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5 Unique Things You Will Only Find In Cars Built By Tata Motors

A name that has been in the game since 1945, Tata Motors is known for its rich legacy that has witnessed the evolution of the Indian automotive industry through the ages. Known for making vehicles, that are proudly Indian, Tata also owns the Jaguar and Land Rover Group. With Ratan Tata’s blessing and a never say never attitude, Tata Motors has always delivered. Here are 5 things you will only find in a Tata Car.

  1. Uncompromised Safety

    Tata Tiago Crash Test Rating
    Tata Tiago Crash Test Rating

    When it comes to making cars that are robust and safe, Tata Motors does not shy away at all. With the Tata Tiago and Tigor scoring a commendable 4-star safety rating on the GNCAP, the Altroz and the Nexon boasts a 5-star safety rating from the GNCAP; a feat that is seldom achieved by Indian cars these days. Even the Nexon EV delivers a 4-star rating, making Tata Motors one of the very few names that provide vehicles that are proven safe and secure.

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  2. Proudly Indian

    Tata Tiago is 100% Indian
    100% Indian: Tata Motors

    Justifying the tag “vocal for local”, Tata Motors, unlike other brands, is a 100% Indian brand, with everything from the RnD to the production done completely indigenously in India. Whether it is the 1998 Indica or the 2021 Safari, Tata Motors has been delivering segment-leading indigenous cars for more than two decades.

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  3. Comfortable Ride and Ample Features

    The Altroz’s Smart Interiors

    Despite being one of the sturdiest vehicles out there, Tata cars do not compromise upon ride comfort and onboard features. From the Tata Tiago to the Tata Safari, each Tata car comes with ample cabin comfort along with top-notch features that make driving fun. Each Tata vehicle comes with functional touch infotainment, superb sound set up, park assist and a lot more, making the entire inventory of Tata Motors truly smart. And to add up to the charm, Tata also offers the iRA Connected Car Tech onboard select vehicles.

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  4. Power-packed and Efficient Engines

    Revotorq Engine
    Revotorq Engine

    At a time when OEMs are ditching diesel burners, Tata Motors has continued to develop its diesel units, making them smarter and better even in face of strict BS6 norms. Both the Revotorq and Revotron line of engines are known for peppy performance and superb mileage as well.

  5. EV Ready Platform

    Tigor EV
    2021 Tigor EV

    Thanks to Ratan Tata’s far-sighted approach, Tata Motors has always been ready for the future. Being the only brand to offer EV versions of two ICE models (The Tigor and Nexon), Tata’s inventory is filled with vehicles that are built on a platform that is EV ready and futuristic. And with continuous RnD taking place every day, Tata is committed to driving the future of mobility in India.

    So these were 5 things you will only find in a Tata Car. Stay pinned to the GoMechanic Blog for everything automotive.

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  1. Power packed engines😂😂, bhai konsa ganja fook rhe aajkal. Tata cars are known for underpowered engines. Do proper research before you post such articles.

    • While we dont know what Tata Motors is truly allergic to, we hope that Tata comes up with a 4 cylinder unit in the near future. Thanks for staying pinned to the GoMechanic Blog!


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