Frequently Asked Questions
How will I know if my ordered products fit my car?
You can very easily filter out the products based on your car’s compatibility. By giving your car’s credentials like Brand, Model, Variant-year and Fuel-type. This will customise the product list according to your car’s requirements.
GoMechanic Spares, with its extremely efficient logistics solutions, offers PAN-India delivery without any charges. You can even check your order via our live tracking service and check its availability by entering your area’s PIN-Code.
The products which are offered at GoMechanic Spares are brought directly from the manufacturers thus their OEM/OES quality standards are assured and tested.
At GoMechanic Spares, we offer each and every brand which is available across the nation for clutch spare parts such as Bosche, Maruti Suzuki Genuine Parts (MGP), Honda, Ford and many more. All the products which we offer are of 100% genuine OEM/OES quality.
We offer parts like friction disc, pipes, master cylinder, pressure plate etc of all major brands. All the spare parts required by the transmission system are offered by us.
If your clutch is not working properly, is slow, feels greasy and does not produce immediate response then these are the signs that your transmission system needs replacement.
Car Transmission Spare Parts

In an automobile, the transmission is the set of components that deliver power to the driving wheels. It consists of a driveshaft and axles. In addition, it includes a torque converter, gearbox, clutch, flywheel, and many more. All these components are connected in some way that allows power to pass from the engine to the axles. However, they may be on opposite sides of the car. Therefore, a long car drive shaft is needed. Synchronization of all the transmission components is important for its proper functioning. Additionally, transmission system components are different based on the type of vehicle you're driving.

Common Problems in Transmission
  • Loosening of U-Joints
  • Bad centre bearing
  • Failing of CV-joint
  • Bad and failing driveshaft
Common Symptoms of Transmission Failure
  • Intense Vibrations from Under the Vehicle
  • Audible clunking noise from under the vehicle
  • Shuddering during acceleration
  • Issues while turning the vehicle
  • Leakage of transmission fluid
  • Continuous irregular sounds while driving
Common Causes of Transmission Failure
  • Careless driving like running over potholes, driving too quickly over speed bumps, and more.
  • Lack of lubrication
  • Neglecting to change the differential fluid
There are no such issues that directly result in the malfunctioning of the transmission. All the above-listed are more common issues that indirectly affect working of it.
If you want to diagnose the proper functioning of the transmission system. Check for all these steps:
  • Check whether you felt no issues while operating the vehicle
  • Check whether you accompany loud thud noise underneath the vehicle
  • Experiencing clunking, rattling, and scraping sounds while driving

Replacement of Transmission Parts at GoMechanic Spares

The transmission is one of the crucial parts of the vehicle. Therefore, any issues with the transmission can greatly affect the drivability of the vehicle. Additionally, all the components are underneath the vehicle, they may be difficult to access and service on your own. If you suspect that your transmission is having an issue. Go for the vehicle inspection to know whether the transmission spare parts should be replaced or not. You can also buy the car spare parts necessary for the proper functioning of the transmission. Likewise, you can shop for various transmission components. Choose Us for the best services for your vehicles. At GoMechanic Spares, you can buy any car spare parts required for your car’s transmission, some of them are mentioned below:

  • Axle, Differential and Shafts
  • Gear Selector Mechanism
  • Gearbox
  • Lubrication System
  • Transmission Case Repair Kit
  • Transmission Bearing
  • Transmission Collar
  • Transmission Oil Sump
  • Universal Joint
  • Transmission Pipes and Hoses