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5 Automotive YouTubers And Their Choice Of Vehicles

Thinking, living and breathing the automotive sentiments, automotive YouTubers are the ones who work day and night to bring quality automotive content tailor-made for our liking. From car reviews to daily vlogging, these YouTubers are our daily dose of everything automotive. But have you ever wonders, what do these Youtubers drive in their daily lives? Well, we have an answer. Here are 5 automotive Youtubers and their personal cars.

  1. MCMR Irfan Choudhary – Hyundai Elite i20

    Irfan Choudhary’s Hyundai Elite i20

    Credited with showcasing quality pre-owned dealers, My Country My Ride is a name that has become the key to millions of ordinary Indian’s quest to bring home their first car. At the helm of its operation sits the humble Irfan Choudhary, who despite his massive popularity work day and night to curate quality content and dealers. In his personal life as well, Irfan has always had humble beginnings and has a simplistic style of living. He drives a Hyundai Elite i20, which he had proudly brought from his YouTube revenue back in 2020.

  2. Karan Sehgal — Mercedes Benz E Class

    Karan Sehgal as seen inside his E Class

    Those who are into lifestyle and automotive vlogging are familiar with the name Karan Sehgal. Known to bring quality automotive, lifestyle and travelling vlogs for his subscribers and fans, Karan Sehgal’s popularity is sky-high. With over 6.5 lakh subscribers as we write, Sehgal had just a year ago purchased a brand new Mercedes Benz E Class, which he claimed to have bought from his YouTube income. After all, he is definitely one of the best lifestyle, travel and automotive YouTubers.

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  3. Bulu Patnaik – Mahindra Thar

    Bulu Patnaik’s 2020 Mahindra Thar

    A name that is rising at quite a fast pace, Bulu Patnaik vlogs are loved by travellers across the nation. Majorly a biking vlogger, Patnaik takes his audience on journeys worth remembering. With over 3.5 lakh fans on YouTube as we write, we are sure that Patnaik’s growth is unstoppable. A testament to Patnaik’s success is the fact that he recently brought home a brand new 2020 Mahindra Thar. Quite a revered choice we must say!

  4. Fuel Injected (Aman Aggarwal) — Maruti WagonR

    Yash as seen inside his WagonR

    A budding talent and a young vlogger, Aman Aggarwal’s channel has seen an upwards growth chard in the past couple of years. A testament to what great talent can do, Aman’s style of automotive journalism, review and vlogging is quite catchy and addictive, making him one of the best automotive YouTubers out there. But unlike his channel, he himself prefers to be grounded amidst the success, which is very well reflected by the vehicle he drives; which is the Maruti Suzuki WagonR.

  5. Arun Panwar – Kia Seltos

    Arun Panwar’s Kia Seltos

    Another talented and young automotive vlogger, Arun Panwar is a name that has garnered quite a popular fan base in a short time. Known for making interactive vlogs, Arun also shares ownership experiences and brings out the pros and cons for each vehicle with utmost honesty. Thanks to his ever-growing channel, Arun recently purchased a brand new Kia Seltos which he drove around with his family, celebrating his success and the love of his loyal fan base.

    So these were 5 automotive YouTubers in India and their choice of vehicles. Stay Pinned to the GoMechanic blog for everything automotive.

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