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Tuesday, April 16, 2024
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10 Best Second Hand Used Cars under 50k | Desperate Motoring

All of us know that the used car market is experiencing a boom today. There are many customers who step into the market with different budgets and look out for different options according to their respective needs. A great fact about the used car market is that you can get any car in the budget you have! The choices are wide. You just need to be an aware customer to choose the best one for yourself. In today’s featured, we have used cars under 50k.

Before we get started with the top 10 list of best cars under ₹50,000, We would like to make it very clear that you should definitely steer clear from such cars, which are often high mileage vehicles with major mechanical issues and/or offered with disputed paperwork. The cars listed here are mostly lemons and we advise you to stretch your budget to at least a lakh to obtain a decent drivable car.

Desperate times require desperate inspection measures:

  1. Maruti 800 (1995-2005)

    Maruti 800
    Maruti 800

    Many Indians have experienced the Maruti 800 as their first car. For those who still wish to own a car someday, Maruti 800 is still a perfect choice. If you are a first-timer, you can surely go ahead and brush up your skills on a used 800 before you go for another new car. This will let you have the driving experience without spending much on a used car. Talking about the condition of the car, you will have to be very careful about selecting one in this budget. However, if you still end up buying a car that requires frequent repair work, you can easily sell it off at scrap prices.

  2. Maruti Alto (2002-2007)

    Alto First-gen vs 2020 Alto K10 | Old Vs New
    Alto First-gen

    Maruti Suzuki Alto is another car that you can very easily spot in the used car market in abundant amount. For a budget of 50,000INR, you can surely get a Maruti Suzuki Alto for yourself but be prepared for the high odometer reading you will witness. Also, if some odo shows a lesser reading somehow, make sure you ask for some proof against it. Maruti Suzuki Alto was a favourite buy among the Indians for long and still rules the hatch market in its new avatar.

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  3. Maruti Zen (2000-2006)

    Maruti Suzuki Zen
    Maruti Suzuki Zen

    Another 1000cc delight that you can now have under 50k is Maruti Suzuki Zen. This car was an enthusiast favourite in its time and is still owned by many who know its true worth! Buying a Zen rather than an Alto in the same budget would be a good choice for sure. Going for a Zen over an Alto will give you better performance and increased engine power. However, features remain almost the same if we consider the major things.

  4. Maruti Suzuki Esteem (2000-2006)

    First-Gen Maruti Suzuki Esteem
    First-Gen Maruti Suzuki Esteem

    Another enthusiast delight! If you are looking for a car to modify it and take it to your local racetrack, Esteem can be your pick for sure. Although it has a 1300cc engine, its capabilities are unmatched from the cars of that era. People still use it in many modern-day local track days or rally sports. Just make sure you modify the car properly and make it fit for the track. For those looking to drive it normally on the roads, it is still a good option but make sure you perform your checks before buying it.

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  5. Honda City (2000-2003)

    Honda CIty
    Honda City

    i-VTEC lovers? You gotta thank me later if you crack this deal anyhow. Make sure you know about your local RTO’s rules and regulations before investing in any such car. You can buy an early-gen Honda City under Rs.50,000 easily. If an owner claims more than that, you can negotiate and get him below 50k easily! What’s more, you can go for whatever modification you like. Just make sure you have an estimate of the repair works before you buy such a cheap car.

  6. Hyundai Accent (2000-2005)

    Hyundai Accent Executive
    Hyundai Accent

    Although Hyundai continued the Accent till 2013, the ones that belong to early years are now available at very cheap prices. Among the used cars under 50k you can get an Accent from the early 2000s and don’t be disappointed if the odometer reads more than a lac. You can’t get a less driven sedan in such a budget. Also, make sure you have a repair estimate ready before you pay the owner because you will have to do intensive repair work if you buy such a car in a budget of Rs. 50,000.

  7. Tata Indica (2000-2007)

    Tata Indica | India's first indigenously developed passenger car
    Tata Indica

    As the picture says, Indica was India’s first indigenous passenger car. Tata launched the Indica in India in1998 and the hatch gained quick success. You can get a good condition Tata Indica from the early 2000s in a budget of around 50,000 easily. It was the most modern car but at that time and still carries a more manly stance than many present-day hatches. Indica can be a good choice among used cars under 50k. Just make sure you know about the repair expense beforehand.

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  8. Hyundai Santro (2000-2007)

    First-generation Hyundai Santro (1998–2003)
    First-generation Hyundai Santro

    Well, consider yourself lucky if you get a Santro Xing in this budget. However, you can very easily get a first-generation Hyundai Santro under 50k. Hyundai Santro was a great tall boy hatch launched by Hyundai against the Maruti Suzuki WagonR. It was a great success and people still show great love to the Korean brand. If you are a first-time car buyer, then you should definitely go for a Santro over any other car in this list. Just make sure yours is a well-maintained car.

  9. Maruti WagonR (2000-2007)

    Maruti WagonR
    Maruti WagonR

    Another good option that you can try in used cars under 50k is Maruti Suzuki WagonR. Although the WagonR received a facelift in 2006, you won’t find many units from that time under 50,000. You can easily find an older-gen WagonR in a fair condition if you search for one properly in the used car market.

  10. Tata Nano (2009-2012)

    Nano: India's cheapest car
    Tata Nano

    India’s cheapest car! Or should I say the world’s cheapest car? Tata Nano had an initial price of a Lakh rupees and now you can easily get a Nano among the used cars under 50k. Among all the cars that I have listed above, Nano will be available in the best condition throughout. Be it mechanical or electrical, the best car you can own under 50k INR is Tata Nano. It will be relatively new as compared to other cars on the list so will be value for money for a long period of time!

These were the 10 cars that you can find under the category of used cars under 50k in India. As stated in the beginning too, most of these cars are lemons and you should be very careful in investing in such cars. The best way out is to stay away from them but still if you want to go for one, make sure you do your checks carefully.

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  1. Hi Vishal…..!!!
    May i know these cars are available for sale.?
    Pls provide your Contact details.

    • Hi Alimiya
      We don’t sell any used cars. This article was just to let you know that you can get the listed cars in the mentioned price range! I hope I was able to clarify your doubt.
      Stay pinned for more 🙂

    • Hi Purushotham
      We are not a used car dealership. This article was just to let you know about the cars available in the market in the given price range. However, you can contact GoMechanic anytime for your car/bike service-related needs!
      Stay Pinned

  2. What are prospects Altoz Gold with CVT or DCT being launched. This feature is now an essential requirement.

    • Hi Jagdish,

      As of now, there are rumours of Tata Altroz automatic being tested. Being a premium hatchback, we can expect a CVT or a DCT transmission soon. Stay tuned and we will be the first to inform you when this becomes a reality!

  3. Hi this is Vinod..from Bangalore rural Karnataka India@ just I saw the cars in website..very good offers and I need still below 25000/-rs..with good condition car..if you got ಮಾರುತಿ 800, alto,alto Lxi,zen,Tata Indica vichles…

    • Hi Vinod
      We don’t deal in used cars as of now. This article was just to make you aware of what options you might get in the given price range. However, you should not go for any car below 25,000 as you won’t get any good option in this price range.

  4. I am from Chromepet , Chennai I am seeking good condition car within my budget . My budget is upto 50 thousand. If have contact please be informed or message me on 8482054961.

  5. I am Mohan Rana from himachal mandi.I want to purchase maruti alto modle 2007 to 2010.kindly let me know who or where is the neatest second hand car dealer.


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