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5 Cars To Buy Before They Die

The Indian automotive scene is ready to take a huge leap next year. In 2020, the Indian automotive industry will see the amalgamation of new rules and regulations. We are talking about the arrival of BS6 (Bharat Stage) of course! This will get some of the famous cars in the list of discontinued Indian cars.

All the existing car brands have started modifying their vehicles to meet the new requirements and we can see many upcoming brands who are about to hit the Indian market really soon. With so many new vehicles coming down the line, it’s obvious that we will have to let-go some of our favourite cars!

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Here’s a list of all the cars that you should get your hands on before they cease to exist.
Enthusiasts! check these cars out.

These are the top 5 cars to buy before they die!

  1. Ford Ecosport S (Ecoboost)

    Ford Ecosport S (Ecoboost)
    Ford Ecosport S (Ecoboost)

    The Ford Ecosport has always been a popular car in India. The Indian audience has shown immense love to this car but unfortunately, the EcoBoost engine couldn’t do quite well in terms of sales. The only reason why this engine proved to be a flop show was that it was not as fuel-efficient as the engine that came with other variants of the Ecosport.

    Spied! Ford Ecosport In BS6 Avatar

    Though Ford had put immense efforts in promoting EcoBoost series of the engine. Sadly the EcoBoost could account for only 5% of the sales volume.

    What’s the future? As the Ecoboost engine could not meet the sales requirements, taking it forward to BS6 would have proved to be an even more expensive deal.

    Ford has decided to ditch the engine and in its place, they have decided to bring in the Mahindra’s 1.2-litre direct-injection turbo- petrol which will hopefully deliver more power and torque along with great fuel efficiency.

    Ford is nowhere planning to discontinue the Ecosport forever so buying this ‘pleasure to drive’ engine won’t be a hassle when it comes to servicing. You can get it serviced anytime and obtain all the original parts and spares in no time! Grab yours before this variant is included in the discontinued Indian cars.

  2. Maruti Suzuki Ertiga 1.5L Diesel

    Maruti Suzuki Ertiga 1.5L Diesel
    Maruti Suzuki Ertiga 1.5L Diesel

    We all have heard news about Maruti ditching the 1.5L diesel engine. Though we don’t miss the 1.3L Fiat powered DDiS engine that the Ertiga used to have but the discontinuation of the 1.5L engine will cause a certain setback in the sales. Maruti Suzuki looks forward to bring down the manufacturing cost by a considerable amount but are still not sure about the plans.

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    What’s the future? Maruti Suzuki has decided to stop the production of the 1.5L Ertiga but the Indian audience is really unhappy with this. The Ertiga is a really effective MPV which has been a successful model in Maruti Suzuki’s lineup but the manufacturer has no plans to upgrade this to be BS6 compliant unit.

    Maruti believes taking the Ertiga diesel forward with the same engine will not be feasible hence the sales would be low too resulting in possible losses. The newly introduced engine has not survived in the market for long but this engine is an extremely refined thanks to the dual-mass flywheel is a great engine and is worth driving.

    Talking about service, this 15-litre diesel engine is expected to have uncommon wear and the DMFs may need to be replaced after 1,00,000 kms.

    We have mixed thoughts regarding the Ertiga but it’s obviously wise to buy an MPV that performs at par with the Innova at a much lesser price. It will be a great loss to have this lovely MPV among the discontinued Indian cars, so you should definitely consider this before it goes off the charts!

  3. Toyota Corolla Altis

    Toyota Corolla Altis
    Toyota Corolla Altis

    Toyota was in great hopes with Maruti Suzuki launching the re-badged Corolla which would sport Maruti Suzuki’s logo and would be sold through the Nexa channel. Maruti Suzuki, on the other hand, feared to launch a 20 lakh car under its badging despite the global partnership. Fearing low sales Maruti Suzuki has decided to further postpone the launch of the next-gen re-badged Corolla. The Toyota Corolla has been experiencing dipping sales due to the tough competition in the market, therefore, they have decided to discontinue the model.

    Toyota Raize Compact SUV Unveiled!

    What’s the future? Though Toyota has decided to axe the production of the Corolla, buying this car at this point of time would really be a smart decision if you want to have a long term, reliable and comfortable sedan, then you should surely go for this one. This car’s reliability has to lead it to be among the cars to buy before they die. If you miss this then you will have to buy the Toyota Camry which is twice as expensive and would give you the same luxury feels!

    The Toyota Corolla 1.8l petrol engine delivers great luxury and performance where the CVT comes along as an icing on the cake!

    Going for the diesel version won’t be a wise decision as it’s a bit noisy but whichever you choose, servicing and parts availability won’t be an issue for sure.

  4. Nissan Sunny

    Nissan Sunny
    Nissan Sunny

    The sale numbers of the Nissan Sunny have been disappointingly low in the past few months. The demand for this car has faced a huge dip globally and the manufacturers are not finding it feasible from the business point of view. Further, calibrating this car to the BS6 requirements for the engine and the powertrains is really a challenging task. Considering all these aspects, Nissan has decided to eliminate the Sunny from its lineup.

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    What’s the future? This car has always been underrated and never been able to perform well in the market, but you would be surprised to know that this car can do wonders when put to use correctly. As Nissan says, this is the real sedan or the ‘Caaaar’ which obviously represents the length and the huge cabin space that this car has. The Sunny has got awesome leg space and the cabin is damn spacious too!

    The main thing to notice about this vehicle is that you can get a brand new Sunny with a 1.5litre engine with CVT for under 9 lakh rupees! Yes, this is the main reason why this car is on our list of cars to buy before they die. This would be a steal deal for sure! Don’t let this car enter in the list of discontinued Indian cars without you buying it.

    The availability of services and the spares won’t ever be a tension for you till the time GoMechanic is here. We’ve got you covered!

  5. Volkswagen Ameo TDI AT

    Volkswagen Ameo TDI AT | Discontinued Indian Cars
    Volkswagen Ameo TDI AT

    Volkswagen has been in the news multiple times for their diesel engine scams! Guess what they have finally decided to axe off the Ameo TDI from its lineup. Though the Polo and Vento are all set to receive the BS6 based diesel engine due to the already short sales of the Ameo, the manufacturer has decided to discontinue the production for the automatic variant for now.

    Exclusive: Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace SUV Might Debut At The Auto Expo

    What’s the future? Though this car is going off the charts, this car has a 7-speed DSG gearbox which makes it a pleasure to drive! German technology has always been a pleasure for all car enthusiasts.

    The Ameo has a twin-clutch transmission and the 1.5L diesel engine produces 110Bhp of power. The Ameo is the only car in VW’s lineup which is an economical car and can prove to be of great family use too. This car provides excellent performance in cities as well as highways.

    The only downside of owning a VW is the cost of ownership. The long-time costs that you need to pay can be considered to be a downside but no more with GoMechanic as we help you save almost 40% on your car’s servicing and maintenance.

So these were 5 cars to buy before they die. Driving these cars is an absolute delight, but when it comes to servicing and part replacements for the discontinued Indian cars it’s really a hassle! With GoMechanic you can have an easy go-to for all your car needs. Don’t worry even if your car has been or will be discontinued, We’ve got you covered!

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