rs.11.99 Lakhs. The pricing for the higher placed models are not yet revealed by Mahindra.

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