CNG cars have become immensely popular nowadays. Considering the growing fuel prices, we have seen a shift in consumer preferences. CNG cars are doing great in the market considering the great efficiency they deliver. CNG cars are fuel-efficient and therefore, prove to be extremely affordable. In this article, we will put the factory fitted CNG against the aftermarket CNG fitment and will come to a conclusion after considering all the aspects. Make sure you don’t skip any point!

Before diving straight into the competition, let’s answer a popularly asked question

How many types of CNG kits are there?

There are mainly 2 types of CNG kits

  • Venturi CNG Kit

    Venturi CNG Kit Setup | Minda
    Venturi CNG Kit Setup | Minda

    Digging deep, we can say that the venturi CNG kit is the simple version of the bi-fuel system which does not use any sensors or even the ECU! This system dumps a certain amount of gas into the intake manifold which is used by the engine. The amount of gas dumped into the manifold totally depends upon the throttle input.

  • Sequential CNG Kit

    This is the modern CNG system. The sequential CNG kit has got all the modern age sensors and the ECU. The gas injectors are coupled with the already existing fuel injectors in the intake manifold. Gas flow is monitored and adjusted electronically by a separate ECU for CNG, just like how the petrol ECU controls petrol flow.

Tomasetto Achille Sequential CNG Kit Components
Tomasetto Achille Sequential CNG Kit Components

You need to read further to get to the real talk of company fitted CNG vs aftermarket CNG that is installed in the cars.

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What is the difference between normal CNG kit and sequential CNG kit?

This is also a popularly asked question. We’ve figured out the difference between a normal CNG kit and a sequential CNG kit. Read on to find out!

  • The main difference between the two kits is the availability of the sensors and the ECU.
  • The amount of CNG flowing into your engine is controlled by the ECU which gives an edge to the sequential system over the venturi CNG kit. 
  • A conventional CNG kit is a basic setup where there is no computer or ECU to control the flow of gas into the engine.
  • A Sequential CNG kit, on the other hand, can be installed on the vehicles having an electronically controlled fuel injection system only.

Is CNG bad for engines?

Absolutely not! CNG is not at all bad for your car’s engine. CNG enables you to run your car at a much economical price. Major brands in India like Maruti Suzuki and Hyundai are providing company fitted CNG in their cars. We have also seen from the sale stats that the company fitted CNG cars are sold in much higher numbers than the petrol or diesel cars. Yes, the preferences have shifted. The app-based cab facilities have given the CNG cars a major push.

Not only Maruti Suzuki or Hyundai, but Honda has also come up with a factory-fitted version of their largest selling model, the City. All the automakers incorporating the bi-fuel technology is a clear indication that CNG is not at all bad for your car’s engine!

Do you think CNG can kill your engine?

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Is company-fitted CNG better? Company fitted CNG vs Aftermarket CNG!

This is the most popular question among the masses who are about to buy a new car and looking for CNG as a fuel option. Maruti Suzuki currently markets its CNG by the name of S-CNG! They claim that this system is a smart-CNG system that will make your car run smoothly and steadily.

Here we have a video for you. This video has compared Maruti Suzuki’s S-CNG to an aftermarket sequential CNG kit. Make sure you watch it till the end for the detailed comparison.

So we see that Maruti’s S-CNG is nothing but a normal CNG kit. Maruti Suzuki sources these readymade kits from a manufacturer and fits them in their lineup. If you go for a sequential kit in your car which has an electronically controlled injection system, you will experience the same performance as you will do in case of the company fitted CNG car. 

Further, if we talk about the costs, the same car model with a company fitted CNG option comes at a price that is Rs. 60-70,000 more than its petrol counterpart. On the other hand, the aftermarket sequential CNG kits cost about INR 40-50,000. The only bad part about aftermarket CNG is that your car’s warranty gets void as soon as you install the CNG kit. Yes, this is the ultimate weapon which the manufacturer could use and they have, of course, do it!

Does CNG increase mileage?

CNG increases the efficiency of the vehicle. We can expect 1kg of CNG to deliver 40% more than what 1 Litre of petrol does.CNG definitely increases the mileage of your vehicle and is also cheaper than petrol so you don’t have to bear the heavy expenses too!

Is CNG Dangerous?

Another question that most people ask about CNG is about safety. Just to let you know, CNG is absolutely safe! The burning temperature for CNG is about 649 degrees Celsius. On the other hand, petrol burns at 315 degrees Celsius. Yes, surprising but true! Petrol burns at a temperature that is half as compared to the burning temperature of CNG. So in case, there’s a leakage in the fuel passage, petrol cars are more dangerous than those running on CNG!

Is CNG car worth buying?

  • Definitely yes! If you have a daily running of 70-80 km which is quite common nowadays, then CNG is the fuel you should go for. 
  • Spending the majority of your income on fuel is not a wise decision obviously.
  • Moreover, CNG is also beneficial for the environment. It is a green fuel that does not affect the environment in any manner. So if you find going electric as an expensive alternative, you can definitely go CNG!
  • If the war of company fitted CNG vs aftermarket CNG has still got you in trouble, you can do your part of research online before deciding.

Will you consider buying a CNG car?
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Company fitted CNG vs aftermarket CNG, the competition lies nowhere because both of them are equally good options provided you go for a recognized brand. All the recognized CNG manufacturers like Lovato, Tomasetto Achille, BRC provide warranty on their CNG kits. You can avail of the warranty and continue to use CNG kits without any hassle. Though many people still trust company fitted CNG only but just to let you know, the aftermarket CNG is also gaining popularity very fast due to its highly competitive price and equally viable benefits.


  1. Would suggest for after market fitment of TOMASETTO Achille Italian kits…after sales are better then companies factory fitted kits

    • No, it is not. This is because Ciaz’s engine has not been made to be run on CNG. The safest option is to fit CNG kits in those cars which have the factory fitted CNG counterparts. However, if you fix CNG in your Ciaz, it will result in a decreased engine life and performance.

    • Hi Sachin
      Although any petrol engine runs well on a sequential CNG kit we still don’t recommend retrofitting CNG to Hyundai Venue. This won’t yield a good fuel mileage and also decrease your engine’s life. Hyundai doesn’t manufacture the Venue to get a CNG fitment done. The car runs really good on petrol!

    • Hi Vipul,
      We would suggest you go for Lovato as BRC works good with Maruti Suzuki only but Lovato has a better ECU which can be tuned with any engine easily. As your car isn’t a Maruti Suzuki, you shouldn’t go for BRC.
      Stay pinned!

    • Hi Bhawna
      It won’t be fair at all to install an aftermarket CNG kit in Renault Duster. This is because Renault’s engine is not made to run on CNG. It might function well in the initial days but will surely have a bad effect in the long run!

      • Thanks vishal. Will definitely consider your opinion as we were planning to install cng kit in duster because now our duster is out warranty as well. But now i guess we will drop this plan.

  2. Hi Vishal,
    I want to buy tata car tiago or altroz. So it is good to fit CNG kit in those cars as it has a 3 cylinders only?
    Want will be lapsed on CNG kit fitting ?

    • Hi Kiran
      Tiago and Altroz are definitely good cars to go for. Talking about CNG, it is not recommended to fit CNG in any of these. I have personally seen how Tiago’s engine fails to deliver well on CNG. Haven’t seen any Altroz with CNG yet but most probably it will be a misfit too. Don’t go for Tata if you want to install a CNG kit.

    • Hello Rohit
      You can definitely go for CNG in Hyundai i20. It’s not a great combo I would say but it’s fine if you have a daily running of over 50kms. You can go for Lovato’s sequential CNG kit. Make sure that the fitment and tuning are done by a trained technician.

  3. Hi sir I have Renault duster 2016 .. my running has increased , daily running is 90 km I want to install cng .. my plan is to keep car for 10years because of loan .. so please suggest .

    • Hi Sandesh
      I would not recommend fitting Renault Duster with CNG. This is because Renault’s engines are not meant to operate on CNG. It will run well in the initial days but will have a bad long-term effect on your engine. Considering you want to keep your car for 10 years, CNG is a big NO from my side.
      Stay pinned!

  4. Hello Vishalji,
    Thank you for a wonderful detailed article. I have a question for you : ”

    Can I fit a CNG kit in the New Wagon R 2019 Automatic Transmission version? I will be doing it post the warranty period. Can I get to know the pros and cons of it?” Can you please suggest which engine should I select for the retrofitting, the 1L or the 1.2L engine?

    Thanking you in advance.

    • Hello Makarand
      Thanks for appreciating my article. Please share it with your friends & family and ask them to watch my video on the same. The video is there inside the article itself. Coming to your question, automatic transmissions don’t pair well with CNG. This is because due to the power lag, the ECU won’t be able to shift the gears by itself properly due to which you will feel an acceleration lag many times. You should go for a manual car if your prime concern is getting CNG fitted. If you still wish to go for CNG in WagonR automatic, go for the 1.0-litre engine!

  5. Thank you for your swift response. What is your opinion about fitting a CNG in a Baleno or an Ignis which do not come with a CNG variant but do have the Automatic Version with petrol? Can I retrofit them with a CNG kits, or would your answer would be the same as for Ciaz or the Duster which you have mentioned above.

    Makarand Saraf

    • Hello Makarand
      My opinion about fitting CNG in any automatic car would remain the same. You will definitely feel acceleration lag and will struggle to overtake on highways. However, the manual versions of Baleno and Ignis can go with CNG really well but only in their manual forms. Similar is the case with Ciaz.
      Duster has a completely different engine and parent company, therefore, I don’t recommend CNG in Duster.

    • Yes, you can. But we won’t recommend it. Fitting CNG in an automatic car will make you feel power and acceleration lags quite often. This happens because the ECU is programmed to shift gears according to the power supplied by the petrol. You will struggle to accelerate many times, especially on highways.
      Stay Pinned for more!

    • Hi Abhinandan
      Installing CNG in an automatic car isn’t a good option. Considering your car’s CVT, you will feel extreme acceleration lags with your car if you go for CNG. However, Amaze is a good option for CNG installation but only in the manual version.

    • Hi Abhinandan. Thanks for commenting. Honda Amaze goes really well with CNG however, fitting CNG in the CVT version might be a bad decision. This is because CNG doesn’t work well with automatic cars. Be it any car brand, you will feel considerable power and acceleration lags if you drive an automatic car on CNG. Also, your car will struggle shifting gears by itself. Therefore fitting CNG in a manual car is a good option as you can easily shift to a lower gear and accelerate when required.

  6. Hello Vishal,
    I have verna 2010 model I crossed only 49k kms can I fit cng to the engine life spoils

    • Hi Dheeraj
      I have seen many Verna owners go for CNG. Just don’t expect exceptional mileage. If you are thinking that installing CNG in your Verna will get you major fuel cost savings, you might be disappointed to know that Verna isn’t that efficient on CNG. Talking about the engine, it doesn’t have any ill-effects in the case of Verna

    • It’s a good idea. However, due to the power drop, you may not be able to feel pleasure while driving. Be prepared for the turbo-lag and the no-fun sports mode. Else, if you want to save on your fuel costs, CNG is definitely your thing!

  7. Thanks Vishal..who is good in terms of quality & warranty – Lovato or tomasetto ?
    Also after CNG retrofitment, vehicle manufacturer warranty will hamper.My vehicle is 5 years old.

    • Hi Kiran
      Installing any aftermarket CNG kit will void your car’s manufacturer warranty. However, between Lovato and Tomasetto, you can go for Lovato. But if budget is a constraint, Tomasetto is also good to go. I have been using Tomasetto myself for 2 years. No issue faced till now.
      Stay pinned for more informative articles!

  8. I am using Hyundai’s Grand i10 2019 Petrol. So far everything is great except the fact my usage is nearly 150km a day. I am unable to find a reliable after market CNG mechanic and I am very skeptical on how my Car’s performance would be effected if I install CNG. Keeping in mind I have a regular run high altitude regions using the same car, with not smooth inclines on the way, what do you suggest should I do with my Car to keep a balance between Performance and Cost.

    • Hi Veyom
      Hyundai Grand i10 is a really good car to be run on CNG. Considering your daily drive of 150kms, you should go for it without any second thoughts. The only thing that worries me is your commute to the higher altitudes. Considering the power drop and the boot space sacrifice you will have to make and the significant power drop which can land you in trouble at higher altitudes, CNG is surely not your thing. However, if you still want to opt for it, consider buying Lovato Sequential CNG Kit.
      Keep reading our articles for more!

      • Hello Vishal,
        Thanks for taking time to respond to my query. Much appreciated.

        Your answer raises another question in my mind. Is it possible that while I use CNG for my daily runs, when I travel up the moutains, I switch to Petrol to achieve the power output that my car currently provides?
        I sincerely hope you answer yes to my question above, because a no/maybe, would mean using CNG might improve mileage, but definitely does comprise the power and engine’s overall capacity to point of no return.

        Please advise.

        • Hi Veyom
          No doubt you can switch between petrol and CNG according to the terrain. The only thing that worries me is the gradual power loss that the engine will have. You can get an appreciable power output in the initial days but you will have to be really careful about the servicing of your engine as you go ahead. If you are not regular at maintenance, you will lose power even when running on petrol. Yes, CNG comprises the power and engine’s overall capacity to point of no return. But you can have more time until you reach this point just by caring for your car.

  9. I have second hand Ford aspire 2016 model , want to install cng kit . What is your advice on Ford aspire , should I go with cng ?? Please give advice

    • Ford Aspire is an American technology car and they don’t recommend installing CNG in their vehicles. You will not only face the loss of power, but the engine life will also decrease for sure. We don’t recommend going for CNG in your Aspire.

    • Hi Narun
      For your Alto, you can go for BRC sequential kit. Don’t worry your engine won’t be affected because Maruti’s engines work on CNG really well. For more clarification on aftermarket cng vs company fitted cng, watch the video inside our blog!

  10. Hi Vishal,
    Firstly thank you for sharing such a valuable things.

    I have i10 magna 2016 model petrol and want to install Cng in my car. Pls suggest me.

    Is there any problem in terms of engine performance or also for a long term point of view.

    Pls suggest me which company Cng to be go for…

    • Hi Vishal
      Be it i10 or Grand i10 (I guess you have a Grand i10), both work fine on CNG. My suggestion would be to avoid visiting the dealership for CNG fitment because they will charge you a bomb! Visit a certified CNG dealer in the local market and go for Lovato sequential CNG kit. Also, there would be no major problems in the engine on a short-term or long-term basis. You just need to get your car and CNG kit serviced more often than you would have done running it on petrol only. For instance, the spark plugs need to be changed more often if the car runs on CNG.

  11. Hello,
    It’s really a wonderful plateform to enhance initial knowledge about automobiles and to make a good buying dicision.
    I want to buy ignis sigma. But it is not available in CNG variant.
    What will be the fuel efficiency of ignis compare with celerio CNG ?
    Should I go for it is with aftermarket CNG kit or celerio CNG variant.

    • Hello Omprakash
      Thanks for appreciating our work. Ignis (Sigma) would work good on CNG however, no official statement has been made on the efficiency. If you want that premium feel, you should go for Ignis, but if you anyhow have more trust on company fitted CNG, go for Celerio. Both of them have their own upsides!

  12. I would like to fit Cng sequential kit on my Wagon R vxi 2015. Please help to clarify on two things

    1. Will after Market cng reduce resale value of the vehicle

    2. Do we need to tweak rear suspension setting as well .

    • Hi Abhilash
      Aftermarket CNG doesn’t reduce the resale value of the car at all. You just need to find the right customer. However, the statement you mentioned is a common tactic used by dealers to procure the car in a low amount. Talking about the rear suspension, you just need to get suspension padding which enhances the load-bearing capacity of the suspension. These are readily available in the market!

  13. Sir I have Esteem of 2000 Model Which 23000 driven mechanic told me that it is not compact-able for sequence kit so please suggest me what to do

    • Hi Sanjeev
      You can surely go for CNG but a sequential kit won’t work well with your car. You will have to go with a normal CNG kit which of course has many disadvantages. Considering your car is already 20 years old, you should not try to modify the engine and let it run as it is for the rest of its life.

    • Hi Aakash
      It’s definitely good to get CNG fitted in your Hyundai i20 if your daily running is above 70kms. You can save huge on fuel expenses. Go for Lovato if you decide to proceed.

  14. Sir I have a 2010 model i10 Magna 1.2. I want to install the cng kit which is better kit for me. Sequential kit or normal kit. I want to install sequential kit in my car but the vendor says the sequential kit is not install in your car because it is 2010 model car. What the sequential kit can not install in my car please btaye I am confused .and also tell me which the company is better for me

    • Hi Nitin
      You can fit a sequential kit in your 2010 Hyundai i10 for sure. Talking about brands, Lovato works well with Hyundai. It would be costlier than others but will surely be worth it!

  15. Hello Vishalji,
    What is your opinion on fitting the CNG kit in Ford Aspire/Figo CVT transmission cars. Is it recommended

    • Hello Makarand
      I don’t recommend fitting CNG in an automatic car because the gear shifting will be an issue for sure. Suppose if you are overtaking someone, you won’t be able to shift down (in case you need to) and will feel the power lag significantly. Also, the acceleration lag is there because the ECU is tuned according to petrol as a fuel and shifts gears according to that only.

  16. Hello Vishal,
    What is your opinion on fitting the Zavoli sequential s3 CNG kit Italy made on Tata nexon 2020 version..????

    • Hi Sridhar
      Tata Nexon 2020 is one of the best performing vehicles in the market. However, most of the users prefer fitting CNG once the warranty period is over. Considering most of them are already in warranty, I haven’t come across a Nexon CNG yet. Talking about previous-gen models, CNG was a misfit for the Nexon.

  17. very informative article@ i am going to install cng in my alto k10
    there were lot of misunderetandings before reading this article .. thanks for the article

  18. Hello Vishalji,
    Again seeking a piece of advice from you. Would you recommend fitting an aftermarket CNG kit in a Volkswagen Vento TSI Petrol automatic car or a Volkswagen Polo automatic car?
    Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

    • Hello Makarand
      Polo is a German car and has beautiful but complex engineering. You shouldn’t at all use CNG in a Polo be it manual or automatic. Talking about TSI, you will feel massive turbo lags which will eventually have bad effects on the engine and on the turbocharger as well. You would easily find people fitting CNG in their turbo cars but it works fine in the initial stages. The engine gets badly affected in the later stages especially in German cars from the Skoda VW group.

    • No Makarand,
      As I stated during our initial conversation, fitting CNG in an automatic car would make you experience power lags and performance lags as you drive it. The automatic gearbox is tuned according to the power delivered by the petrol. Talking about Ford, they have themselves tried CNG on the Aspire and it is successful to a great extent but for the manual version only

  19. Hi, i have gone through your articles they are very informative. I just want to ask i have an Honda Amaze 2015 model and my running is around 60 kms daily, so is it advisable to CNG installed in car if yes then which one. Whether CNG kit is compatible in 2015 Honda Amaze model.

    • Hi Amit
      Your Honda Amaze 2015 (Petrol) is definitely compatible with CNG. You should go for CNG fitment for sure seeing your daily running. For Honda cars, I recommend Lovato’s sequential CNG. It might look quite expensive than others but believe me its definitely worth it!

  20. hi,
    i have company fitted cng alto lxi car, recently light is blinking on dashboard, when i check with marutiwork shop they told me that complete wiring will change it can not repair and it expensive.
    Please suggest that can i change from out side. it will advisable to change change from outside or not.

  21. Hi Vishal,

    What about Baleno 1.2L engine performance with CNG is it compatible with? If yes which brand is the best ? Also is there any negative impact on engine life in long term ?

  22. Hi Vishal,

    What about Baleno 1.2L engine is it compatible with CNG if yes which brand is the best ? Also is there any negative impact on engine in long term ? I approx monthly run is 1000 km.

    Please advice…

    • Hi Piyush
      Talking about long term impacts, your engine will work well provided you get it serviced regularly. However, a CNG engine lasts slightly less than a petrol one but the cost that it saves you throughout the lifetime is definitely worth it!

    • Hi Pravin, Installing CNG in an automatic car is not a good idea as you will face gearshift and power lags on CNG because the transmission is designed to work according to the power delivered by petrol only. It is NOT advised to install CNG in your Honda City SV Automatic.

  23. Hi Vishal, it is really good to see your valuable suggestions and I appreciate the same. I also have one query. I bought Hyundai Aura S petrol in February this year considering my commuting to office only daily basis which is around 40 Kms to and fro. Can I consider CNG fitment in case I need more distance coverage for future job change or should I wait for 4 years warranty expiry. And what mileage I will get and is this safe for engine?

    • Hi Manish,
      Congratulations on your new car! Hyundai Aura is a great car for CNG fitment considering it gets a company fitted variant too. IF you want to go for aftermarket fitment, I would recommend using the car on petrol for at least 1 year. Don’t worry about the engine’s warranty. It will survive well on CNG. No hazards! Go for Lovato Sequential CNG kit.

    • Hi Amit
      It is not recommended to fit CNG in Kwid. I have seen many failed attempts in the CNG market where owners have complained about power lags, decreased acceleration and poor mileage. I don’t recommend CNG for Kwid.

  24. Hi Vishal
    I have a hyundai i10 2008 model my total running per day is 100 km and currently running on Petrol. I am confused whether i shall install CNG or Lpg in my car. Since my RC going to expire after 2 years i am looking for low budget installation whichever is cheaper .Another issue is can i run cng without putting into RC.Plz suggest

    • Hi Abhishek
      Your Hyundai i10 will run well on CNG. You should not go for LPG because it is banned in many areas of the country. Talking about costs, a sequential CNG will cost you around 35-40k INR. Running your car on CNG without getting it endorsed on the RC can land you in trouble. It is a simple process and costs around 1000INR only. Don’t skip it.

  25. i am using CNG fitted by other dealer and problem is that when i run my car on CNG yellow sighn of engine is showing on speedo meter board… kindly suggest me have any problem

    • Hi Nitin
      The light you have mentioned here is the check engine light. This can be hazardous if ignored. Rush to your CNG dealer asap and ask him to check the fitment thoroughly. This problem usually occurs due to incorrect fitment or programming of the CNG kit.

    • Hi Bhawna
      Kia Sonet has not been tested in the aftermarket space for its CNG compatibility yet. We request you to wait for some time. Also, the government is not allowing to get a CNG kit endorsed on the RC for BS6 vehicles as of now.

    • Hi Jayesh
      Your Fiat Linea can work with a CNG kit but honestly, don’t expect it to work exceptionally well. If you are going to fit CNG in Linea, be prepared for more frequent services and a higher maintenance cost. Also, the mileage won’t be that good too so you will save only a little amount of money in the long run. If you still wish to go for a CNG kit, you can go for Tomasetto Achille Italy as it won’t cost much and deliver the required performance!

  26. I want to buy honada amaze manual and install cng kit. Currently there are no registered cng kit for bs6 engine. Should there will be approval for these kit for bs6 engine anytime soon?

  27. Hi,
    I have honda city zx 2007 petrol.
    Suggest me the CNG kit with compitable with it.
    As I have reviewed some online later on mil light glow due to lambda sensor on car.
    Let me guide to understand which I can CNG kit I purchase

  28. Hi
    It’s pleasure to read article, very nice and informative.
    I purchased TATA Tigor XZ petrol manual @ Aug 2020.
    Is it possible to fit CNG in my car?
    Recommend me CNG fitting kit for the same.
    How it’s affecting on engine life.

    • Hi Vijay
      Surprisingly, Tata cars don’t perform that good on CNG. Therefore, we don’t recommend installing CNG in your Tata Tigor. Alternatively, if you still feel like installing CNG, we would recommend you to drive your car for at least 1 year or 30-40,000kms. Post that, you can go for BRC CNG kit. Considering its Tata, there will be a considerable effect on the engine.

  29. Hello Vishal sir, again want an advice for going to LPG or CNG. My Dad own 17 year old repassed Maruti 800. Now he wants to shift for LPG or CNG as both fuel stations are available now. So which is most convenient for 800 LPG or CNG. Please mention brand name also.

    • Hi Akshay
      For your Maruti 800, I would suggest CNG because it’s cleaner and greener. Moreover, it’s safer than LPG too. Also, the use of LPG is no more popular in many cities so this fuel is projected to end soon. CNG is the future between these two. You can go for any venturi kit. Don’t install a sequential kit in your 17-year old car.

  30. Hi Vishal, i wanted to ask you i have a 2007 model Toyota Corrola and it has already run 100,000kms, it is in a very good condition, i want to convert it into CNG can you please suggest if i should convert it and also which brand should i opt for ? i have read all your previous commnets and replies there was no mention of Corrola.

    • Hi Suraj
      Toyota Corolla wasn’t meant to work well on CNG but surprisingly, it has turned out to be a good CNG car. You can go for CNG in your 2007 model without any hassle. Considering it has already done 1Lakh kilometres, you need to be careful with the periodic service. You can go for Tomasetto Achille Italy or Landi Ranzo whichever suits you the best!

  31. Hi Vishal
    I have zxi at ertiga. Want to go for cng due to my running of approx 60-70 km/day. I want to use cng for city and on highways switch to petrol for better performance. Is it right thought to implement and reduce running cost.


  32. Hi Vishal
    I am plan to fit CNG kit in my Honda Civic Sport 2008 model
    I wanted to ask you i have a 2008 model Honda Civic Sports and it has run only 42-43K kms, it is in a very good condition, i want to convert it into CNG can you please suggest if i should convert it and also which brand should i opt for ?

    • Hi Sagar
      I would suggest Lovato for your Honda Civic.
      Also, I am a Civic lover myself, I would like to ask you if you would like to sell your vehicle because I am actively searching for a Honda Civic in a good condition.

  33. Hi Vishal, I am planning to buy a Maruti Ertiga VXI (CNG Model). Do you suggest buying it? Someone or the other tells me not to buy a CNG car and go for some other petrol car. Not sure what is the reason. Can you help??

    • Hi Ayush
      There is absolutely no harm in buying and using CNG cars. I myself own 2 CNG cars and have been driving on CNG since 2012. No issues faced till date. Just maintain your car well and you are good to go!

  34. Hi,

    Kindly suggest CNG fitment for Chevrolet Beat petrol. Is it compatible? Can i get a good milage on CNG?Also Suggest brand for Beat petrol. Thanks sir.

  35. Whether Amaze Honda petrol model 2014 be fitted with CNG kit. Can you suggest good company who dies this fitting & provide subsequent service ? Thanks Vishal

  36. Hello Vishal
    First of all, very nice article and I got to this on a very right time.
    I have recently bought i10 – 2008 1.1L era. I have a running of approximately 75-80 kms daily. My car is sucking up the fuel and my money as well!!
    Would it be a good idea to go for a sequential cng kit for this car?
    And if yes, is there a necessity to add advancers to it because of small engine?
    I really don’t want to go for a conventional kit.
    Please advise. Cheers

    • Hi Sumedh
      I myself own a 2012 Hyundai i10 and absolutely agree with you on the fuel efficiency part! Considering your daily running is 75-80kms, you should get CNG fitted in your Hyundai i10 for sure. Timing advancers are necessary for every car irrespective of the engine size. Go for Lovati’s sequential CNG kit got your Hyundai i10. Don’t go for a conventional kit at all!

  37. Hello Vishal Ji,

    Please suggest CNG Kit for Xcent 1.2L, (4.5 year old)
    can Hyundai retrofit CNG kit in my car like (DEDST)?
    please advice……

    • Hello Amit Ji,
      For your Xcent, I would suggest you to go for Lovato’s sequential CNG kit. Hyundai can retrofit CNG in your car but they would charge you higher for the same thing. Your car is most probably out of warranty so dealership fitment won’t be a sensible decision for sure.

      • Hi Vishal

        You have advised BRC for Alto, But Different Dealers has made me confused as some advise go with Tomasetto, Zavoli.

        is it true that While installing wire cut happens and due to it performance decrease in terms of pickup ? as zavoli bora installment is with socket to socket as per dealer advise. please give your important thought here.

        • Hi Imdad
          Yes, I have advised BRC. This is because even Maruti uses BRC for their company fitted kits. Just imagine why they would use BRC in the manufacturing plant if it won’t be possible to install it socket to socket? Just be clear about the fact that the dealer is trying to sell his stuff anyhow. But you, as an aware customer must get the best for you and we are always here to advise and guide you better!

          • Sir, I need clarity on below point :

            If in alto 800 we go with BRC sequential kit ( Which dont come in OBD 2 technically but people tell that is OBD 2 )
            1) I want to know what exactly the difference is in OBD1 & OBD2 kit???

            2) after installing CNG. there will be lag in pickup hence dealer install advancer (power booster) to compensate the loss. ? at what extent it can compensate and is this true or what?

            Please answer the 2 points.

          • Hi Imdad
            Fist of all, let me make this clear that OB2 kits are suitable for automatic cars only. For your Alto800, you can go for BRC’s sequential CNG kit. Advancer is a must as it will keep your car’s pickup on track. It is absolutely true and you should definitely get an advanced with CNG kit

    • Hi Swapnil
      If your car is somewhere near 1Lakh km, considering the age and do reading, don’t go for CNG now. If it’s anywhere between 50-70k you can go for Lovato’s sequential kit.

  38. I have had a service by go mechanic at lucknow. Excellent service done on Amaze 2015 model. Recently I have had off market Lovato sequential cng. After installation my petrol avg increased by 4 km and cng avg also showing around 18 km. gomechanic service is good and increased my car milage, My normal avg without ac was 16 km on petrol. Vinod from Lucknow.

    • Hi Vijay
      You can go for BRC’s CNG kit considering Maruti uses the same with all its factory fitted cars. However, as you drive a Ciaz, you can’t expect a drastic change in the mileage!
      stay pinned!

  39. Hi Vishal
    I have Renault at kwid 800 cc . Want to go for cng due to my running of approx 60-70 km/day. I want to use cng for city and on highways switch to petrol for better performance. Is it right thought to implement and reduce running cost. please suggest me because my daily running 60-70km/day

    • Hi Satish
      Considering your daily run, you should go for CNG but be ready for more frequent services and repair works considering you have a Renault Kwid and the brand does not manufacture engines that work well with CNG as of now. Go for Lovato or Tomasetto Achille to be on a safer side!

  40. hi vishal,
    i have bought honda amaze smt 2020, two months ago and driven it 2200 kms. Can i go for cng and if yes than which one? should i wait as it is new car? Is it true that cng registration is not allowed on rc in bs6 2020?

    • Hi Amit
      Considering that you have driven your car only 2200kms, I suppose it’s under warranty. I suggest using your car with petrol only till your warranty exists. Once your warranty is over, you can go for Lovato’s CNG. As of now registration of CNG for BS6 is not allowed so wait and enjoy your car’s warranty till the ministry decides over the registration.

  41. Hello Vishal ji,
    Thanks for the information.

    I want to buy a new car in DIWALI 2020. And confused between Hyundai i10 NIOS & Maruti Suzuki Swift.
    My current traveling is 50 km/day.
    But, in 2021 my expected travel will be minimum 80 km/day.
    So, I want to use CNG, not petrol.

    Should I buy company fitted CNG NIOS…???
    or Swift to make it CNG after buying…???
    Plz describe CNG mileage details of both models.
    Thank you.

  42. Hello Vishal ji,
    I want to buy a new car in DIWALI 2020. And confused between Hyundai i10 NEOS & Maruti Suzuki Swift.
    My current traveling is 40 km/day.
    But, in 2021 my expected travel will be double 80 km/day.
    I want to use CNG, not petrol.

    Should I buy company fitted CNG NEOS…???
    or Swift to make it CNG after buying…???
    Plz describe CNG mileage details of both models.
    Thank you.

    • Hi Dwip
      As you know the company fitted CNG is nothing but a sequential CNG kit fitted and tuned properly. Between NIOS and Swift, you should go for NIOS as per my suggestion because the mileage of both these cars will be nearly the same whereas NIOS can provide you with the comfort of filling through the fuel cap and the comfort, features and build quality of Hyundai which is fairly better.
      Hope this helps

    • Hi Pankaj
      You have a Brezza petrol so it’s a BS6 vehicle without any doubt. FYI, the authorities are not registering CNG for BS6 vehicles as of now. If you still want to get it for yourself, you can go for BRC CNG Kit.

  43. Thanks for the suggestion Vishal ji… Selected i10 NIOS Sports petrol model bcoz of unavailability of CNG version in time… hopefully, it will be converted into CNG whenever I need in future… Again Thank you very much…….

    • Hi Dwip
      Your decision to buy NIOS petrol is really good because you can easily fix it with CNG later on. I suggest driving the car on petrol for atleast 10,000kms because that would be good for the engine and also, the RTO will update if they are registering CNG on BS6 vehicles.

    • Hi Anant
      First of all, your car is BSVI compliant so the RTO won’t register an aftermarket CNG (as of now). Secondly, you have an AMT so you will feel major power losses on highways. Therefore we don’t recommend installing CNG in your BS6 Dzire AMT

    • Hi Ramireddy
      For your EON, you can go for Lovato’s sequential CNG. Just to make you aware, you will feel a major power loss when the AC is turned on as CNG delivers less power as compared to petrol and for an 800cc engine, the power is already too less.

  44. Hi Vishal, I own a Ford Figo petrol manual, model 2010, I am planning to have CNG kit fitted. Is it a good option to have and which ?

    Please suggest

    Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Aslam
      In my opinion, Ford Figo won’t do great with CNG. I won’t say I have seen many cases but yes, I have seen a few of them where owners are either complaining about mileage or compatibility issues.

    • Hi Rajesh
      You can fit CNG in your Celerio but mind that the RTO won’t register that on the RC.
      This can land you in trouble later on. I would suggest you wait until there is an update from the RTO.

  45. Hi, Vishal, The video was quite informative , I have a question, can Wagon R AMT be converted to CNG, I have one which now 5yrs and driven about 40 thousand kms

    • Hi Sunil
      WagonR is a very good car if CNG compatibility is taken into notice. But considering you have an AMT, I would not suggest getting CNG installed in it. This is because your gearbox is programmed to shift according to the power delivered by petrol. You will notice extreme shift and power lags if you go for CNG.
      However, if you still wish to go for it, I advise you to drive it in the manual mode when you face the lag. Go for BRC sequential CNG kit

  46. Hi Vishaalji,
    Kudos to you for a very informative article and precise answers to all questions.
    Would solicit your advice on installation of CNG kit to a 2007 Honda Civic 1.8 S model having run only 53000 kms and in a very good condition. My running would be only about 800 kms per month.
    In case you are yet interested to purchase i can consider selling it.

    • HI Sandeep
      You can fit CNG in your Ertiga AMT.
      2 important things to keep in mind:
      The kit should be with OBD2 compatibility
      You will experience a major power and pickup lag considering the gear automatic shifts

      Also, if your car is a BS6 vehicle, you can’t get CNG endorsed on your RC as of now.

  47. I have dzire vxi 2018.
    I live in uttarakhand and here is only one mijo brand of cng kit registered. Is it good to install mijo in dezire vxi 2018? Which type of timing advancer is best suitable for dzire vxi 2018 as ckp based, map based or dynamic? And compatibility with cng kit?

  48. Hello Vishal, great read there. I have an Astar 2011 automatic model (torque converter). Would installing a cng sequential kit cause any complications?

    • Hi Madhav
      First of all, thanks for appreciating my hard work.
      For your A-Star 2011, you can go for CNG. Make sure your kit is OBD2 compatible (this is suggested for automatic cars irrespective of the gearbox). Go for BRC’s sequential CNG kit to have the best results

  49. hy bro, i own a renault duster 2016, my daily run is about 40-50 kms
    and thinking to go for cng.
    is it a wise decision?
    and if yes which brand will be more compatible.

    • Hi Kuljeet
      Considering you own a Renault, I won’t suggest CNG for you. I am speaking from my past experience with the Kwid. I know the engines are not the same but come from the same manufacturer and hold the same R&D to a great extent which is why I don’t suggest going for CNG in Renault.

  50. Hi Vishal,
    I have a Fiat Palio stile (2008) – 1.1ltr petrol. Approx. running 1.2 lack kms. Do you suggest a sequential CNG kit can be fit in it? If yes, then which one will work good?

    • Hi Rohan
      Considering you have a 2008 model Fiat which is run over a lakh, first of all, I won’t suggest going for CNG now. Still, if you want to go for CNG, you should go for a normal venturi kit over a sequential kit.

  51. Dear Sir,

    I am interested to Install CNG Kit in my new swift – 2019 BS- VI Engine, so which CNG kit is best and Is there any issue by RTO to endorsement of CNG fuel in RC book?
    How can i find best CNG Kit installer in my region ?

  52. Hello,

    I have Hyundai I20 (2010 Model), I want to fit CNG kit because of the mileage on petrol is very less. Car running is appx. 90000 kms. Can you suggest best kit for my car and any special care need to be taken wile fitting and after fitting

    Thanks in advance

    • Hi Pralhad
      considering your car is run nearly a lac, I won’t recommend going for CNG. This is because the internal engine parts may get affected if you switch at this point. However, if you still wish to get CNG, get Lovato for your Hyundai i20

  53. Sir, a friend of mine told me that the aftermarket CNG installation will be banned in Delhi soon. is it true.
    Can I go with a lovato kit. I have an i20, 2010 model.

    • Hi Vineet!
      Considering CNG is the greenest fuel we have right now. There is no chance that anyone will ban it in the near future. Its good to go green. You can get Lovato’s sequential CNG kit installed in your 2010 i20

    • Hi Prakash! It is completely fine to go for CNG with the Hyundai Aura but some RTOs are not registering CNG on the RC as of now. Its better if you ask your RTO if they will endorse the kit on the RC and then go for either Lovato or Zavoli

  54. Dear Sir

    I have purchased alto 800 in Dec/2019.
    From online RTO portal its shows BS4/BS6

    I want to know that whether it is considered as BS4 or BS6 ? as i am planning for cng retrofitment to it.

  55. Hi Vishal Ji ,Great Job .

    I have some questions ,
    Is it good to have CNG ON Honda Civic 2008 model ?
    what will be the mileage after CNG kit. and what is the effect on performance ?
    which kit is more efficient and cheaper for civic, Lovato, Tomasetto or BRC sequential kit and why ?
    Is these kits have any effect on the engines ?
    Can we use any sequential CNG kit on civic?

    Thanks, I am waiting for your reply .

    • Hi There
      First of all, I would like to mention here that I am an absolute Civic lover myself and fixing CNG is just like limiting the powers of a gem. However, if you still wish to go for it, there’s nothing bad as it works extremely well with CNG. Tomasetto would be a cheaper alternative, however, Lovato would do wonders. Use only sequential CNG with your Civic.

  56. am interested to Install CNG Kit in my new Celerio – 2020 BS- VI Engine, so which CNG kit is best and Is there any issue by RTO to endorsement of CNG fuel in RC book?
    How can i find best CNG Kit installer in my region ?

    • Hi Rajesh
      You can definitely install CNG in your Celerio but you must enquire in your RTO if they are taking registrations for the endorsement of CNG on your car’s RC. Go for BRC if the registrations are open

  57. Hi,
    I have honda city 2012 VMT!looking for CNG kits but confused between BRC,AFX gold(mijo) & motozen(mijo).As these kits are hardly have 1000-2000Rs of difference.Dont want to compromise with engine life and performance.


  58. I have read lots of comments here from Mr Vishal saying that cng will not work well with automatic transmissions but sorry boss you are absolutely wrong here as for last many years I am using automatic transmission cars with cng and they are working very well. You won’t be able to tell any difference between petrol and cng. Right now I am having 2019 Honda City zx CVT with me which clocked 79k approx and got cng installed after 5k Kms.

    Before that I was using Honda Amaze and Toyota Corolla Altis with Automatic transmission(I bought this car as used car clocked only 25k) and both were working great.

    • Hi Aditya, First of all, thanks for reading the blog and the comments!
      Secondly, I don’t suggest using CNG in automatic cars because it has a very bad effect on the gearbox as you usually need to downshift at several instances which you can easily do in a manual car but an automatic car won’t be able to do so which can lead to engine missing and knocking in the future if this keeps on happening. Therefore, to ensure your car runs well for long, I don’t usually suggest using CNG with automatics.

      PS. Not everyone is a good driver and an aware user. There are times when people end up buying kits which are not even OBD2 compatible.

    • Hello Mr. Aditya Arya,
      I have been following this thread since the last almost one year now and I have used the Hyundai i1o automatic 2008 model which was converted to CNG with a Lovato kit by the first owner. The car gave excellent mileage in the range of something around 23-27km/kg (part city part highway driving). The car used to run equally smoothly with both petrol & CNG. I would like to know about the mileage that you got with your Amaze AT car as i am looking to finalize the purchase of Amaze Automatic (2015) car in the coming days. Would love to hear from you about the results.

      Thanking in anticipation.

  59. Can I go for Lovato c obd2 In ford freestyle petrol BS4,as same engine comes in aspire and company launched cng version of it.

  60. Hi, Vishal, i have a SX 4 zxi 2010 model done 50k kms.. i am looking for a CNG installation.. will it work fine in long run on sx-4 and can i expect a good milege. Thank you in advance:)

  61. Hi some Khanna is saying not to fit CNG in some cars but in others… what it means , its misinformation without logic.. staying pinned

    • Hi Ankur
      There is no sense in you saying that I am misinformed. This is because, I have been in the CNG market for over 10 years now (I am using a CNG car from 2012) I am in very close talks with CNG dealers and share honest customer feedback here because I am making no profit by guiding people through my replies. It is up to the readers to follow me or not!

      • Yes, I can vouch for the same. I have asked Vishalji many questions regarding many cars on this forum and he has always replied back to me with no intention of profit in his mind. And whatever he has said here has been corroborated by the other people who are in the market , whom I have asked similar queries.
        Thanks for this excellent blog Vishalji. Kudos to you , you are doing a great job.

  62. Which cng brand is good for Maruti Suzuki Alto 800, 2014. Can Sequential CNG Kitt install in Alto 800? Please suggest me right now.

  63. Hi Vishal,
    Appreciate your advices for so many queries of various people.
    I am facing problem in my Wagon car 2012 model in conventional CNG, problems were like it used to get switched off suddenly while the gear was changed from top to 1st and while it is running with A.C on (especially 2nd speed). Also while driving in traffic with A.C it gets switched off.
    Got it checked from few mechanics but to no avail. Than someone suggested to get it changed to sequential kit so accordingly have got Tomasetto CNG fitted but still my problem is persisting.
    Can you please guide me as to what can be done to mitigate the issues.
    Thankyou in advance.

    • Hi Pankaj
      this is a really common problem. I would advise you to get your ECU re-programmed or alternatively, you can increase your engine’s RPMs by a little bit. ALthough increasing RPMs can be troublesome at times, therefore, getting ECU re-programmed is the best option as of now

    • Rajan ji agar CNG lagwaa kar paperwork nahi kia toh accident hone par insurance company koi claim nahi degi. Road par chalti gaadi ka paperwork poora na hone se police challans bhi kat sakte hain. iss sab ke baad bhi final decision aapka hi hoga!

  64. Hi Vishal,

    Please give your opinion whether it will be a good option to buy Dzire VXi (Petrol) and get the CNG fitted into it from outside

  65. Hello,

    I have brought Santro Asta (Petrol) in Dec 2019. Can you please let me know is it possible to fit CNG kit without hyundai warranty expire.

  66. Hi Vishal,

    I live in Hyderabad. Here lot of fake CNG Kits in Market. Can u please suggest genuine Lovato CNG Kit Installer for my Hyundai EON. Thanks a lot.

    • Hi Abhishek,
      It’s to break it to you that you may get CNG installed in your new 2021 Swift but the RTO will not register it on the RC. In short, you’ll be driving an illegal vehicle on the road. Stay Pinned!

  67. Hi Vishal Ji, what CNG kit I can use for my Civic2008 .
    Zavoli or lovato. One of my shop person said lovato is not good as compared to Zavoli . Price difference one thousand only.
    And OBD2 make any difference?
    What You suggest?
    Please reply as I am Stuck between these two.

    • Hi Kulminder Ji
      If your Civic is automatic, OBD2 will definitely make a difference. Talking about the brands, you should go for Lovato only. Zavoli is also good but doesn’t get good results with automatic cars

  68. Sir, Please suggest Lovato or Zavoli . As shop person said Zavoli is better in comparing to Lovato . Please suggest ,price has only one thousand difference.
    Please reply I am in fix In between these two.

  69. Hey Vishal,

    Good job. This thread will clarify most of the people’s confusion and helps to take right decision.

    Appropriate your work..!!!

    I have Ecosport Titanium 2013 petrol version with 70k km reading. Can you please suggest is it good to go for CNG conversion? If yes which one is suitable?

    Kindly help me to take decision…!!!

    Thanks in advance 🙏

    • Hi Sateesh
      I don’t recommend going for CNG in ecosport unless you want to spend most of your life in the service centre. You have a beautiful car and I would suggest you to enjoy it as it is.

  70. I’ve baleno 2017 petrol 30k km driven, which cng would fit in and any rto complaince to be followed if i choose one. I read lot about tomasetto…

  71. HI VISHAL.
    Im planning to install cng kit on renault kiger non turbo model..what you will suggest. what about performance????

    • Hi Vikram
      As Kiger is a BS6 car, you won’t be able to register the kit on your RC. This can land you in huge legal trouble. In my advice, steer clear from aftermarket CNG in BS6 vehicles

  72. hi vishal ji, i have swift dzire vxi-2012 2nd gen. K-series engine car. Earlier i had installed BRC kit, but that was removed as the engine switched off during change of gear. This was occurred very rarely, but technician unable to resolve it. he done tapet setting, change of spark plug, coil, cleaning of throtle body etc. but problem not resolved completely. finally they remove it. kindly advise me, can i try for lovato obd2?

    • Hello Haridas Ji!
      What I think is that your kit had some tuning issues. Your mechanic just could not find the exact issue. Did you try adjusting the engine RPMs? Alternatively, BRC works well with Maruti cars. If you have had a bad experience, you can go for Lovato without any doubt

    • Hi There!
      I won’t recommend fitting CNG on Tata Nexon because I haven’t seen much such vehicles on the roads. For those who are running Nexon on CNg, things will definitely go south anytime.

  73. Dear sir, sorry I didn’t mention that my civic 2008 is not automatic . Its manual.

    Sorry for asking again ,for manual civic can I go with both the brands Lovato and Zavoli?

    Is both have same performance in civic ??
    Or You still prefer lovato.
    Thanks very much for your understanding.

  74. Hi,
    I am planning to install Lovato CNG kit in my 2014 Wagonr VXI (57K Kms). But it is advisable to install in seven years old car. Will it damage my engine ?

    Please suggest

      • Hi
        I have Wagon R 2019 BSIV ZX 1.2, my car goes to 30 kms per day in local traffic, keeping in view petrol rate hike, should i go for buy new wagon r cng or install a market kit, which will give better mileage

        • Hi Gaurav
          both the new car and aftermarket kit will give you almost equal mileage. But if travelling is just 30kms a day, I won’t suggest switching because 30kms is too less to let you save on fuel expenses even if you switch to CNG.

  75. Hello Vishal ji,
    A small query, Hope, you may reply/help.
    I want to install CNG kit in my Wagon R LXI BS4 M, 2011 model. Should i go for CNG KIT? if yes, which company’ KIT should i prefer?

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