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Frequently Asked Questions

Ideally, you should get the AC on your serviced at least once a year or when you feel that the AC is not cooling as it used to. Simple enough! If you start noticing the AC isn’t reaching the optimum cooling temperature, have your system inspected. In most situations, the car is diagnosed with low or leaking AC gas.
Aside from the discomfort, a noisy air conditioner may cause you, it is also a good indication that you should get your system checked. Loud noises coming from the AC in your can stem from a variety of issues such as a clogged evaporator coil or a faulty compressor.
A car AC blowing out hot air can be due to low refrigerant level or due to a problem in the condenser, the compressor, the cooling fan, or the electrical system of your car. It can also be a restricted condenser coil. In such a case, it is highly advised to get your thoroughly inspected at the nearest GoMechanic workshop in .
If you are noticing mildew or mouldy smell coming from your AC system, this is a good indication that some component in your AC (often the filter or drain line) is dirty and clogged. This can also be attributed to excess moisture from the AC. For such problems, we highly suggest a professional AC cleaning service.
Low airflow from the AC blower can be an issue with the evaporator coil (inside cooling coil) or a dirty air filter, clogged drainpipe, or a broken fan blower inside your AC vent. To avoid further deterioration, we highly advise you to get your car AC thoroughly diagnosed at the nearest GoMechanic workshop in .
A comprehensive car AC service deals with a myriad of things including dust and dirt build-up in the cooling coil, HVAC filter or the blower fan. The service also covers AC gas recharging and high/low-pressure test, compressor oil replacement, condenser cleaning and more on your . Visit your nearest GoMechanic workshop in to know more.
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GoMechanic Service Guide
GoMechanic car AC service in City
  • Regular AC maintenance helps clean and disinfect the system and keeps the AC in good working order.
  • The compressor is the most important component of the car AC system. Routine maintenance and proper lubrication reduces the risk of premature compressor failure.
  • General AC maintenance includes checking the cabin air filter which traps pollen, bacteria, dust, and exhaust fumes preventing headaches, allergic reactions, or breathing problems.
Car AC services offered
You can choose from our top 3 service packages:
Industry-rated top notch equipment
  • We employ only the cutting edge in industry standard automotive AC service equipment. From automatic AC gas recharging apparatus, AC gas leak detection tools, refrigerant recovery tools, flushing equipment and other specialised tools specific to your car.
Warranty on car services
  • When you choose GoMechanic, you get the GoMechanic Advantage. Your car service is assured under our 1000kms/1 month warranty policy anywhere in City. Now, book with confidence.