Wiper Blade

About Wiper Blade Spare Parts

Wiper Blades, also known as window wipers, are linked to movable arms on the exterior of the windshield.


A windscreen wiper blade is a device that removes rain, snow, ice, washer fluid, water, and debris from a vehicle's front glass, allowing the driver to see what's ahead of them.

Tips to maintain wiper blades

  • Clean the wiper blades using a clean, wet cloth. 
  • Apply some shampoo and glass cleaner to the car's windscreen as well. 
  • If your wiper blades are made of rubber, cleaning them with hot water is also a good idea.


There is a need to replace your wiper blades every 6-12 months. Windshield wipers are constructed of rubber, which degrades over time and becomes less effective. You should get into the practice of inspecting your wipers on a regular basis and be aware of the warning indications that they are beginning to wear out. Therefore, get a new one from GoMechanic Spares. We offer 100% genuine and quality assured Wiper blades at a reasonable price with a PAN-India delivery system.