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10 Things that make the Maruti WagonR the Perfect City Car!

Maruti WagonR was launched in India in 1999 as an answer to the Hyundai Santro. The competition got really tough after this tallboy made its entry in the Indian market. WagonR has been a widely chosen hatch because it comes with a number of benefits that make it a complete value for money! MSIL added a new fuel option to the WagonR lineup in 2010. We don’t need to say further how the company fitted CNG has boosted the sale of this hatchback. You would definitely find 4 WagonRs in every 10 hatchbacks you see! The app-based cab business is majorly supported by WagonR. They use it so extensively, that the car now carries a stereotype of being an Ola or Uber! Let’s have a look at 10 reasons why they use WagonR so much and why Maruti WagonR is a perfect city car.

  1. Unparalleled Efficiency

    Maruti WagonR | Fuel Efficiency
    Maruti WagonR | Fuel Efficiency

    Maruti Suzuki is known for developing cars which deliver excellent fuel efficiency. These cars save you so much on the fuel expenses that you feel every penny paid for buying them is absolutely worth it! Talking about the WagonR, it delivers 21.79km/l for the 1.0-litre engine variant. You may notice that this hatch delivers equal mileage for the manual and AGS variants. Just to let you know, this claim is made by testing the car under certain conditions. In real-life conditions, the AGS version will deliver slightly better. The 1.2-litre engine gives 20.52km/l which is equally appreciable. Now comes the biggest selling factor of this car. WagonR CNG has got a fuel efficiency of! Impressive, isn’t it?

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  2. City Driving Dynamics

    Maruti Suzuki WagonR CNG
    Maruti Suzuki WagonR

    City driving dynamics delivered by the WagonR are an all-time favourite of the Indian audience. Talking about the latest generation i.e. the 2019 WagonR, the car is based on the HEARTECT platform which is stronger and stiffer in comparison to the previous generation models. This platform along with the torsion beam at the rear end has completely transformed the driving experience of the new WagonR. The car has got a short hood length and also the dash is lowered. This has helped in increasing the front visibility making the city manoeuvring a very easy job!

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  3. Factory Fitted CNG

    Factory Fitted CNG | WagpnR
    Factory Fitted CNG | WagonR

    WagonR comes with an option of company fitted CNG which makes it an even popular choice! Maruti Suzuki recently completed the sale of 1Lakh CNG cars in India and just to let you know, WagonR forms the majority. WagonR CNG is widely chosen because of the excellent fuel efficiency it delivers along with Maruti Suzuki’s trust. Many people still get aftermarket CNG kits fitted and guess what, WagonR delivers almost same performance in that too! Still, confused between factory-fitted CNG and aftermarket CNG? Watch this video!

  4. Built to Last

    Maruti Suzuki WagonR
    Maruti Suzuki WagonR

    No wonder why this car is supporting the majority taxi business in India. WagonR is a hatch that is built to last. If you drive it well and maintain it well, it will definitely last long! We have seen many WagonRs at our workshops which have over 1Lakh kilometres of do reading and still run fine as new! The only condition is that you maintain it well. Ask a WagonR owner how much does it cost to maintain one. Also, if you still find the authorised service centre expensive, GoMechanic is here to your rescue! Choose us and save up to 40% on your car’s servicing needs!

  5. Spacious Cabin

    Spacious Cabin | maruti Suzuki WagonR
    Spacious Cabin | Maruti Suzuki WagonR

    Another factor that makes the Maruti WagonR a perfect city car is its spacious cabin. You can easily fit in 5 people and go for a short trip! WagonR might look like a hatchback but mind you, its cabin delivers way more than that. Just to let you know, WagonR has got 180 litres of boot space which is best-in-class! The rear seat comes with a 60-40 split which makes sure you get more boot space in case you need it!

  6. AGS Automatic Option

    Automatic Gear Shift
    Automatic Gear Shift

    Using the clutch in the city traffic gives you a headache? Maruti has solved our problem by giving the AGS option in our favourite hatch – the WagonR. This made its sale even higher. WagonR is now a popular choice among automatic car buyers too. As stated above, the new WagonR AGS delivers efficiency of 21.79km/l for the 1.0-litre engine and 20.52km/l for the 1.2-litre engine.

  7. Simple Yet Functional Looks

    The Big New WagonR
    The Big New WagonR

    WagonR looks simple but it doesn’t mean that it fails to attract! This tallboy looks well if you consider others from the segment. For those debating that there are no DRLs or projector headlamps, Maruti Suzuki came out with the Stingray which had projector headlamps so this time also, we can expect a version which will have DRLs and projector headlamps in the form of XL5 but we will have to wait for that. Talking of the current version, its looks are not at all bad!

  8. Easy Maintenance

    GoMechanic Fun Reads
    Easy to maintain

    WagonR’s spare parts are available at every corner of the city. You can easily find a Maruti Spare where you won’t find any other automotive brand! Just make sure the part is original. Maintaining the WagonR is an easy task that won’t take much effort and won’t cost you much as well. Authorised service centres may charge you high in the name of maintenance. Choose GoMechanic if you want the same service quality at a cheaper price!

  9. Value for Money

    Value for Money | WagonR
    Value for Money | WagonR

    WagonR is an absolute value for money car. It has got efficiency, drivability, experience, features and much more! WagonR is a complete package that you get at a starting price of Rs. 4.45 Lakhs ex-showroom. The base model doesn’t offer much but what it does make it a full ‘paisa vasool’  as well! Climbing up in the list of variants, you get features like the infotainment system, steering mounted controls and much more which make it worth every penny you pay!

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  10. Maruti Suzuki’s Trust

    Maruti Suzuki Dealership
    Maruti Suzuki Dealership

    Last but the most important fact that makes Maruti WagonR a perfect city car is the brand-name! Maruti Suzuki is the name of trust in the Indian automobile market. Indians trust MSIL and therefore, most of us choose a Maruti as our first car. WagonR is the pride of our own Indian brand and it is now wrong in saying that Maruti Suzuki is a perfect city car.

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Vishal Khanna
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