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Friday, February 23, 2024
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7 Improvement Suggestions For The Tata Altroz | From Better To Best

With the Tata Altroz DCA hitting the market, the Altroz is once again the center of attraction. In addition to an already popular package, Tata has once again delivered on consumer expectations with the DCA trim. But even though the Altroz now ticks the automatic box, there still are several shortcomings that Tata needs to look into. So here are 7 improvement suggestions for the Tata Altroz.

  1. The Engine Needs More Oomph

    Tata Revotron Engine | Powerful engines in India
    Tata Revotron Engine | Powerful engines in India

    While Tata was quick to offer a 1.2-liter turbocharged engine for the Altroz to make it more happening. The real picture is that the engine lacks a certain punch that the users expected. Even on paper, the 1.2-liter iTurbo of the Altroz delivers 110 PS with 140 Nm, while the similar capacity 1.2-liter Revotorq engine on the Nexon returns 10 PS and 30 Nm more than the Altroz. In fact, the toughest competition to the Altroz; the Hyundai i20’s smaller sized 1.0-liter turbo delivers figures similar to that of Nexon’s. So if Tata can refine the engine to deliver an extra oomph of power and torque, consumers can truly enjoy the Turbo as they imagined.

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  2. The Interior Quality Of The Tata Altroz

    There is no doubt that the Altroz offers plenty of features on board with a dash layout that looks premium, elegant, and sophisticated. However, despite all the glamour, several Altroz owners have pointed out that the hatchback’s interior quality isn’t as great as it looks. The overall quality of the material used is rather cheap and doesn’t cater well to Altroz’s “Gold Standard” of hatchback claim.

  3. Stability Of The Tata Altroz

    Tata Altroz
    Tata Altroz Price | Image Courtesy: Indianautosblog

    This is something that several Altroz owners have pointed out over the years. While the Altroz does well with its 5-star safety level and ample safety features, the Altroz’s steering feels very light and unstable at higher speeds bothering a lot of long-distance drivers.

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  4. A Few Additional Features For The Tata Altroz

    Tata Altroz | Infotainment System
    Tata Altroz | Infotainment System

    There is no denying the fact that the Altroz is one of the most feature-rich hatches currently offered in the market. But when it comes to features, the more the merrier. Thus, if Tata is reading this, adding features like Auto-Dimming ORVMs, Split-Folding Rear Seats, and Thinner Spare Tyre for the higher trims, etc.

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  5. After Sales Services

    Tata Motors
    Tata Motors

    While Tata’s after-sales services have definitely improved many folds, the overall scenario is still like a gamble. Despite improvements, several Altroz owners have complained of dodgy after-sales services, unsatisfactory responses, delayed fulfillment of services, etc.

  6. Reduced NVH Levels

    Hatchbacks In India With The Best NVH Levels
    Hatchbacks In India With The Best NVH Levels

    One thing that all diesel Altroz owners, and sometimes even petrol owners can relate to is the fact that Altroz’s NVH levels aren’t up to the mark. There is a dire need for NVH improvements for the hatchback that can be achieved via good quality bonnet dampening and better refinement.

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  7. Turbo Petrol and DCA

    Tata Altroz DCA Opera Blue
    Tata Altroz DCA Opera Blue

    While Tata has fulfilled the hatchback’s biggest drawback by introducing the DCA automatic variant. But sadly, that comes only onboard the NA Petrol unit and not the Turbo Petrol one. If Tata can somehow manage to offer its smart DCA onboard the turbo petrol unit, then there will be practically nothing to stop the Altroz from reaching new heights of success.

    So these were 7 suggestions to improve the Altroz. Comment down what you would like to improve in the Altroz and we will try to get Tata’s attention! Till then stay pinned to the GoMechanic Blog.

Sankul Nagpal
Sankul Nagpal
Advocate || Creative and Legal Content and Copyright Specialist || Freelancer


  1. I think your review is not precise. Referring to your 1st and 3rd point. I think Altroz is sufficiently powered, 110pS with 140nm is a real game. The power to weight ratio is perfect . For Nexon, they had to up the power so they could balance the power to weight ratio. When it comes to stability I don’t think so there is an issue with its steering or handle. This car is best at it.

    I guess you need to do more of driving before reviewing any car.

    • Thanks for your valuable suggestions and additions. We are glad you are an avid reader of the GoMechanic Blog

    • While we respect your opinion, we would want you to know that we base our articles upon consumer feedback collected from several owners.


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