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Frequently Asked Questions on Scheduled Service

We only use the best engine oil approved by Volkswagen for your Volkswagen Passat. We use Mobil1 5W-30 Engine oil that enhances engine performance and efficiency, providing superior protection against wear and tear giving your car engine a longer life.
Absolutely not. When you book a car service for your Volkswagen Passat, you only pay for the service you opted. No last minute surprises, no hidden costs.
A standard car service package for your Volkswagen Passat includes all the basic services and inspections and is required after every 10,000 kms. Whereas, a comprehensive service for your Volkswagen Passat is a more elaborate package with complete top-to-bottom car servicing, replacements and maintenance and is mandated after every 40,000 kms from the odometer reading.
The service time for your Volkswagen Passat depends on the service package you choose. A standard service takes 4-5 hours whereas, a comprehensive service takes at least 5-6 hours through most of our workshops across Mumbai .
At GoMechanic, we are all for a fulfilled customer experience. When you book with us, you get 1 month/1000 kms unconditional warranty on your Volkswagen Passat car service. On top of that, our 24x7 proactive customer support will tend to your issue with the highest priority.
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Scheduled Service guide
Scheduled car service in Mumbai
  • Periodic car servicing is essential for a smooth and trouble-free car ownership experience.
  • Crucial components like brake pads, tyres, the engine oil have a finite life-span and need replacement periodically
  • You can lower your cost of ownership by spending fair on routine maintenance, saving you a lot of time and money
  • A well-cared car will run and look better in the long run and always hold a higher value.
Car services offered
You can choose from our top 3 service packages:
  • Basic Car Service:
  • all the bare essential services to keep your car up and running.
  • Standard Car Service:
  • the most popular service package, includes all the benefits of the basic scheme with additional services like oil filter replacement, scanning, etc
  • Comprehensive Car Service:
  • GoMechanic’s signature service package that covers bumper-to-bumper car servicing and maintenance from engine oil change, full car scanning, fluid replacements to complete wheel care.
Industry-rated top notch equipment
  • At every GoMechanic workshop in Mumbai, we employ only the cutting edge in industry standard car service equipment. From automatic AC gas recharging apparatus, laser automated wheel balancing/alignment machine, OBD2 diagnostic scanner, ECU programming devices and specialised tools specific to your car.
Warranty on car services
  • When you choose GoMechanic, you get the GoMechanic Advantage. Your car service is assured under our 1000kms/1 month warranty policy anywhere in Mumbai. Now, book with confidence.