Frequently Asked Questions
What type of oils and fluids can I get at GoMechanic?
You can get lubricants like the brake fluid, coolant, hydraulic oil, lubrication oil etc. We offer all the variety of lubricants and hydraulics needed for your car.
All the lubricants which GoMechanic Spares offers to its customers are purchased directly from the customers making it cheaper and yet maintaining the OEM/OES/Aftermarket standards.
If your car seems greasy, rusty or gets rigid or produces rustic sounds then it is encouraged to lubricate your car.
You can easily check the availability of the product in your area by entering the pin code or worry not because GoMechanic provides a last-mile doorstep, free and quick delivery Pan-India for its order.
At GoMechanic Spares, you can order among a vast variety of lubricants and hydraulics. We offer all the brands which are available across India Mobil, Gulf, Castrol, Shell, Valvoline, etc to name a few.
Essential Car Fluids and Lubricants

For a better and smooth driving experience, it is very necessary to have effectively lubricated parts. Car Oils and Fluids in turn plays a crucial role in the working of the car. The lubricant used in the vehicles can be either a liquid or a solid. Lubricating oils and grease, the two most common types of lubricants available, are commonly used to lubricate a surface. The application determines the type of lubricant used. Lube oils come in a variety of varieties for various uses, including automotive, industrial, marine, and others. There are various Lubricants and Hydraulics in a car engine such as Brake Fluid, Engine Oil, Steering Oil, Coolant, Anti-freeze, Hydraulic Fluids, Gear Oil and Grease etc.

Common Problems
  • Increase friction
  • Transfer heat failure
  • Prevent corrosion loss
  • No Protection against wear
  • No power to carry away contaminants
  • Transmit power loss
  • Not acting as a seal
Common Symptoms of Poor Lubrication
  • Liquid clouding
  • Change of oil colour
  • Moire or film appears on the surface
  • Change of viscosity
  • Formation of particulate matter
  • Burning smell while driving
  • Oil foaming in the reservoir
  • Leakage from Front or rear crankshaft seals
  • Leakage from the Valve cover gaskets
  • Leakage from the Intake manifold gaskets
Common Causes
  • Poor maintenance Routine
  • Low Engine Oil Level
  • Broken timing belts
  • The clogged oil pump screen
  • Oil-fouled spark plugs
  • Black wet deposits on the back of intake valves
  • Failed oil pump

Replacement of Oils and Fluids at GoMechanic Spares

When driving an automobile, you must add oil often. Indirect symptoms of a shortage of oil include unusual noises while turning the steering wheel and an increase in steering box resistance at bends. Mixing liquids of different hues is banned. Consider GoMechanic Spares for the replacement of hydraulics and lubrication.

You can buy any of these oils and fluids online at GoMechanic Spares. The products which we provide are

  • Brake Oil
  • Transmission/Gear Oil
  • Car Engine Oil
  • Bike Engine Oil
  • Steering Oil
  • Coolant
And many more