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Frequently Asked Questions

Does GoMechanic Spares ensure the quality of SRF products available on its website?
GoMechanic Spares provide SRF components with a manufacturer warranty to give the product primary quality assurance. Also, our products undergo different quality checks before making them available for sale on our website and app.
GoMechanic Spares sells its products at affordable prices, including the products from SRF. To avoid overinflated prices, we directly procure genuine spare parts from the manufacturer. Moreover, we provide deals and discounts to make purchasing more easy on your pocket. Also, if you have any vouchers or coupons, you can apply them at the checkout of your SRF order.
GoMechanic Spares provides a 10-day return period to its customers for returning the SRF spare parts and other products. You can easily submit a request for a return on our app or website under the “My Orders” section for the relevant order. Please keep the product in its original packaging and an unworn manner.
GoMechanic Spares provides all the necessary information about all the products available on its app, including the SRF products. You can see the specifications like product length, width and weight by choosing a particular spare part on the app or website.
GoMechanic Spares delivers all it’s listed spare parts PAN India, including tier 2 and tier 3 areas. To know if SRF components are available at your end, you need to specify the pin code. If unavailable, kindly state the pin code of the nearest delivery location. Therefore, you can purchase them online, and we will promptly send them to you.

About SRF


SRF is a multi-business corporation with numerous products for diverse applications. Its incorporation began in 1970, and the first plant started in 1974 in Manali near Chennai. Mr. Ashish Bharat Ram is the managing director of SRF Ltd. and was also named India’s best CEO by Business today in emerging companies.

Their motto is “continuous improvement”. They are the promoters of Lady Shri Ram College and The Shri Ram Schools.

They sell a wide range of products and services all around the world. These have many uses, from tyres to air conditioners, mines to cricket fields, food packaging to pharmaceutical raw materials, and automobiles. They aim to offer the finest quality with sustainable, industrial, and speciality intermediates with their wide-ranging portfolio to improve people's quality of life.

They have employed 7000+ people globally. They have 14 plants across 4 countries and are exporting to 90+ countries.

One of their most inspiring accomplishments was that they included themselves in Forbes’s Best Under a Billion List in 2011 for winning the Deming prize for two of their businesses- the Tyre Cord Business in 2004 and the Chemical Business in 2012.

Why Choose SRF Spare Parts at GoMechanic Spares?

  • Variation in materials: SRF provides a wide variety of high-performance reinforcements for nylon and polyester yarns and textiles for various industrial, commercial, and consumer applications. The company enjoys a global leadership position for most of the items under this division and is also India's largest maker of technical textiles. Tyre cord fabrics, belting fabrics, and industrial yarn are all included in SRF's product catalogue for technical textiles.
  • Global recognition: The second-largest producer of nylon-6 tyre cord fabrics worldwide is SRF. Moreover, it is India's first and only centre to manufacture new-generation High Modulus Low Shrinkage (HMLS) polyester yarn, which gets utilised as reinforcement in passenger radial tyres. There are three manufacturing hubs in India where SRF produces its tyre cord fabrics. They are the first tyre cord company outside of Japan to get the prestigious Deming Prize for the tyre cord business in 2004. Today, SRF provides tyre cord fabrics to all significant Indian tyre manufacturers.

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