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Saturday, February 24, 2024
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10 Reasons Why India Loves Maruti Suzuki Cars

Ask Maruti Suzuki the reason for them being at the top in the Indian automotive industry for almost 40 years. And the company would simply answer, ‘The Love of Indians for their cars’. The first car for most of the households in India would have been a Maruti Suzuki car. But what is the reason that we Indians love Maruti so much? Well, there is not just a single reason but 10 of them. Let’s take a look.

  1. Maruti Cars are Affordable

    Maruti Suzuki cars at Nexa platform
    Maruti Suzuki cars at Nexa platform

    “A common man’s car” is what Maruti’s first car, the 800, was known as. Maruti Suzuki is known to offer affordable cars. Most of the segments are dominated by Maruti Suzuki, affordable cars being the major reason behind the success. The brand’s image of making affordable cars is so strong that when the company tried to enter the luxury segment with cars like Kizashi and Grand Vitara, it failed miserably. Maruti Suzuki later decided to make a different platform for its premium offerings which is known as NEXA. But what’s interesting to know is that even the premium cars from India’s largest carmaker are cheaper than their rivals.

  2. Maruti Cars return the Best Mileage

    First questions that Indians ask while buying a car
    First questions that Indians ask while buying a car

    “Kitna Deti Hai?” – This question can become the worst nightmare for any carmaker in India. But not for Maruti Suzuki. All the cars from Maruti Suzuki come with really high mileage. For eg, Maruti Suzuki WagonR can return a mileage of over 32km/Kg when running on CNG. This is the major reason that people prefer a Maruti Suzuki car for their daily commute. Keeping the running cost low is what every middle-class man seeks while buying a car.

  3. Maruti Cars have the best spare parts availability

    Maruti Suzuki Genuine Spares
    Maruti Suzuki Genuine Spares

    The company has a vast network spread across the country for sales and service. You can easily find a Maruti Suzuki service centre at every 5-6kms in India. This is the extent of the reach of Maruti. This is the reason that spare parts for Maruti Suzuki are easily and readily available. And the best part is, you can even find Maruti Genuine Spare Parts from a local shop that is not even authorised by the company itself. And Maruti also makes sure that the authenticity of the part can be checked online so that you don’t get duped.

  4. Maruti Cars have the best resale value

    Maruti Suzuki True Value
    Maruti Suzuki True Value

    It’s not only the initial cost that is at play here. Maruti Suzuki cars can offer a great resale value due to their high demand in the market. It is a well-known fact that a Maruti Suzuki car can return anywhere near 40-50% or more of the initial value even after 3-4 years. Although the resale value depends a lot on the condition of the car too. And the company has even got a True Value section for the resale of old cars.

  5. Maruti Cars are cheaper to maintain

    Promise For Better Servicing
    Maruti Cars are Cheaper to Service

    Low initial cost? Check! High resale value? Check! Maintenance cost? Maruti Suzuki is known to make cars that are light on the pocket right from the beginning till the end. Which means that the cars from the company are cheap to maintain. The service and spare parts cost are really cheap when compared to other carmakers. And if you get it done from a trusted car care partner like GoMechanic, you get over 40% more savings.

  6. Maruti Cars feel Desi & Homely

    First Alto in the year 2000
    First Alto in the year 2000

    A desi person loves a desi car. And Maruti Suzuki gets the Desi to feel just right into its cars. You get all the Indian feels when you are driving a Maruti Suzuki car. And with all the parts sourced from local manufacturers, these cars are totally Indian.

  7. Maruti Cars are simple

    Alto 800 CNG Car
    Alto 800 CNG Car

    What can we expect more from Maruti? Yet, the company decided to give the customers more. And that is the simplicity of driving a Maruti Suzuki Car.  Most of the car driving schools use a Maruti car to teach their students how to drive a car. Affordability and mileage do surely play a role but being the simple ones to drive, it is easy to learn driving.

  8. 50% share in the automotive industry

    Car Sales Report May 2020
    Car Sales Report May 2020

    This gives us Indians a reason to trust the company. Being the largest carmaker with such a vast network of dealerships and service centres just adds 100 points to the tally against the other manufacturers.

  9. The Maruti Brand Name

    Maruti Suzuki Cars
    Maruti Suzuki Cars

    With a legacy of almost 40 years, Maruti Suzuki is a brand well-known in India. And this is one of the major reasons that people tend to buy a Maruti car. The brand’s name is such that Indians rely on it. Nothing can go wrong with Maruti! And even if does go wrong somewhere, the network is so strong that you won’t have any problem getting the problem fixed.

  10. Your Dad will Vouch for a Maruti

    True Story
    True Story

    “83% of Indian dads will vouch for a Maruti Car any day, true story!” – Barney Stinson. Ask your dad before buying your first car and he will definitely suggest you buy a Maruti, stating the above points as reasons. And he is not wrong, Dads are never wrong.

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So these were the reasons that why do Indians love Maruti Suzuki so much. There is one factor though where the company really needs to make progress and that is the safety aspect. And if it excels to get the safety right, Maruti is surely a brand that everyone should prefer. What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments section below.

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    • Hi Rezwan,
      There is no good in buying a 2000 model Alto as it’s registration period would be over till now. You can opt for 2008 model Maruti Alto if you really want one. Stay tuned!

    • Hi Suresh,
      It is true that Maruti lacks a lot when it comes to safety and we have mentioned it at the end of the article. This article was more focused on the reasons behind the love of Indians for Maruti. Stay tuned!

      • Maruti car quality and style is ages old. Now when we are having five star super style cars like nexon then no one will go for zero star rated tin car like swift. It’s shocking how come car with Airbag can get zero safety rating. So low quality car parts will be cheaper. Safety is not features, it is quality of car. Resale value is the thing of the past due to scrappage policy. You need to update for 2021.

  1. I need maruti Alto800 std 2019-2020 let me know ex shoi room price Iam from northeastern states of Nagaland is there finance available or not?

  2. Yes you are right! Maruti Suzuki Cars have the best spare parts availability.

    I always purchase accessories and spare parts for my Maruti Suzuki Swift from their authorized service centre


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