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GoMechanic is your personal car expert, advisor and mechanic!

For servicing, repairs and cleaning we have a network of partner automobile workshops, offering standardized service experience.We ensure that all our partner service centres have genuine spare parts and consumbales, highly skilled technicians, and manufacturer recommended procedures. Our car experts will pay personal attention to your car and ensure that you get the best service for your vehicle. You can access your vehicle service history and other details on our proprietary customer dashboard, giving you a seamless customer experience.

Unlike other platforms we do not work on a lead generation model but own the complete experience right from procurement of spare parts to quality control at the partner service centres!

How does It work ?

Book a car service via our website, via phone call, or via WhatsApp

We have 3 categories of service to choose from

If you’re unsure of what is wrong with your car, we provide diagnostic and custom repairs too

We have transparent pricing and you know beforehand what it costs. No last minute surprises.

Pick any date, time and location convenient to you. We work 7 days a week.

Our car care expert will come to you to pick up the car, diagnose your car and give you a detailed report.

Every GoMechanic expert goes through an extensive screening process that includes background, criminal and reference checks. We will provide you with the identity proof and other verifications of the car care expert.

At the end of the job, we provide you a comprehensive service report and a dashboard to view your service history.

How can you offer upto 35% savings on services ?

For most of our services, you can compare that we charge up to 35% less prices compared to the multi-brand and authorized service centres. We achieve savings on labor costs, centralized(bulk) procurement of spare parts, no real-estate overheads, and operational excellence. These are passed straight to our customers !!

How do you ensure quality of the servicing at the partner service station ?

Our skilled technicians are present at all our partner service centers to ensure that your vehicle gets the complete car care and only original, high quality spare parts are used.

What car brands do you serve ?

We serve all the major car brands and models

What areas do you serve currently ?

We currently serve entire Gurgaon. We will be launching in Delhi soon!