Great news! The central government is set to mandate 6 airbags in passenger cars in India. As of now, only the top-end trims of limited cars get 6 airbags. On the other hand, currently, all the cars in the Indian market get at least 2 front airbags as standard. Like before, the mandate of the 6 airbags will also come under the new BNVSAP norms.

After updating the BNVSAP norms for 6 airbags as standard, all the vehicles across variants and segments will be offered with dual front airbags and 4 additional airbags for the rear passengers.

Skoda Kushzq Airbags
Skoda Kushzq Airbags

6 Airbags as standard?

Some sources also say that India’s transport minister Nitin Gadkari has ordered the officials to work upon the implementing plan for the same. Also, the new notice to update the safety norms in cars will be out in about 30 days.

Safest Cars In India With At Least 6 Airbags
Safest Cars In India With At Least 6 Airbags / click the image to know more.

Naturally, if 6 airbags are mandated, the car prices in the country will likely witness a hike. But do these additional 4 airbags make a difference? Apart from high prices, how will it impact the customers? Let’s have a look.

What’s the cost of installing an airbag?

Airbag Layout
Airbag Layout

To begin with, installing the front airbags doesn’t cost a dime and ranges from somewhere around ₹6,000 to ₹10,000 each. But when it comes to adding 4 more airbags, this means the price of the vehicle will significantly go up. This hike may range from ₹30,000 to ₹60,000. But in other words, human life is priceless, so that’s a little premium to pay for extra safety.

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Now the question comes, will the carmakers in India bear some per cent of the cost of the airbags? Well, these are the costs if the manufacturer takes all the gained amount from the customer. The notice is not official nor has carmakers in India released a breakup of the cost, so that is something to be seen in the upcoming months.

Will these extra 4 airbags help in car protection?

7 SRS Airbags Toyota Corolla Altis
7 SRS Airbags Toyota Corolla Altis

In one word a big YES! Talking about a car’s safety, right now there are multiple testing facilities across the globe. For India, the Global NACAP tests the cars made in India. Where this is a very positive initiative these scores do not tell the whole story of the safety of vehicles. That said, be it a car equipped with 2 airbags or 6, definitely, the one with 6 will instantly become safer. Or 6 airbags will prepare that particular vehicle for more real-life scenarios to keep the occupants safe.

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We still await the official notice; stay pinned to know more. Also, let us know what you think of mandating 6 airbags in cars? Will it help curb the deaths caused due to accidents?

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