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10 Most Googled CNG Car Questions, Answered!

You would find many articles on the internet which tell you about CNG cars, their pros and cons, whether to buy them or not. We have also drafted many articles where we have stated why and why one of these green cars should be your next pick and how you can maintain it well so that it remains young under the hood and lasts as long as a petrol or diesel car. But everyone has their own set of questions! Most of you have asked your questions related to CNG through your comments on our previous articles and I have tried my best to answer each one of you.

Today’s article is for those who have still got some questions in their mind. In this article, we answer the most googled CNG car questions and if you still don’t find your question answered here, feel free to drop a comment and I will get back to you!

  1. Which CNG car is the best?

    Maruti Suzuki WagonR
    Maruti Suzuki WagonR

    Straight and simple answer. The one you see above is the best CNG car available in India. People usually go for CNG to churn out more kilometres per kg of gas and Maruti Suzuki WagonR offers 32.52km per kg! I don’t think anyone else claims or delivers more than this! If you wish to go for a cheaper alternative, you can go for Maruti S-Presso CNG. Those looking to own a CNG sedan can have their hands on the Hyundai Aura because it will provide you with great features along with the availability of CNG. Ertiga is the only 7-seater CNG vehicle available in the market with factory fitted CNG as of now.

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  2. Is CNG car worth buying?

    How the Maruti Suzuki Ertiga dominates the MPV segment
    Maruti Suzuki Ertiga

    CNG car is absolutely worth buying! But here is the catch. You should go for a CNG car only if your daily running is at least more than 50 kms. People buy CNG cars with the prime concern of saving money on fuel expenses. If you want to buy a car for short travels, say 20 kms a day, there is no sense in buying a CNG car because you will end up spending extra on the maintenance part. Also, there is no sense in sacrificing the boot space if it doesn’t prove to be a profitable deal.

  3. What are the disadvantages of a CNG car?

    Factory Fited CNG| Guide
    Factory Fitted CNG car

    Well, nothing is perfect! No doubt CNG cars have their own advantages but they come with some disadvantages as well! Here are some of them:

    1. Boot Space: You get almost no boot space in case of a CNG hatchback. In case of sedans and MUVs too, you have to sacrifice the boot space to a large extent in order to get CNG fitted inside your car.
    2. Limited Availability: Not every city has CNG available in abundant amounts like Delhi. If you take your car on road trips quite often, CNG is just not the right fuel for you. You may have a tough time finding a CNG station in some states.
    3. Short Range: A CNG tank has a lower capacity in comparison to the petrol tank of your car. Therefore, your car can cover a shorter distance in a tank full of CNG. Frequent CNG station visits and waiting in long queues can be troublesome at times.
    4. Reduced Performance and Higher Price: You need to pay a higher price for a CNG car in comparison to its petrol counterpart. Also, the power delivered by CNG is lesser than that delivered by petrol. Is the extra cost really worth it? You decide!
  4. Is CNG car better than a petrol car?

    2020 Maruti Suzuki S-Presso CNG | 12 Upcoming Cars Showcased At The Auto Expo 2020
    2020 Maruti Suzuki S-Presso CNG

    Although petrol cars might attract you with better performance, lower initial costs and lower service costs, CNG cars can save you huge in the long run. Considering the high fluctuations in the prices of petrol and minute fluctuations in CNG prices, it is a better option for sure. CNG can deliver better mileage than the same car running on petrol.

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  5. Can a CNG car run on petrol?

    Is Hyundai Aura India's Most Fuel-Efficient sedan - Let's Find Out
    Hyundai Aura CNG

    Of course yes! In case you are buying a CNG car, be well informed about the fact that every such car in the market is a bi-fuel vehicle. You can run that car on petrol too. In case you are a first-time CNG vehicle buyer, you ought to know that your CNG car engine starts on petrol only and switches to CNG once the engine is warmed up. Even if you get an aftermarket CNG kit, you should start your car on petrol only. You can switch between the fuels whenever you like!

  6. Can we fit CNG in an Automatic car?

    Explaining the CVT Gearbox and why its so Efficient
    Honda City CVT

    Considering the technical side, you can. Considering the experience, you shouldn’t. If you want to go for CNG in your automatic car (irrespective of the gearbox) you should make sure that your CNG kit supports OBDII scan. Also, it should have a dynamic timing advancer. In my opinion, you shouldn’t go for CNG in an automatic car because you will definitely feel a lag in the acceleration and the gearshifts.

  7. How much CNG can fill in a 12kg cylinder?

    Maruti S-Presso CNG
    Maruti S-Presso CNG

    Download the GoMechanic App Now!

    Download the GoMechanic App now!

    Usually, a cylinder with 12kg capacity can hold up to 10kg of CNG. The amount of CNG that actually goes into your cylinder depends upon the pressure available at the filling station. You can get anywhere between 9.5-9.8kg at 200bar.

  8. Do CNG Tanks expire?

    CNG Car Maintenance | GoMechanic
    CNG Fitted Car

    Yes, they do. Usually, a CNG cylinder can last anywhere between 15-20 years. To be on a safer side, you should get it hydro tested regularly. This way you can be sure about the health of your CNG cylinder. Considering Delhi/NCR, a petrol/CNG car can be used for 15 years so the cylinder you get with your new car can last its lifetime unless it turns out to be defective or is subjected to an accident.

  9. Which company’s CNG kit is best?

    Company Fitted CNG vs Aftermarket CNG | Myths Busted!
    Aftermarket CNG

    I have received many queries regarding the CNK kit brands. I hope this will answer all of your queries at once. Most CNG kits in India are imported from Argentina and Italy. Naming the brands, you can go for Lovato, Tomasetto Achille, Pelmag and Landirenzo. If you own a Maruti Suzuki and want to get an aftermarket CNG kit, BRC would be the best one for you. Wondering why? This is because BRC is the one who supplies to MSIL for the factory fitted kits as well. Don’t believe us? Click here and check for yourself!

  10. Does CNG damage the engine?

    Under the hood | K15B Petrol Engine
    Under the hood | K15B Petrol Engine

    Not at all. Most of you must know that the “premium” petrol offered at fuel stations has a higher octane number. CNG has got an even higher octane rating! How can it damage your engine? CNG reduces power by 8-10% but doesn’t damage the engine at any point of time, provided it is maintained well.

These were the 10 most Googled questions about CNG cars. Want to know anything other than these? The comments section is all yours! Go ahead!

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Vishal Khanna
Vishal Khanna
GoMechanic's OG Content Creator | Automobile Enthusiast | Automobile Engineer | Blogger | YouTuber | The DIY Automotive Guy


  1. I have a Maruti Wagon R of 2013 make.In cold start on petrol, no problem is there but often it fails to start on petrol if we stop in route (ie on warm engine).If I shift to CNG in such situation, it starts.Please suggest what may be the problem and how to fix it.Thanks.

    • Hi Atul
      I myself face the same situation sometimes. What I do is manually shifting it to the “petrol only” mode as soon as I switch on the ignition before starting the engine! This way, the car will start on petrol and you can switch it to CNG afterwards when you like!

  2. Hello,

    I am new buyer and I am unsure on my daily running. I might take car to office twice a week which is approx 50km return journey and over the weekends for a short trip or may not even use. In this case will you recommend me a Petrol version or CNG version, considering the increasing prices of Petrol.

    If I opt for CNG version, what should I ensure to not get affected by maintenance cost in future?

    Is Hyundai CNG cars good? I am planning for i10 nios or Aura.

    Rushank Parmar

    • Hi Rushank
      You should definitely go for CNG. Be very sure of the fact that you won’t have to deal with high maintenance charges. If you maintain your car regularly, it won’t cost you much at all.

      • Thank you Vishal for your prompt response!

        Can you also help me if Hyundai Grand i10 Nios is better or WagonR in terms of CNG technology? Comparing other features I see Grand i10 Nios better but since Hyundai is new to CNG technology I am bit concerned.

        Rushank Parmar

        • Rushank, that’s a tricky one. Being in the industry for quite long, I haven’t heard any bad from Hyundai’s CNG customers. However, Maruti is trusted for over 10 years now for its CNG technology.

        • I don’t think Hyundai is new to CNG, I have an i10 with factory fitted CNG in my car brought in 2012 and it is still running good. No issues at all (absolutely zero).

          • Hi Prasad, just to let you know, your i10 2012 is a dealership CNG fitment NOT a factory fitment. No doubt it is working good and it will continue to do so. We just want you to be clear about the fact that there is a huge difference between dealership fitment and factory fitment.

  3. Hi Vishal,

    I have booked i10 Nios after hearing much good reviews. I wanted small help from you. I have come across multiple issues faced by users by service stations duping them with parts not replaced but charged. Can you let me know what should I always take care of while getting my car serviced and do you know how can I get to know which part should be replaced in how many intervals and etc.?

    This is my 1st car and I don’t want service stations experience making it a last ine.


    • Hi Rushank, the best way out here is that you should ask for each part that has been replaced. If they replace a spark plug, ask for the old spark plug and so on. We at GoMechanic, unlike authorised centres, provide the customer with live updates, videos and photographs of the service being done to maintain the transparency.
      Keep a check on the spark plug and spark plug cables and try to replace them in every 3rd service to get the best results

  4. Hi Vishal

    I’m planning to go for Wagon R S-CNG.
    My concern is that this is going to be my 1st Car and use this less frequently (say less than 100km in 15 day period)

    Further, please know that I’m gonna drive 500-600km (up and down) to visit my home town from Hyderabad once for every 3-4 months.

    Is choosing a CNG can help me cutting the fuel costs for me?

    Kindly provide your valuable advice.

    • Hi Srujan
      CNG can definitely cut down your fuel costs but considering your running is low, I would not advise you to for CNG because WagonR gives great mileage in all its forms. Try the AMT version and you will love driving to your hometown with the comfort of automatic

  5. HI, would like to know what kind of mileage can one expect if CNG is fitted for an Automatic Vento, Rapid or Toyota Corolla Altis

    • Hi There
      Honestly, I haven’t seen any Rapid CNG till now and would not recommend installing CNG in German cars. About Altis, you can go for Lovato and expect a good change in mileage.

    • Hi,

      Iam in plan of taking my first car. My usage will be very less in a week hardly use upto 100km. Every 8month I may go to my home town which come around 800 km.

      So please suggest me whether should I go for cng or petrol car

      Aslo let me know the best car for my usages

  6. I am planning to buy प्रीमियम hatchback
    My daily running will be ~25km per day..
    Homtown travel will be ~700km from one side once in a quarter…
    Plz suggest CNG or petrol…

  7. I am bit confused in Tata Tigor xm and Baleno delta. Tata have good build quality, average interior and average engine and Maruti has refined engine and good looking interior but build quality is not up to mark.
    Please suggest which should I buy ?

    • Hi Sunny,
      It depends on what you want to go for. Speaking for the engine and the interior, Maruti Suzuki is indeed ahead of Tata. But when it comes to safety, this is where Baleno may seem inferior but it is not by a huge margin. Also, who can forget the network and reliability of Maruti. Never the less, we’d suggest you take a test ride of both cars before buying. Hope it helps, stay pinned! 🙂

  8. Hii,
    I hv a CRETA petrol AUTOMATIC. As now I daily commute to office with around 70 kms daily run, I am thinking to install CNG kit to save on fuel cost
    Please advice whether I should go for CNG, if yes, please suggest CNG kit brand name, type and prefer installation company in navi mumbai, thane or mumbai

    • Hi Rahul You can go for CNG in your Creta but considering it’s automatic, you need to be extra careful with the kit selection and installation. Go for Lovato’s OBD2 compatible sequential CNG kit and not keep control on the accelaration

  9. Cng cylinder weight (empty) is almost around 60kg itself .. cng runs good for only 5 years …then problem starts ..coils spark plugs wires pick up & main thing cars rear suspension will be gone fully ..too much rear load will be there ….it’s my personal experience…cng is headache

    • Thanks, i am a first time car buyer and considering all options to buy CNG / Petrol, this information, really does helped me a lot.

  10. Hey,

    I have a 2011 Corolla Altis Automatic (which on petrol only provides an average of 8km/l). I want to move to a CNG as the petrol costs are sky rocketing and it’s not possible to run the same in Bangalore. An authorised center suggested BRC kit. Do you think BRC would be better or Lovato OBDII? Also, I see that you aren’t recommending a kit on Automatic – would like some guidance. For context, I drive the car in Bangalore.

  11. Hi Vishal,

    Hope you are doing good. I bought new Ertiga 2020 ZXI petrol version, As I am travelling at least 1500 km for month i feel the expenditure for the fuel is getting high as the petrol price touched 100 rs, Now i am planning to go for CNG fitting. Before that i have few questions on my mind.
    1. How many KMs i can drive the car on CNG continuously? (I need to travel 350 km to go my home town)
    2. Which one is best for fitting the CNG Kit.
    3. What are the things i need to keep in mind before moving to CNG.
    4. Will there be any effect on the engine life if i move to CNG?

    Thanks and Regards.

  12. Hi Vishal,
    I own a 2003 Honda City type-2 having 1.3L engine. It has completed running over 120000 kms. I am planning to install cng kit in it. Could you please let me know if it is compatible in this car at such running and if yes which company kit should I install?
    Looking forward to your advice.

    Thanks and regards.

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  14. Hai Vishal,
    I intend to buy a wagon r Lxi cng.
    My concern is regarding parking… since I don’t have a facility to shade park it either at my work place nor at home.
    Will there be any issues if I park cng car in open sunlight for 5-6 hours a day… approximately.
    Please do give me your suggestion.

    • Sir, I myself own a WagonR and park it outside my home in open. You would be amazed to know that CNG has an ignition temperature higher than petrol! So if there is danger for real, petrol users need to worry more than us

  15. Hello Vishal,
    Thank you for your words of confidence.
    I was worried because different people have different versions.
    I wanted an expert opinion.
    Thanks for the clarification.

  16. Hi Vishal

    I am planning to CNG fit in Tiago XZ . Which CNG kit will be good for this car ? As Tiago is 3 Cylinder engine car so it will be OK with CNG or not ?

  17. Hi vishal,
    I have bought new eeco cng, is it something like that that we should 1st run few kms ( 700-800 kms) on petrol than Starr using cng for better engine life and pick up.

  18. Hello sir .i am planning for cng 7seater car so i have only a single opt that is ertiga …but as i m interested in zxi+ model but cng is available only in vxi model…so i my friend have bs4 Ertiga zxi+ petrol Variant which runs near 25k …so can i purchase it and install after market cng or i can go for factory fitted cng..and after market cng makes any damages to engine head or not and it can create any problems to engine r not .. create any problems in suspension or not..and i want to know one thing ..vxi white color nd zxi+ white color is same or is there any paint quality changes sir

    • Hi Avinash! I myself wanted to buy WagonR CNG but went for the VXi model which did not have factory-fitted CNG as the LXi factory fitted lacked many features. Aftermarket CNG causes no damage if installed and used well. I have used my car for over 1lakh kilometres now. You can definitely buy your friend’s Ertiga and get Lovato or BRC installed from the aftermarket without any worries.

  19. Hi,
    Thankyou for all clarifications above. Really insightful.
    I would like to know which car would be your preference (CNG), which is budget friendly, small size and has good mileage? I am confused between Maruti Alto/Celerio/NIOS. Also is there any other car in this range which I can consider?

    • Hi Anu
      The choice of car depends on what do you expect from the car. You can go for Maruti if you expect a very good mileage with somewhat good ride quality and features. Alternatively, you can go from NIOS if you are okay with a little bit lower mileage but added comfort and convenience features

  20. Hello Sir, I’m planning to buy cng car in order to save from fuel hikes, well my monthly running would be hardly 100km and its my first concern is not power. so i would like to know will this conditions affect my car i.e. 100km per month or engine life ,parts , maintenance

    • Hi Yash,
      100kms in a month are too low to consider buying a new CNG vehicle. Also, CNG vehicles are a little expensive than conventional variants. Hence it is not recommended to go for a car with factory fitted CNG. Instead, you may also consider buying a CNG vehicle from a used car market that’ll fair a lot cheaper to run and maintain depending upon the condition of the car. Hope it helps, stay pinned! 🙂

  21. plese tell me taht 1-is there any problem with CNG conversion for-KWID 2017 RENAULT CARS. ONE PERSON HAS TOLD THAT IT IS A FAILURE WITH KWID CARS -[RANCE CARS]

  22. hi vishal i am confused between company fitted cng and after market cng for Wagon R. as i have heard that company fitted cng has some added features as extra filters, suspension control etc but expensive as well that too only in lxi. where as in that price i can buy in LXI model and can fit cng kit from out side. what would be better.

    • Hi Chandra
      There are no extra filters and the suspension control is nothing but a padding that will cost you 1000 bucks in the market. If your engine is a BS6
      your CNG will not be endorsed on the RC. Else, everything is good

  23. Hi,
    One of my friends has Maruti Suzuki Wagon R 2002 model with after market fitted CNG. The road passing has expired. How long can she use the car before having to scrap it since it’s already been 20 years. Also what would the procedure be to renew the road passing and what would the approximate cost be?

  24. hllo i have wagnoR 2013 model LXI at only petrol and till today (29 january 2022) it runs only 25000 k.m. my car stay at home regularely 2 to 3 months. should i sell my car or buy a new CNG company fitted car. because after 6 year my car complete will exprie in delhi

  25. Hi , I have a average travel of 18 kms daily and a round trip of 550~600 kms every month so the monthly running is 1000kms. Should I go for WagonR cng or petrol

  26. Hi,

    I want to buy a new car but my running will be quite low. Basically we would use it for local drives and long drives maybe once a month. Please suggest is it worth going for CNG? also, my budget is around 7.5 to 8L, please suggest a car and model

  27. Hi sir,
    I have Baleno delta varient 2019 Modal (Bs4)..Shall I go for CNG installation? Which Brand you suggest ?
    And I have another question…if CNG is finished if i run in petrol is Average will drop?

  28. Hi sir,

    I am Aishwarya and we are going to buy hyundai santro sports executive with cng. My question does cng car blast? And is the gas smell harmful for children and senior citizens?

    • CNG is relatively harmless if you follow all the safety norms and get the hydro testing periodically. We suggest you opt for a company-fitted CNG for peace of mind 🙂

  29. Hi,
    This is Sunil from jaipur, rajasthan
    Can u Pls provide detial of Authorised distributor of Brc cn kit in my city
    Sunil verma

  30. Sir, i am planning to convert by new BSVI Wagon R to CNG when the Govt permits for CNG conversion in BSVI, My daily usage dosen’t exceed 25Kms(Minimum 15 kms is fixed on all working day as i don’t use two wheeler and occasional long trips on weekends(more than 300Kms )) in a busy city road condition. Please kindly advise if i should plan for a petrol to cng conversion. Will it be cost effective for me compared to petrol as i drive less than 50 KMS daily. Can i expect any savings? please note as on April 2022 i spent more than Rs.6000/- per month towards petrol expense.

  31. Hi Vishal
    Iam planning to buy my first car and monthly running is 150-200km on an average…soo consider the fuel prices i opt for tata tiago cng….is it a good option or should i change it to Swift vxi petrol…pls suggest me

  32. I am having S Cross Zeta 2022 Petrol model.Kindly advice for conversion to CNG, cost of CNG Conversion, approval charges, advantage, & disadvantages, Best dealers in Tiruppur, coimbatore

    • Hi Siva
      Starting with the cost, you can get a CNG kit installed anywhere between 30k-70k, obviously depending upon the quality and the brand’s origin country. Advantages include low running cost disadvantages include the damage done to your suspension and engine with time. Talking about the dealerships, you can get it fitted from the CNG brand authorised dealership you choose.

  33. I’ve purchased the 2nd 2016 Ford Ecosport titanium Automatic model. I’m planning to fit CNG kit in it.
    Will it impact car life or car performance.

    • Hey Vaibhav,
      Reputable aftermarket CNG kits are relatively safe to use. However, please note that CNG kits do affect the performance and tests have shown a reduction in overall engine life. If you plan to keep your EcoSport as a city commuter, retrofitting a CNG kit is a good idea.

  34. Thanks for responding.
    There was one CNG fitted ecosport for sale with 90k kms driven.
    I was tempted to buy that one but then back of the mind doubted will it be a good deal or not.
    Was it a good deal to buy one under 6L (2016 tivct AT)

  35. Thanks for responding.
    The car was 90k kms driven within a 6 years of time span.
    The overall car condition was good.
    Engine and suspension was good as I took a mechanic with me to check all the things.Pick up was good.
    I was just worried should I go with CNG or not as it’s already 90k kms driven.

    • Hi Vaibhav, I don’t recommend going for the car you’ve mentioned due to multiple reasons.
      1) The car was fitted with aftermarket CNG
      2) The car was automatic
      3) You didn’t know how may km it had done on CNG

  36. Hi Vishal, i am planning to buy a automatic can fir a family of 4. But i am really confused which one to buy. My requirement is max fuel efficiency & max features Can you help suggest.

    • Hi Alok
      I would suggest going for any automatic that has a CVT gearbox. It’s comfortable, you don’t experience shifting jerks and is perfect for a comfortable family experience

  37. Hi,
    I have a Tiago petrol. In 3.5 years i have traveled only 13000 kms. Now I m planning to switch to new car. Considering my budget of 8.5 lakhs i have shortlisted Tigor Cng vs Triber petrol.
    Tigor Cng because cng with sedan and Triber because I have big family.
    In tigor i have to compromise for seating capacity and in Triber i have to compromise for not having cng and having 1000cc engine.
    Please suggest which car i should prefer

    • Hi SN, the Tigor CNG seems like the better choice because it will be much more efficient than the Triber. Coming to space, the Triber is a 7 seater, yes, however, the last row is not comfortable enough for adults, especially if the drive is long.

  38. Hello Vishal.

    THanks for this Blog!!

    I am planning to buy a new car (first-time buyer). I am not sure about my monthly running but can say on weekends it will be Delhi to Gurgaon return (2-3 weekends).
    I selected two cars Hyundai grand i10 Nios sportz (2022) and Tata Tiago xz+ (2022).

    which car is best as both I am getting on same price (7.62 lakh) on the road. Please suggest to me which car to buy from these. considering nios suspension issues.

    also petrol or CNG?

    • Hi Anurag
      Considering the ever-rising prices of CNG in NCR and Delhi, I would suggest go for a petrol vehicle. If things get better, you can always retrofit CNG. Apart from this, NIOS gives you features and lacks a bit on safety while Tiago is a complete package that offers you features, convenience, safety and more!

  39. My colleague has recently purchased a Celerio CNG version, but the brand name “celerio” is not placed anywhere on the vehicle. Is this normal? What could be the reason for this?

  40. Hi Vishal,

    I am Akshay from Mumbai. I am planning to purchase my first new car for my small family. Budget is approx 5/6 Lacs. Plan is to go for new wagonR CNG. Monthly running would be 50/100 KM just for any imp work or may be just once in a week in city drive. Would not be using daily. Twice in a year would go to hometown 900 KM return.

    But many friends telling us that Don’t go for CNG as CNG affect the engine and performance of the car and then there will be a increase in maintenance cost. few of them telling like CNG will damage the CAR.

    So can you advise based on my above information should I go for CNG or Peteol version. Also Should I go for second hand car then. Like Ertiga.

    Which would be good for me CNG or petrol and person like me who just have low budget and cannot afford high maintenance.

    • Hey Akshay!
      considering your monthly running of 100kms, there is no point in going for CNG. Although there is nothing like CNG that decreases performance or life, CNG is useful for people who drive a lot (My daily running is around 80kms). Also, if you travel to your hometown, obviously you will have luggage for which you need a bootspace. Be rest assured, you will get a very good mileage with WagonR on petrol too. Don’t go for CNG is what I would say

  41. Hi Vishal/GO Mechanic team
    Hope you are doing well!
    I have a confusion on my mind
    I have been driving Vento 2012 1.6 highline AT on Petrol since 2017 ( 3Rd Owner)
    It’s giving me city mileage of 6.5-8 kmpl highway around 10-14kmpl
    As mostly i have daily ride of 25 kms n ocassion weekend rides 100-150 odd kms
    I have been recently thinking of shifting to CNG cuz of high petrol cost
    n i have no plans to buy a new car for atleast 3 years
    Do you recommend me shifting to CNG ?

    • Hey SK,
      Switching to CNG is a good option given that the 1.6 MPI on older Volkswagen Vento is a big fuel burner. 6.5 to 8kmpl in City is a very bad mileage figure, also since the car will be driven min 25kms, we suggest you to make an investment on a good CNG kit, maybe try Lovato.

  42. Hi Vishal ,
    I have plan new purchase car but I confuse because my monthly running is 500 km so CNG ya petrol car preference ,i have petrol car choice is tata punch so please tell mi

  43. Hi Vishal/Team,
    My monthly running is around 1500 Kms with occasional run of extra 1000 Kms in 3 months. I’ve shortlisted Hyundai Aura SX CNG and Tata Togor XZ+ CNG. Need your help for finalizing either of them in terms of reliability, long term performance and resale value. Also considering the current CNG prices, do you suggest CNG version of above cars or should I go with petrol versions ? Thanks in advance

    • Hi Gaurav
      Considering the current CNG prices, even I think I should get the system removed from my car! There is no use of buying a CNG car as of now. However, if the prices go down in the future, you can get it installed anyday!. I would say go for Aura petrol.

  44. Sir I want to buy Aura cng car for my family .My riding will be100 to 200 km monthly .Should I own aura cng or not? Will it be safe for family ? Pls reply..

      • You need to go do a bit of research. I have 2 CNG vehicles in California. Since CNG burns hotter, if you don’t have a factory built CNG engine, you CAN burn your valves over time on a bi-fuel or straight conversion. When I bought my converted Ford F-250 truck (CNG ONLY), I had to have the heads removed and hardend valves and seats installed because the previous owner burned them up. Bi fuel cars also have the same potential problem, but if you go back and forth from gasoline to cng regularly, you will extend the life

  45. I am buying ivtec of 2010 model 1st owner soo in RC book cng can be in my name ?
    Car is pure petrol i want to fit cng soo on rc can I will be in my name

  46. Hello Vishal,

    I am using breezza zdi amt driven 28k. My monthly travelling 1500km. I am. Thinking to switch over to tigor cng car.

    Kindly suggest is it good thinking.

  47. Hello Vishal/Utkarsh,

    Yesterday only I bought used Wagon R 1.0 LXI 2014 (factory fitted CNG – Green) as my alternate days commuting to office is 164 kms, earlier I was driving i10 Magna (petrol) however rising fuel price was hitting me on my pockets. Coming back to point, yesterday I got the cylinder filled with approx 8 kg of gas and drove almost 195 kms before reaching home. The meter still shows 1 point of green light but there is one signal (red) which I believe is for low cng indicator. I am just curious to know how much cng will still be there (or usually how much cng in tank makes one point in indicator)?


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