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10 Reasons Why your Next Car should be a Tata!

Planning for a brand new car in 2020? Wait, Don’t be a sheep and buy a Maruti Suzuki just yet! We will give you 10 fitting reasons why your next new car should definitely be a Tata.

  1. Tata Cars are proven SAFE

    Nexon's crash test rating
    Nexon’s crash test rating

    Tata cars translate to Safer Cars! India’s first-ever car to score a 5-star rating at the Global NCAP was the Tata Nexon. For those who are not familiar with Global NCAP, it is a crash testing and rating agency that determines the safety aspects of a car over a series of predefined tests. Tata has been known to make sturdy and robust cars, right from the beginning. You can still find a 2000 model Tata Safari in a good condition, all thanks to the build quality.

    Tata Nexon
    Tata Nexon

    Presently, Tata Motors has got two 5-star rated cars in its arena, Nexon and Altroz. And then it has 4-star rated cars such as Tiago and Tigor. Safety needs to be a paramount thing you must be looking for in your next car. And this makes Tata cars a very good choice.

  2. Tata stands for Vocal for Local


    Unlike Maruti Suzuki which is partially owned by Japanese automaker Suzuki, Tata Motors is a 100% Indian brand. Tata stands for the Prime Minister’s ‘Vocal for Local’ slogan. It is a totally indigenous brand with 100% research and development done in India. Ratan Tata’s visionary approach has always been a prominent part of Tata Motors make in India initiative. In 1998, Tata Motors launched its first indigenous passenger car, the Indica. Since then, Tata has been making the cars that have been ruling different segments in India.

  3. Tata Cars are competitively priced

    Nano: India's cheapest car
    Nano: India’s cheapest car

    Safety? Check! Made in India? Check! Price? To make things pretty clear here, Ratan Tata promised Indians that he will be making India’s cheapest car, which turned out to be the Tata Nano, a car priced around ₹1 lakh. Tata cars are aggressively priced against their rivals, without any compromise with the quality. Ask a Tata car owner about his car, and robust performance at a decent price will be his statement for sure. Tata’s excellence in commercial vehicles does reflect in the quality of the passenger vehicles.

  4. Tata Cars are Muscular!

    Tata Harrier | Tata Motors | BS6 Cars
    Tata Harrier | Tata Motors | BS6 Cars

    A car is meant to be a style statement for the ones who drive it. Well, Tata cars are such cars for sure. The muscular and rigid looks, the carefully placed style elements and the sturdy body make sure that you feel power while driving a Tata car. In recent years, Tata has made staggering progress in terms of designing their cars. Tata really knows how to set a trend with its cars and how to keep them modern.

  5. Tata Cars are comfortable

    Tata Hexa | Most Underrated Cars In India
    Hexa | Most Underrated Cars In India

    Being robust and sturdy does not mean that the car needs to compromise on the comfort aspect. And Tata does make this sure. Tata cars are pretty comfortable to ride. Even though the initial cars from the company used to lag comfort, the new generation of cars from the company are pretty comfort loaded and you won’t face any issues.

  6. Tata Cars are Feature-packed 

    Tata Altroz | BS6 Diesel Cars In India
    Altroz | BS6 Diesel Cars In India

    The company provides safety, performance and comfort at competitive pricing. You might be thinking that the cars will definitely lack features to keep the price in check. This is not the case with Tata cars at all. All the cars from the company come loaded with a good amount of features.

  7. TATA is a built upon a legacy

    Tata's Legacy: The reason behind the trust on Tata Cars
    Tata’s Legacy: The reason behind the trust in Tata Cars

    A legacy of over 75 years, ageing back before the independence of our country, Tata has been a key player in the automotive industry. Tata Motors has a legacy of its own which has been successfully carried forward in the presence of Ratan Tata. Tata Group conglomerate has a widespread network in more than 20 different fields.

  8. If its an SUV, it has to be a Tata

    Tata Harrier: The latest SUV from Tata
    Tata Harrier: The latest SUV from Tata

    Tata’s legacy in the SUV segment started with the legendary Sierra. Since then SUVs like Safari, Sumo, Harrier and Hexa have been carrying the legacy of Sierra. The concept Sierra EV was also showcased at the Auto Expo 2020 which if comes into production can be the company’s first SUV in the segment. Tata Nexon EV is a compact SUV. Take a look at the latest SUV from Tata, the Harrier. It has got the right feels of the SUV.

  9. The powerful engines

    The new generation of powerful engines from Tata
    The new generation of powerful engines

    From Dicor and Varicor engines to the recently launched Revotron and Revotorq engines, the indigenously developed engines ooze out performance at every rev and make the heart skip a beat. For instance, the Revotron turbocharged-petrol engine that powers the Tata Nexon has a power output of 118hp and a peak torque of 170Nm. Some companies decided to ditch the diesel engines after the implementation of the BS6 norms but not Tata. The company still offers the cars will diesel engine options too.

  10. Tata is e-Future ready!

    Tata Altroz EV
    Tata Altroz EV

    EV is the future! Everyone knows that. And Tata seems to be properly ready for the EV future. Nexon, Tigor and Tiago already have their EV counterparts, with Nexon EV being the most promising EV in the market at present. Tata also showcased the Altroz EV at the Auto Expo along with the concept Sierra EV. This shows the upfront approach of the company in the EV segment.

So these are the major reasons why your next car should be from this company. It is really necessary to keep the safety aspect in mind while buying a new car. Got any questions? Let us know in the comments section below.

Ritvik Gupta
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  1. What about service and availability of spare parts, we buy car once and service is done more than once, tell us about tata service?

    • Hi Rakshith, you won’t have to depend on Tata for your car services ever and that’s a promise. Choose GoMechanic for your car needs and save upto 40% on all car services!


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