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Monday, July 15, 2024
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10 Useless Car Features That Car Manufacturers Need To Remove

With the advancement in automotive tech, cars have become a lot more comfortable and powerful to drive. From a 360-degree parking camera to emergency brake assist, there are a plethora of such features that make the cars more advanced. And yet, some advancements or let’s say, NO-ments are there in cars for no good reason. Let’s take a look at 10 such useless car features that carmakers should remove from their cars.

  1. Fake Plastic Roof rails

    Useless Car Features: Fake Plastic Roof Rails
    Useless Car Features: Fake Plastic Roof Rails

    What are roof rails meant for? They are meant for cars that have to carry a heavy payload. But some carmakers seem to have added fake plastic ones, just to make the car look bolder. Well, these fakes won’t help at all. So it is really necessary to remove them as they are just the accessories that no car needs. At least not those which have roofs made of a single sheet of metal and cannot even bear a hailstorm.

  2. Voice Recognition

    Voice Recognition
    Voice Recognition

    Until and unless you are one of the avengers and either Jarvis or Friday are helping you out on a mission, your car does not require a voice recognition tech! If you really want to feel like Tony Stark, you will be disappointed to know that it is not an AI and won’t take the major controls of your car. Yes, you can play music and all, but is it really necessary?

  3. Paddle Shifter in Low-End automatic Cars (CVT)

    Useless Car Features: Paddle Shifters In Low-end Cars
    Useless Car Features: Paddle Shifters In Low-end Cars

    If you have a car that oozes out over 400hp of raw power, paddle shifters are great fun. But when it comes to cars that can merely reach 100hp in power specs, paddle shifters are as useless as the membership of a gym in this pandemic times. Yes, you get the feel of a sports car, but the car won’t zoom past the others while you shift the paddles in a thrill-FREE ride.

  4. 3rd Row Seats in Compact SUVs

    Third Row in the compact SUVs
    Third Row in the compact SUVs

    Add some more length and the compact SUV will become a proper SUV. But that is not the purpose here. Then why add an extra row at the rear to make it a 7 or 8 seater when it is not supposed to be that way? Putting the 3rd row in Compact SUVs is like putting pineapple on a pizza, completely useless. And to add to the sorrow, most of the third-row seats are meant for those with short legs or no legs as the row lacks legroom. Actually the whole car lacks room only to accommodate 2 more people with short legs.

  5. MirrorLink Connectivity

    Useless Car Features: Mirrorlink Connectivity
    Useless Car Features: MirrorLink Connectivity

    For those who know what this is, good! For those who don’t, it is a system to connect your phone to the infotainment system of your car. Must be good, right? No, absolutely not. What is the fun of connecting the phone to the car and then you have to use the phone in order to control the system? Mirroring works well when you are sitting in your living room and use it to display something on your TV and operate it using your phone. But it is a total waste of tech when it comes to cars.

  6. Fake Exhaust Tips

    Fake Exhaust Tips
    Fake Exhaust Tips

    Well, this is rather cringey. Why add fake exhaust tips while your car cannot produce that much power. This fake sense of power is what Mufasa felt when no one else was left to rule. It only feels good until a real car with real exhaust tips zoom passes you and you question your life choices. So it is really necessary that carmakers try to keep it real, as much as possible. Fake exhaust tips are just to add to the cosmetic appeal of the car. That’s it. And the carmakers need to stop making the cars merely for looks. God, I want the muscle car era to come back.

  7. CD Player and AM Radio

    Things of Past: CD Player
    Things of the Past: CD Player

    Is this the year 2010. If so, CD players and AM Radio are about to get absolute in cars in a year or so. And yet, some carmakers are equipping their cars with CD Players and AM Radio. No one has a collection of CDs nowadays and there is no use of that CD player at all. Mobile phones have taken place of every other mode of media, so, it is necessary that the car supports Bluetooth connectivity, Android Auto, or the Apple CarPlay. But to CD Player and AM Radio, sorry, but your services are no longer required!

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  8. Electronic Parking Brakes

    Hand Brake vs Electronic Brake
    Hand Brake vs Electronic Brake

    Yes, we are advancing towards a more tech-enabled future. But somethings are better in the manual. One such is the parking brakes, which to a person who loves to drift, is a necessity. And yet, the carmakers replace the manual one with an electronic. This not only prevents the drifts but also poses challenges while diagnostics and servicing. And, on a bad day, let’s say your car’s electrical systems are not working, you won’t be able to engage the parking brakes. And then, you’ll be cursing the carmaker! So, it is better to provide a manual parking brake in cars.

  9. Seats with Fixed Headrests

    The fixed headrest seats
    The fixed headrest seats

    Who are we? Carmakers! What do we want? To give our customers the best possible comfort! How do we plan to do that? By introducing seats with fixed headrests!!! Well, that is a true story that can be seen in many low-end cars nowadays. And that is not a comfort-adding feature at all. So, these fixed headrests need to be replaced with the adjustable ones in order to help the cause. Carmakers, do take note!

  10. Piano Finish Panels

    The dust magnet: Piano Finish Panels
    The dust magnet: Piano Finish Panels

    Scratch-resistant? No! Dust Resistant? No, not at all! Fingerprints-resistant? Naah! Then why to add these panels in a car. You are just one day into the ownership of your car, and boom, these panels are already demanding cleaning. So it is better to have a matte finish in the car rather than these Piano finish panels.

So, this was our list of useless car features that carmakers should remove from their cars. What are your thoughts on this? Do you find some other features useless? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  1. I still have a CD collection, so still want a CD player, thank you very much! I’m sure I’m not the only one!

  2. 1. Plastic roof railing; it is for just for good looks. What is your problem. I would pay for it if it my car looks better with it.

    2. Voice recognition: I use it to make phone calls. Answer or reject calls, change stations.

    5. Mirrorlink is for rear seat passengers to have control and have some fun

    6. Fakes are just for fun & to enhance looks of the car. We want it.

    Totally agree with 9 & 10.


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