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Saturday, April 13, 2024
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This Modified Maruti Esteem has Modifications worth 1.6 Lakhs!

For many people, cars are a means of transport to go from point A to point B. For some cars are the reason they live and die. One such car enthusiast, Sriniketh, whose few cars we have covered before has worked his expertise on a Maruti Suzuki Esteem. It is a 2007 Maruti Esteem which he has tastefully modified. Let’s take a further look at what all has changed and what all are the outcomes.

The Face-off | The Stock vs The Modified Maruti Esteem

The 2007 model Maruti Suzuki has a 1.3-litre petrol engine which is capable of producing 85hp of power and a peak torque of 110Nm. With this engine, the stock Esteem could touch a top speed of around 162 kmph. And talking about the acceleration, it took the Maruti Esteem a staggering 13 seconds to reach 100 kmph from nothing.

Sriniketh's Modified Maruti Esteem
Sriniketh’s Modified Maruti Esteem

With all the modifications of which we will be talking about in a bit, Sriniketh’s modified Maruti Esteem can easily clock over 180 kmph. And for the 0-100 kmph sprint, this Esteem takes less than 9.5 seconds only. What all had to be done to achieve this? Let’s find out!

The List Of Performance Modifications

Modified Maruti Esteem with Bigger Throttle Body
Modified Maruti Esteem with Bigger Throttle Body

First of all, we will be talking about the modifications that have affected the performance of the car. The engine’s stock camshafts were replaced with Maruti Baleno’s camshafts. A bigger throttle body for better airflow was installed. A conical air filter replaced the stock one so that the engine could breath better.

Polished and Ported Intake and Exhaust Ports on the Modified Maruti Esteem
Polished and Ported Intake and Exhaust Ports on the Modified Maruti Esteem

The intake and exhaust ports were polished and ported. A custom free-flow side exit exhaust was also installed. As this Esteem was meant to produce more power, bigger injectors and a bigger fuel pump were also installed.

NGK Iridium Spark Plugs for the Modified Maruti Esteem
NGK Iridium Spark Plugs for the Modified Maruti Esteem

For the better ignition of the fuel-air mixture inside the engine, NGK iridium spark plugs have replaced the company-fitted ones.

With great power comes great responsibility! And the stock parts of the engine such as clutch and flywheel were not ready to comply with such figures. So Sriniketh decided to replace them. For the clutch, he used Excedy, Australia high-performance light-weight clutch, and for the flywheel, one from Fidanza was sourced. And for the braking purposes, this Esteem’s braking system has been equipped with EBC brake pads. This modified Maruti Esteem runs on a high octane fuel for the best possible performance output.

The Exterior Modifications

Modified Maruti Esteem
Modified Maruti Esteem

These just make the car look meaner. A custom fluorescent yellow paint job has been done so that the car is visible from far too. Bosla sourced headlamps have replaced the original company-fitted ones. And the tail lamps have been given a tint. The stock rubber has been replaced with the 175/70 R13 Yokohama tyres.

So how much is the cost of this modification?

This whole modification took out over ₹1.6lakhs out from Sriniketh’s pocket. And what it is able to perform, the money has been well spent! Do you have a car that can get featured on our blog? Let us know in the comments section below or you can share details with us on our Instagram handle here.
You can also drop us a mail on gomechanicblog@gomechanic.in and flaunt your car to the world.
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