Frequently Asked Questions
Which brands do GoMechanic Spares offer for the spare parts of Wheels and Tyres?
We offer all the spare parts that are needed for the fitment of the wheels and tyres. We bring to you brands like Monroe, Apollo, Mitsubishi, Maruti Suzuki Genuine Parts (MGP), and many more products which are available across India.
Well for that you can enter the pin code of your area and then check the availability. But you don’t have to worry about that because GoMechanic Spares offers last-mile free doorstep delivery Pan-India.
We provide all the spare parts which are needed for the fitment of the wheels like the rims, tyres, wheel bearings, etc.
Yes of course there is a solution. All you have to do is fill in the details of your car like Brand, Model, Variant-year and Fuel type. The filters will help you choose among the products that are best suited for your car.
The car wheels and tyre spare parts which GoMechanic Spares offers are directly procured from the manufacturing units and the manufacturers. Their quality matches the OEM/OES/Aftermarket standards and hence are reliable and genuine.
During the rainy season, a lot of wheel components get corroded and the only solution for corrosion is the replacement. So you can get your nuts, rims and other components replaced.
Car Wheels & Tyre Spare Parts

A drive wheel of a vehicle is an engine automobile that disseminates force. It alters the torque into an effective grip force from the tyres to the freeway, resulting in the car's movement. The powertrain provides enough torque for the initial action of the wheel to conquer stationary forces, resulting in the automobile moving forwards or backwards. The wheels of a vehicle are perceived as the hand and legs of a car. They ensure that the car is running and engaging in some action. It is necessary to have good quality Tyres as they must withstand all the jerks, bumps, and rough roads. Some tire components are the hub, lug nuts, rim, tire, wheel bearing, etc.

Common Causes for Wheels and Tyres Failure
  • Infatuation of Tyre
  • Heat Build-Up
  • Poor Quality Roads
  • Punctures
  • Loosening up of Bearings
  • Incorrect Tyre
Common Wheels and Tyres Problems
  • Tyre Puncture
  • Wheel Misalignment
  • Over/Under Inflation
  • Bulging of the Tyre
  • Cracking of the Rubber
There are several approaches for defining if you need new car tyres:
  • Specialists recommend replacing summer and all-season tyres if the tread depth equals 2 mm, and winter Tyres with the tread depth of 4 mm.
  • Tire manufacturers use special marks - unique projection in the tread or figures (TWI or DSI sometimes) specifying the critical level of tire wear.
  • Small cracks on a tire sidewall demonstrate rubber ageing.
  • Big cracks are a critical signal for the immediate replacement of car tyres.
  • Tyre ageing can also be determined by drying and peeling off a tire surface.
  • The whistling sound produced by tyres at turning manoeuvres also testifies to the wear of a tire.
  • Pay attention to the tire expiration date specified by the producer. Remember that the average value is 5–6 years from the date of production.

Replacement of Wheels and Tyres at GoMechanic Spares

At GoMechanic Spares, you can get a variety of replacements for your car wheels and tyres. We have 100% genuine OEM/OES spare parts at a reasonable price and warranty. Some of the most popular wheel spare parts are

  • Hub
  • Lug Nuts
  • Rims
  • Tyres
  • Wheel Bearing
  • Wheel Kit