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5 Fiat Cars We Wish Would Make A Comeback In 2022!

Well, this year is not going the way everyone would have dreamt of at the beginning. But that does not mean we cannot wish for some good to happen! This might be the last wish I make, as according to the Mayan Calendar, 21st June 2020 is the new 2012 (If you know, you know!). I have been fond of Fiat cars, and with the demise of the Italian carmaker in India, there will be no more new Fiats! Here is a list of 5 such Fiat cars that everyone might want to return.

1. Fiat Palio

It was the Power play beginner for Fiat in India. One of the most successful cars from Fiat in India was endorsed by Sachin Tendulkar himself. It was nothing like its rivals. Or should I say, none of its rivals was close to it? Fiat equipped Palio with many features, making it one of the most sought-after in the market. But with a great car comes great responsibility, which Fiat could not handle. Palio was discontinued in 2010. But the ones who have driven this car know how good it is! So, if Fiat plans to reinstate its operations in India, Palio better is on their list.

2. Fiat Punto Abarth

Fiat Punto Abarth
Fiat Punto Abarth

The company advertised the Punto with a tagline, ‘The steering wheel isn’t just for steering, it’s for holding on’. In collaboration with Abarth, Fiat launched the Punto, a 5-seater hatchback. A 1.4-litre petrol engine capable of producing 145hp of power and 212Nm of peak torque powered the car. The engine was mated to a 5-speed manual transmission. It was also equipped with power steering, power windows, ABS with EBD, automatic climate control, airbags and much more. Yet it was not able to get the customers attracted towards it. The high starting price of ₹9.67 lakhs kept it off the sales charts. The present-day cars are also no match when the power figures are compared. This car must come back for sure.

3. Fiat Linea

Fiat Linea - Fiat Cars that should make a comeback
Fiat Linea – Fiat Cars that should make a comeback

This mid-sized sedan was launched back in 2009. It was liked and appreciated by the people for its styling and features. Unfortunately, due to growing competition in the mid-sized sedan segment, the Linea seriously lagged in terms of value for money and modern features. Fiat tried certain upgrades and modifications but was unsuccessful. With the successful venture of the Jeep moniker, Fiat has finally decided to pull the plug on the Linea from the market.

4. Fiat Abarth 595

Fiat Abarth 595 - Fiat Cars that should comeback in India
Fiat Abarth 595 – Fiat Cars that should comeback in India

This car was imported from Italy from 2105 till 2017. With a price tag of almost touching ₹30 lakhs, Abarth 595 was never able to get hold of customers in India. Carmakers must understand that price plays a major role in India, and no one will spend this huge amount on a small hatchback. A 1.4-litre turbocharged petrol engine which produced over 160hp of power and a peak torque of 230Nm was powering this hatch. It could reach a top speed of 209kmph. This is high, keeping the car’s size in mind. So, if Fiat plans to return, this car can capture some market for the carmaker if the price is kept in check!

5. Fiat Siena

Fiat Siena - Fiat Cars that should make a comeback
Fiat Siena – Fiat Cars that should make a comeback

Palio was nothing like its rivals. Everything in this hatchback came with maximum abilities for that time. Palio was a real deal. With the success of the hatch, the company decided to introduce the sedan version of Palio. Well, it was not successful at all. The sales were low. Not many of you might even remember the name. Siena came and flew past the Indian market but without any noise. It better makes some noise if Fiat restarts its operations in India.

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So these are the 5 cars that Fiat should relaunch with. And if the company is listening, it better do it this time with more focused R&D and marketing simultaneously. What do you think about Fiat? Should the company make a comeback? Or it’s better gone? Let us know in the comments section below.

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