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Frequently Asked Questions on Wheel Care Services

Is your Mitsubishi Montero giving you a rough ride? This can be due to misaligned tyres, low tyre pressure, faulty suspension or unbalanced wheels which can cause quite an uncomfortable car ride. You can get a complete Wheel Alignment/Balancing service at attractive prices at your nearest GoMechanic workshop in Faridabad.
As the tyres roll down the road, they are subjected to constant wear and tear. But, the wear pattern can vary from tyre-to-tyre, such as the front, which wears faster than the rear. Get the tyres rotated every 6000 kms or 6 months for your Mitsubishi Montero at the best price in Faridabad
The tyres on your Mitsubishi Montero can last you for upto 5 years or 50,000 kms. This is strictly subjective to the conditions, driving style and the type of car tyre. A rule of thumb with car tyres is to check the tread depth, which should not be less than 2mm.
A Wheel Alignment service for your Mitsubishi Montero includes laser automated wheel alignment that corrects the toe, thrust, camber and caster adjustments of your car. Whereas, wheel balancing service is required to balance the tyres to exact manufacturer recommended tolerances ensuring maximum traction and steering control. You can get a wheel alignment/balancing services at the best prices in Faridabad.
Uneven tyre wear, tyre squealing, vibrations through the steering wheel are some telltale signs of misaligned wheels. There can be numerous reason for a thrown-off alignment on your Mitsubishi Montero , from driving through potholes to hitting the curb. Book a service today and get a complete wheel care package at the best prices in Faridabad.
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Wheel Car Services Guide
Wheel care services in Faridabad
  • Regular wheel care reduces rolling resistance and helps increase fuel efficiency.
  • Car tyres have a limited life-span. Wheel care services maintain and preserve tyre life.
  • Improves vehicle stability and contributes to a smoother driving experience
  • Checking on periodic wheel maintenance prevents unexpected car issue or breakdowns
Wheel and rim care services offered
We have various wheel care services available at your nearest GoMechanic workshop in Faridabad
  • Tyre Rotation
  • Each tyre and wheel is removed from the vehicle and moved to a different position as per the rotation pattern. This is done to ensure that all the tyres wear evenly and symmetrically.
  • Wheel Alignment
  • Laser automated wheel alignment that corrects the toe, thrust, camber and caster adjustments of your car. A very crucial car service for an even tyre wear and a comfortable ride.
  • Wheel Balancing
  • Automated wheel balancing service includes weight correction to exact manufacturer recommended tolerances to ensure a comfortable ride.
Precision wheel care equipment
  • GoMechanic workshops across Faridabad employs only the best, industry-grade advanced 3D wheel alignment machinery and heavy-duty wheel balancing equipment that detects wheel uniformity, tyre and rim runout.
Wheel care service for safety
  • The tyres are the only thing keeping your car on the road. A thrown-off alignment, unbalanced wheels, under-inflated can significantly alter the driving dynamics of the car. The slightest of misalignment can cause a bumpy ride, uneven tyre-tread wear or even steering and suspension issues.