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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of buying Continental tyres from GoMechanic Spares?
At GoMechanic Spares, buy Continental car tyres of 100% genuine quality. Along with this, we run several quality check procedures to ensure the tyre delivered to you is in perfect working condition, which no other seller would do.
With 30+ logistics partners, GoMechanic Spares delivers all its products, including Continental car tyres, in every Tier-2 and Tier-3 city. We deliver a wide range of auto parts in PAN India where so you can buy car tyres online from any nook and corner of the country, and we will deliver them to your doorstep on time.
At GoMechanic Spares, you get an assured manufacturer warranty on almost all Continental tyres we sell. However, the terms, conditions and duration of the warranty will depend on the manufacturer and the tyre product. Visit our app/website and buy Continental car tyres at countrywide best prices.
With a PAN India supply network and warehouse facilities, GoMechanic Spares sell all its product, including Continental car tyres, in single retail and bulk quantities. Upon this, we also have special B2B discounts for customers placing bulk orders on our app/website, helping you buy your business auto part supplies at affordable prices.
GoMechanic Spares tries its best to deliver all your ordered auto products, including Continental tyres, within 2 to 7 business days. We have fast-track delivery services, too, like express delivery and one-day dispatch. However, the delivery time to your address will totally depend on your location and bulk orders, but we will deliver your ordered Continental tyres on time.

About Continental


Continental tires is a worldwide well-known tyre brand which was established in Hanover, Germany, in 1871. Initially, the company made rubber-moulded products like hot-water bottles, raincoats, bicycle tyres and more. Nearly three decades after its commencement into business, Continental tires started manufacturing automotive tyres along with inventing detachable rim tyres. Their parts were also used in the first flight, which flew in 1909. 

Year after year, Continental adopted new technologies, which made their tyres stand out in the market. Continental tyres were first used in Mercedes cars. They also invented treaded tyres along with using carbon black in tyre production, which made tyres more durable and endured wear and tear for prolonged periods. Surviving through the world wars, Continental, in 1952, introduced the first tyres in Europe, especially for cold and freezing temperatures. In 1955, they became the first German tyre company to manufacture tubeless tyres. 

Continental, in 1972 launched ContiContact, the ultimate winter tyres, and in 1987 it expanded to America by acquiring General Tires in North America. To target sustainable development, Continental tyres, in 1991, launched 'ContiEcoContact', the world's first sustainable tire. In the coming years, the company added its footprints to countries like South Africa, Argentina, Slovakia, Mexico etc. In 2003, the company added another star to its uniform by launching "ContiSportContact 2 Vmax", the world's fastest road-legal tyre, clocking up to a speed of 360 km/h and recognised by Guinness World Records as the fastest-selling tire across the world.

Buy Continental Car Tyres Online at GoMechanic Spares:

At GoMechanic Spares, buy Continental tyres from a wide range of Continental Ultracontact, Continental Comfortcontact, and all radial and tubeless tyres. We procure Continental car tyres and other OEM/Aftermarket auto parts directly from the manufacturers and sell them with a manufacturer warranty. 

GoMechanic Spares is India's #1 car spare parts provider, where anyone can browse high-performance car tyres according to their car make, model, wheel size, and more. We have a comprehensive catalogue on our app/website to ease out your car spare parts purchasing at countrywide best prices. Our PAN India network of logistics partners enables us to deliver both bulk and retail orders in Tier-2, Tier-3 and other remote locations.

Why Choose Continental Car Tyres at GoMechanic Spares?

At GoMechanic Spares, we provide a wide range of Continental tyres for almost all car brands. The car tyres we sell come after multiple quality check procedures, such as compatibility and durability.

  • All-Weather Tyres: Continental tires have been in the tire business for around 150 years; therefore, they have mastery in manufacturing tires which work well even in extreme climates like in freezing temperatures of Europe in the winters as well as the hot and humid temperatures of Asia.
  • Uses Sustainable Recycled Raw Materials: The brand's committed towards climate change and thus continuously adopts methods which help reduce carbon footprints. In 2018, Continental's Taraxacum Lab found Russian dandelions as an alternative rubber source. The company uses a range of recycled raw materials in its products, adding to its sustainable tyre manufacturing goals.