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Sunday, February 25, 2024
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10 Best Used Cars Under 1 Lakh | Budget Car Ownership

Coronavirus has hit our country and economy really bad. Almost all of us are facing a cash crunch in the present situation where the pandemic has led several businesses to a standstill without any cashflow. For those who are travelling in the current pandemic situation due to their jobs or businesses, using public transport isn’t a good idea for sure. We have seen many videos on the internet where people are not following social distancing in public transport. The only solution to this is getting yourself a vehicle and a car would be good because you can be inside your own closed cabin without being exposed to someone else’s breath. Don’t worry about the budget as in this list, we present to you 10 best-used cars under 1 Lakh that can drive you through the pandemic really well!

  1. Maruti Suzuki Alto

    10 Reasons why the Maruti Alto will have a special in India
    Maruti Suzuki Alto

    Alto has been the favourite family car in India since ages. People have shown immense love to this hatch for over 20 years since its launch! The one that you see above now comes for a price of Rs.60,000-70,000 but is still an absolute gem to drive. Wondering why to buy? Well, its a Maruti Suzuki and will deliver excellent fuel mileage with maintenance costs that won’t bother you at all! This generation of Alto wasn’t loaded with features but can still deliver necessities like air conditioner. Also, most of the owners have got an aftermarket stereo so entertainment won’t be an issue as well. Alto comes with a 796cc engine with an optional CNG variant as well.

  2. Maruti Zen

    Maruti Zen
    Maruti Zen

    Launched in 1993, Maruti Suzuki Zen was a breakthrough in the world of hatchbacks. Considering its 2020, you can easily find a well-maintained Zen and guess what! It won’t cost you even a Lac! Here’s Maruti Suzuki Zen at the second place in our list of best-used cars under 1 Lakh. One of the best sellers in its era, Zen was known for its fuel efficiency, excellent handling and the peppy engine under its hood. If you want a relatively new version, you can also look out for Zen Estilo which will offer you loads of features along with the satisfaction of being a modern-day car. Just to let you know, Estilo can cost you somewhat more than a lac.

  3. Maruti Esteem

    Maruti 1000 (Maruti Suzuki Esteem) | Sedan of the yesteryear
    Maruti 1000 (Maruti Suzuki Esteem)

    You would be surprised to know that Maruti Suzuki Esteem is still owned by some motorsport lovers. Isn’t this enough to point out how reliable and fun-to-drive sedan Esteem has proven to be? Again, the brand-name Maruti Suzuki guarantees you a great mileage along with cheap maintenance. You would find aftermarket CNG fitted Esteems in the used car market but we would suggest you buy a petrol MPFI version because that’s really fun to drive.  The Esteem comes with a 1298cc engine along with most of the modern-day features like power steering, power windows and more.

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  4. Maruti Suzuki Swift

    Maruti Suzuki Swift The Limitless Hatchback
    Maruti Suzuki Swift

    No, we are not talking about the 2020 Swift! The one that has made it into our list of used cars under 1 Lakh is the older generation of the Maruti Suzuki Swift. You can easily find the one shown above in the used car market for a price under 1 Lakh. Swift is a really reliable hatch and is available in both petrol and diesel. Well, it’s a Maruti so you can easily go for an aftermarket CNG kit too. Wondering what features you will get? It completely depends upon what variant you are going for!

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  5. Maruti Suzuki WagonR

    Maruti Suzuki WagonR 2006
    2006 Maruti Suzuki WagonR

    WagonR needs no introduction! Maruti Suzuki launched WagonR in India in 1999 and there is not even a single road in India where you won’t spot a WagonR in the traffic. WagonR is a popular choice among the masses and therefore it has made it into our list of cars under 1 Lakh. Performance, efficiency, space and features, WagonR has it all! Maruti’s tallboy has been a great seller in the Indian market and is still the first choice for many in the used car market. Although Maruti introduced the company fitted CNG in 2010, you can anytime go for an aftermarket CNG kit in WagonR which will help you cut more on your running costs.

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  6. Chevrolet Spark

    Chevrolet Spark
    Chevrolet Spark

    All of us know that Chevrolet no longer produces or sells cars in India. Therefore, all the Chevrolet cars have lost value in the Indian used car market. Considering the price range under 1 Lakh, you can get yourself a Chevrolet Spark which comes with all the modern-day features (if you find a higher variant). Also, Spark won’t cost you much on the maintenance part. All of us know that American cars stand among the best luxury providers in the segment. Spark can be a good option for those who don’t want to go for a Maruti.

  7. Chevrolet Aveo

    Chevrolet Aveo | Credits- CarTrade
    Chevrolet Aveo

    Aveo existed as a sedan-hatchback duo. The hatch sibling of Aveo was known as the Aveo UVA. Chevrolet launched this sedan in India in 2006 and considering its 2020, you can find some of the initial models at a really cheap price. You just need to be an aware customer to ensure that the car you buy doesn’t land you in trouble. A 1399cc engine used to power the sedan and you will be glad to know that it existed in a CNG variant as well. If you want that sedan feel for a price that cheap, Aveo can be your pick for sure!

  8. Hyundai Santro


    Hyundai Santro is a great car to own. Performance, reliability or features, you get everything that you can ask for! The Santro Xing has existed in various variants over the years. You can get features like rear defogger, rear wiper and even an automatic transmission if you are lucky enough to find that! Santro has been a tough competitor for the Maruti Suzuki WagonR since ages and therefore you would find almost every feature inside a Santro that’s there on the WagonR. This one is a perfect pick among the used cars under 1 Lakh because of its reliability and also, its excellent compatibility with CNG.

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  9. Hyundai Getz


    Getz was the premium hatchback of its time. Baleno and i20 are hot selling premium hatches in today’s world but before these two existed, Getz used to serve the customers who wanted to experience luxury inside a hatch. Hyundai sold this premium hatch in India from 2004 to 2009. It had a 1.4-litre petrol engine along with a 4-Star Euro NCAP safety rating! Many top-selling cars in India still struggle to score that! If you want a safe car, Getz should be your choice for sure. Although this hatch won’t offer you the fuel efficiency similar to other cars listed above, it will offer you a safe ride which is more important we suppose!

  10. Tata Nano

    Nano: India's cheapest car
    Nano: India’s cheapest car

    Tata Nano is already known to be India’s cheapest car! When Tata launched Nano in India, they claimed it to be the car that everyone will get under 1Lakh. But that was just for the base variant which didn’t have many features. Now, you can even get a top-variant of the Tata Nano under 1 Lakh! Although there is a CNG variant of the Nano, we don’t recommend to buy it because the power output will be so less that you won’t be able to experience this fun-to-drive car at its full potential!

These were the top 10 used cars under 1 Lakh that you can go for. Just like we mentioned in the beginning, using public transport isn’t a good idea these days considering the Coronavirus outbreak. No matter how many precautions you take, you can still be exposed to the virus if you travel in public transport. At the same time, you need to be an aware customer while buying a used car. Don’t end up buying a car that would cost you much more on the repairs than its price! You can anytime visit a GoMechanic workshop and get the car inspected for its health before buying it!

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  1. Nice torm for used cars. I have WagonR lxi 2008 purchased second hand in 2017 nice car. But bad experience the first owner maintained the car badly and hence till now I have spent more than the market value of the car to keep it on the road. Me and my family have purchased second hand cars in the past but never faced any issues like what I faced. So I would not recommend wagon r lxi old model to anyone. Not sure if wagon r from 2012 onwards is a better choice or not. But due to my experience I will never purchase a wagon r again even brand new.

  2. No body won’t to give the above mentioned cars under 1 lakhs. they are asking above 2 lakhs for Alto k10 and normal alto 800 asking rate is too high around 1.75 to 2 lks. swift, wagon R also priced above 2.5 lakhs after 1 or 1.25 lakhs kilometers driven.


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